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Keep Your Eyes Open And Watch Carefully

On October 17, 2021, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

The real purpose of the gaze is to increase the potential for creation, giving the momentary permission to understand what he wants, with the eyes that present a photograph.

I watch the waves, the gleam of the sun’s rays reflected in the sea. A lady has been looking for her beach lotion for five minutes, but she doesn’t realize that it fell under her sunbed. The tanned boy, with pretzels for sale, makes his daily route, trying to sell something. Somewhere in the open sea you can see a small fishing boat. Seagulls are everywhere. People too. Sand and shells everywhere.

I did not enter the scene, but I will do so immediately. I’m reading Wilhelm Hauff, something I missed from the library. At the same time, I listen to Roudeep. I’m in the middle of systematic thinking, trying to find out something about the relationship between the visual arts and nature.

I think it is more profitable to discern the purely artistic intention of man to fit into a dream landscape, than to make observations about how necessary a rigorous scientific perspective on art is.

So, the sea still retains something of my ability to dream, to hope, to look at everything through the lens of an age without old age. I believe, after all, that the true science of art begins with the gaze: to try to perceive that “Absolute One” which appears in nature under various incarnations or determinations. And you, remain identical with yourself, everywhere, in these incarnations and determinations.

Leadership: Can you nourish your self from your Creation, giving a space of coexistence unlimited visual proportions through a dominant image, in accordance with the broader meaning of the expression “A bright ray of sunshine”?

Looking at the sea, its beauty, looking at the reflection of the sun in it, I realized that the best and safest thing I have to do is to stick to an image that does not flicker in front of the truths of the world, an image that develops its own kind of visible beauty — that of colors that become more and more transparent as the mind explores the symbol, arriving at ideas that are beyond the comprehension of reason.

And if so, that my thoughts rush across the horizon of an open space, without limits, and a space of self-foundation, as I look at the beauty directly visible in the sunlight that touches the surface of the sea, first in a rather naturally, then in a rather intensive way, then all I have to do is enjoy a beautiful view on a dream vacation.

But what does art have to say in this regard? And I don’t think aesthetics is the only one that has questionable edges to the notions of oceanography or the photography of seascapes. There are many vain arguments that if a certain kind of view pleases my eye, soul and mind, it would somehow satisfy the necessary conditions required by another way of knowing the world through art, through the spontaneous play of the creative imagination.

Finally, if I try to look at myself with the same silence with which I look at the sea, and if I make of this silence a process of listening to the call of the sea, like a melodic line in silence, then art would acquire a new face, another message, a touch of grandeur. This is why it is important to listen to my gaze as it traverses the expanse of a unitary space, the colossal storehouse of restless energy: because I cannot connect intimately with a certain creative process, other than if I turn my gaze into a bright ray of sunshine.

The expression “a bright ray of sunshine” has the meaning of convention between what turns the view into a true joy of the soul, and what your self emits from the perspective of manifesting a tendency to hyperrealism.

In leadership, this translates to: “what you see changed in you is what you expect to see in the image you admire.”

Keep Your Eyes Open And Watch Carefully the image that draws you to the horizon, because it is the image through which your Higher Self transmits to you something that you would not otherwise be able to know through life experience or reasoning.

In art it is important not to lose sight of anything, not even appearances when distinguishing between what is due to an overall perspective on the idea of "unity”, so something in close connection with the Self, and what is due to the processes of identification of new aesthetic approaches.


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