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In The Name Of The Truth, I Abandon You

On March 08, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Always support the greatness of your leadership, by impressing on people a well-defined scale of values which could not allow for any diversion from the professional code that you have established.

Bill Parrish, the founder and president of the Parrish Communications corporation invites Drew to his anniversary party. Drew was his right hand, who had proven to be an impostor – “the man in the shadow”, who, cowardly, had worked behind everyone’s back to take him down from the company’s leadership and to ease its selling for a great investor.

If you have seen the movie „Meet Joe Black (1998)”, you most certainly remember the end of it. Bill Parrish, with the authority of an intelligent and lucid man that he was, together with Joe Black, sets Drew a trap in order to make him unmask himself in front of the company’s board of directors.

As a consequence of the well set out de-conspiracy plan, Drew reacted, even though only instinctively, in the most eloquent manner possible, exactly as Bill and Joe expected. He fell into their trap, revealing the board of directors his true intentions and the illegalities that he had made in order to take down Bill from his manager position, so he may sell the company.

Leadership: What is your vision of the business you run, taking into account how to protect yourself from a reality that almost “escapes your grasp” but which challenges you only to test your values ​​that you do not appreciate enough to you?

Drew, though for many years Bill’s wingman, did not keep the trait that united them in a certain period of their activity: the respect for Parrish and the quality of his leadership.

Leadership is like a calling to order and correctness, to truth and virtue, and must be a model of integrity and professional exigency, which has a single measure: the personal one. And everything that represents you, all your traits, all your qualities, if not tuned to a maximum level of integrity and trust, shall directly affect your leadership just like pollution affects directly your brain.

They say lie has no legs and that the truth will always come out, meaning that duplicity and dissimulation of the truth about one’s self will, as well, be found out, sooner or later. Woe to those who hid their pas, who hid their flaws and their eventual refutable acts. Once revealed, people’s trust will disappear and they will be removed, and then they will fall into the abyss of oblivion.

However, Drew’s deceptive character was always in plain sight, for he did not value his relationship with Bill Parrish’s youngest daughter at all. And Bill didn’t notice Drew’s precarious nature for one reason only: he left everything in sight, he didn’t care about the details, he didn’t care about his science, so often it seemed to him that the real visionary in the company was Drew (the one who so cunningly acted as a responsible person).

In fact, Parrish’s big mistake was this: he didn’t seem to notice the world around him, he had reached an old age that no longer aroused his curiosity or momentum, an old age that had hopelessly alienated itself.

Vision is the quality of the leader to submit to a reality that people see differently. But the same vision must go beyond what is immediately achievable, beyond what people have become accustomed to calling “doing everything without sight”.

What you have destroyed in time with your own self and have hidden from everyone else can no longer be repaired. Rebirth, just like the Phoenix bird, from one’s own ash rarely happens with a leader and it is even rarer to be accepted. So be honest and fair with people, don’t lie to them about your past and maybe you will have mitigating circumstances. A clean and fair consciousness will push your leadership to a higher level, while a character observing a code of honor will prevent you from destabilizing your moral quality.

As far as a resistance challenge is concerned, the winner is not the one reaching the finish line a meter ahead, but the one who crosses the line. It’s the same thing about integrity, as well. Only the people who are fair until the end will win the great battle with themselves, with their weaknesses and vices, and that is the only way they will be able to show their personal quality and will regain an ascendant on others.

As a key person in a company, you must be a prominent and unanimously appreciated by others, not a contrasting one, with accents that do not complete the sought after and appreciated qualities and abilities. In a company, everything resides on the moral substrate, and your decisions and actions must not lead to your moral depreciation, because, otherwise, you will be discredited, despised and your image will be compromised.

Always support the examples your leadership can give, impressing on people a well-defined pyramid of values, that would not allow for any diversion from the professional code that you have established. Remember that values you don’t value enough about yourself (such as fairness, sincerity, good intentions) are values that other people can use to your detriment, just to hide their theft.

Leadership is a reality that can “escape from under your feet” if your moral quality is not in line with a vision that everyone supports, with all the resources.

In other words, do not arm yourself with a vision that the “numbers” support, but with a vision that can be explained as follows: “This is the time when any man draws the balance line at the end of the year.”

In The Name Of The Truth, I Abandon You represents the moment when any agreement between you and others disappears, an agreement that wasn’t set on reciprocity and common interests. This moment appears when one of the parties doesn’t take into account the interests of the other party, when it doesn’t contribute to imposing and efficient leadership model and does not have a guaranteed performance.

Integrity shall never cease to represent one of the reference points in leadership. And it’s not one of the reference points in leadership. And it’s not hard to decipher someone’s superficial leadership, one that belongs to a personality that evolves on different trajectories, often times diverging from yours, and that has nothing in common with ethics.

Conclusion: In leadership, it is hard to appreciate on who’s side lies the truth, but when contradictions, different opinions, emerge, in the moment that the common interests disappear, one can say that leadership is over, despite the good initial intentions.

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