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How To Gain Popularity

On February 25, 2009
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Leadership Plus by Neculai Fantanaru

Let people intuit the deeper meanings of your personality, strengthening their confidence in your model of honor and excellence.

Why was Napoleon Bonaparte so beloved by his people, and especially by his soldiers?

The answer to this question will not surprise you. Napoleon's success is primarily due to his constant presence among people. The soldiers had the certainty that Napoleon will be with them in the midst of the battles and will fight cheek by jowl with them. It is even said that in those days, there was no French, who did not know how the king of France looked like - so popular became Napoleon.

Leadership: How do you relate to the collision effects with a significant content of chiaroscuro?

The success of your incursion in the middle of a conditioning experiment of the leading act, meaning the exertion of competencies that determine the birth of some collision effects with a significant content of chiaroscuro, is due mainly (on the spiral of multiple direction changes) to ensuring a serious self-motivation capital.

The chiaroscuro content, by activating your capacity to continuously adapt to every essential thing for maintaining or initiating new authority positions coordinates your forward resistance force without hiding from the consequences of your own facts.

It finds its meaning in the mood that you assume, bright or clouded, rational or irrational, in creating the favorable conditions for success. In any action he initiated, Napoleon depended on the feeling of the effect of achieving a well-defined goal: the gain and triumph of power.

Here, we are dealing with the tragedy of the hero condition, in which the circumstances of the experience of increasing prestige in a vertiginous way, but later annihilated by the tragedy of suffering in which life is perceived as an exile, are found. This is what it means to surround yourself with a shining light. Napoleon was unable to concretize the causes and effects of his judgments in events that can truly horrify.

A leader finds the finality of his personal evolution when he questions the revelation of his essential qualities that ensures his superiority.

Factors that make it possible to spread certain "imperfections" with tragic effects, are related more to the nature of some exuberant passion, of a mind fever that decreases your strength, making you weaker, more sensitive and more uncertain.

These effects, felt through a high-power connection to events and decision making process, especially in the case of a prolonged exposure to all kinds of difficulties (compromises, tensions, inner conflicts), modify the pressure that you exert on potential conquests. And that isn’t exactly in the advantage of your evolution.

The necessity to immediately react to any voluntary way of self-examination and self-constraint, developing with an ever more positive echo, a strength upgrade or an image upgrade of facts at a conscious level is moved by the improper use of control methods for your transformation processes.

Your honor and excellence level will suffer if you can’t mobilize yourself towards the exit of this temporary knot filled with inaccuracies, contradictions, confusion and misunderstandings – which distort the deep meanings of your personality. The meaning is a question of temper. Should we believe that the lack of meaning is predominant in your case?

Leadership: Can you take advantage of the acceptance that people give you by placing yourself under the empire of the emotion of being caught in the midst of a permanent constraint for "viewing from above"?

The more accurate understanding, deeper and more comprehensive of your leadership is the key that opens the gate to the gratitude of people. However, first of all, you have to smooth the ground that best suits you to win people by your side; you need to fit in that space, by which you can control your whole area of influence. You can basically mark the quality of your impact only if people will be aware of the values that support your personality, and if they will give you an importance that would not be challenged.

Are you broadening your means of influence by taking full advantage of the acceptance that people give to you for being at their head?

Viewing from above can be enjoyed in a state of vigilence when you establish, without consulting anyone, the nature and cause of triumphs that are aware of the spiritual approach to a truly glorious power: that accumulation of feeling, beyond reason, which transforms the value of experiences into a revelation of good or evil, of happiness or of suffering.

Leadership means reinventing the way to make a change in the world without becoming a captive of a consciousness that cannot take on the tragedy of a defeat.

The weakest leaders are "evaporating" in time. They appear so infrequently in the front of people that, in time, people simply forget about them. And, the more they are missing from the "sight" the more people will want to find a replacement. Leadership is a contest, and the one who does not know or cannot create a strong image it is very likely to be abandoned or downgraded, that is to become just a player in reserve.

Your goal is to always keep yourself on the first position. However, you will not succeed to achieve this performance if you do not develop an attractive personality, so that people would be attracted by you like a magnet. If, by your personality you do not always attract people's attention, there is little left to say.

Are you making an honor from the qualities that people appreciate so much in a leader? How is your area of excellence?

Only the stars have fans. Are you coming in the spotlights as often as you can?

The people who enjoy appreciation from the public are those who are most the often spotted in the crowd. They have a very conspicuous personality, are charismatic, communicative, have a positive attitude, and inspire lots of confidence in themselves, and seem to keep things under control.

When we talk about leaders, respectively about leadership, modesty has no place. A person, who cannot make himself noticed, cannot be a reliable person, and people will never follow someone who did not know how to win them by his side. You can have a great influence on people only if you know how to show off your skills and abilities. To reach the top of the pyramid of value, you have to look forward to find as many followers as possible that would recognize your leadership talent.

You should find a way to project your personality in the spotlight just like the celebrities. They attract viewers when they step on the red carpet. The celebrities sell the most services and products. The celebrities have most fans. They capture the attention of the others around them whenever they have the occasion. This is the "huge step" on which depends your success as a leader.

Are you making an honor from deserving the sympathy of your fans? Can you live in their hearts through your personality?

P.S. It is very important to be popular, to always put your personality in the place of honor, and if you cannot change anything in people's lives, if you do not seriously get involved in the activities meant to solve the problems they are facing; you might become a poorly–rated celebrity, and to make yourself ashamed.

Let people intuit the deeper meanings of your personality, strengthening their confidence in your model of honor and excellence.

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