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Include Me In Your Forgiveness

On March 19, 2012, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

Manage carefully your emotional resources, in order to acquire and keep a place of honor in the souls of the people.

Annie, Peter and their father, Royce Garrett, were swinging suspended on a rope to the abrupt slope of the mountain, at about 450 meters high. No one of them, were not anticipating the consequences of that escalation. In that terrifying moment of waiting, Annie makes a last attempt to reach the stone wall, but the piton that sustained her has moved from its place. The rope could no longer hold all three of them.

Royce becomes unshakable as a statue where only the lips had life. With a tremor in his voice, he tells to his son:

- Peter, I want you to take out the knife. You do not have too much time left. You must do something for me, ok? Cut the rope. We are too heavy, and a piton could not keep all three of us.

- No ! No ! No ! screamed Annie. Do not do this, Peter ! But the tears that started to fill her eyes could not cut her father's voice, which become more and more harsh:

Leadership: Is it worthwhile to fight to move on when the link between you and a person is stronger than what separates you from the experiences of a life lived at the limit?

- Shut up, Annie ! ... Listen to me, Peter ! If you do not do this, your sister will die ! exclaimed their father in tense emotion, with that exhaustion of the man who knows he has no point in fighting against fate. Then, with an expression full of conviction, strengthen even stronger his decision: Cut the rope ! Cut once ! It does not matter what happens to me ! Cut it ! We have no time ! Cut it !

Can you assure the rescue through sacrifice? Something suddenly changed in Peter. The words uttered by his father with a responsible fierceness – the supreme testimony of the love shared through sacrifice, made ​​to flow over his whole being, as a torrential rain, impetuous, those feelings of anxiety - giving rise to that form of courage, to the firmness that gave him power to overcome his limits.

The key to understanding today's leadership and its future perspectives does not lie in what the leaders do or believe in. It lies in deciphering and anticipating the new emotional circumstances in which they are placed. Like any other people, the leaders are also involved in a wave of emotional changes - just to another level, more profound, by sharing their experiences in a different way.

Your personality will evolve linearly and predictable on the trajectories set by your emotional charge, in accordance with the principles on which underlies your leadership, according to your way of being, with your commitment, according to the care that you give to the other people – hence, it will evolve depending on how you direct your own resources.

Leadership: Do you practice the virtue of believing in yourself at a turning point when your vision and values ​​do not match the condition of a moral man?

I go back to the movie "Vertical Limit (2000)" in order to establish exactly the idea that I want to transmit it. Peter cut the rope, saving his and his sister’s life - and causing the death of their father. However, his action was blameworthy. It produced the greatest unhappiness to Annie, by making to flow in her soul, like lava, painful feelings, full of bitterness and hatred.

In the end of the movie, Peter manages to save Annie, with the risk of endangering his own life. He coordinated and participated in the Annie’s rescue mission in the Himalayas that after an avalanche remained isolated under a wall of ice.

Annie looks at her brother with an expression full of love, as if her whole being was brought back to life. All her feelings of hatred disappeared. His courageous act defrosted her astonished heart. Her face, full of the joy of very deep feelings, mirrored a single thought:

- I forgive you, Peter. I forgive you because I could have been instead of you. I forgive you because you had the second time the courage that I never had. You did a wonderful job there. Anyone else would have given up. My father would have been proud of you.

The most useful capacity of a leader is deduced from a bold thing: to adopt a way of ensuring that you will not get to the place or position you have not proposed to yourself.

The most significant influence that a leader has it – is the one that awakens the deep emotions and feelings. If you are not able to eliminate those negative aspects that contradict your feelings and beliefs, you could never make the leap towards the true greatness. To be great is to get to know people, to forgive them, and give them a chance to grow before your eyes, continually proving your commitment towards your feelings and values.

Just as the human body it is actively immunized against the negative factors that might endanger its proper functioning - even so you, wisely countering all the negative aspects of your leadership, you can immunize yourself from harmful vibration and interior states. You will unlock the physical and mental energies of your being that prevent you from manifesting your full potential. Those negative aspects of your leadership, is primarily the result of the agreement that you have sealed it with your Ego, and afterwards with everything you know and with your reason.

Can you build castles in the air? When you treat people with hatred or disinterest, as if they would be worthless, is like building a castle in the air - your influence is increasingly less on them - you cannot develop a sense of trust because your leadership is not having an adequate and stable foundation that would ensure your development and performance.

Leadership is like an indestructible whole, which unites your feelings of the other people's feelings, by preserving and unifying the common features and qualities. It can break down if it is not maintained with patience and affection.

The position that never favors you as a leader has as a reference indicator the passage of a path leading to the unknown of the situations in which the feelings and consciousness face, because of the impulse to plead for an honorable cause: deliberate renunciation.

Include me in your forgiveness highlights the will of a leader of not renouncing to all the forms of manifestation of his own nature: to his values, emotions, experiences, and beliefs - this being the only way of achieving an honorable place in the hearts of the people and of inculcating in their consciousness his true ideals, thoughts and spiritual needs.


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