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Lateral Staircase

On July 02, 2011, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Bow low before your most important values and always keep your respect for them if you want your leadership effect to be maximum.

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to meet one of those people we are honored by keeping well-established ethical rules, even though he does not assume major responsibilities. I was in Carrefour parking place, I got out of the car, and I headed to the store. In front of me was a middle-aged gentleman, he seemed an ordinary man.

Suddenly, a person has approached to that mister, in a very strange way, as if he had any important secret to tell, as if he had a supreme mission to assign him. In a moment that person got out of his pocket a proper cell phone, I think it was a Nokia C7. It looked brand new. Even so, the person wanted to sell it for only 150 RON.

When he realized he had to do with a small thief, one of those thieves who just stole something and wanted to escape in quick of that crib selling it at a price well below the market, the answer of that mister came with an unmatched promptitude and decision: "NO"

Leadership: Can you extend the validity of your own beliefs under the categorical condition of obtaining all consensus approvals according to a higher form of responsibility?

Here, I said to myself with obvious admiration, here is a man who faithfully served his values, values that do not allow to act on the momentary impulse to overcome your own principles and moral criteria, well-rooted in your own being. That mister can easily choose a brand-new phone, at a minimum price. However, he did not want to acquire an asset that he was aware it was stolen.

Just as a rocket can overcome all barriers of gravity and to propel to the moon and beyond - all so you must be able to overcome all your temptations and weaknesses and must be skilled and tenacious enough to beware of all the ways that indicate you a wrong route - a by-passing option of your own values and beliefs, and to propel yourself on a step above.

Beliefs, of which we have the impression that they limit us or block us every time we go on a secondary road, a path of lack of temper or a temptation, is a symptom of a habituation deeply rooted in people: to look at everything from the perspective of one’s own interests.

And consciousness is the supreme part of us that orders convictions not to falsify the right judgment that crosses the path of good reputation in the context of new experiences and limit situations.

It is your duty as a man of quality, always respecting your values and to make sure you carve your way in life with the best intentions, practices and approaches. Spare yourself for the sad days that you cannot anticipate, for those days when you will not measure rightly the pulse of your own decisions and rules. Bow low before your most important values and always keep your respect for them if you want your leadership effect to be maximum.

Leadership: Relationship type "I-Enemy" VERSUS Relationship type "I-Ally"

In the study of leadership perception sense, we see two criteria of relevance that can be enunciated as aspects resulting from examining your own conscience: whether you’re on your good side or your bad side. These two aspects, which appear in the foreground of your concern for training and development, severely rising to the leadership requirements, clear your grill of values in your journey to an improved self.

In fact, these two aspects that can give leadership a plus or a minus of value intertwine to indicate which side you are on. Are you on the side of the relationship type "I-Enemy", which depletes your most valuable qualities? Or on the mysterious relationship type "I-Ally", that secures your connection to leadership through "total commitment" action to its mandatory requirements?

Everyone slips on the path of uncertainty, constrained to choose between the two hypostases, depending on their own cultural and emotional, ethical and rational background. But mostly based on his way to come to terms with himself before and after his decisions.

Total awareness of oneself is obvious and different depending on the circumstances in which it occurs. Sometimes, you can be blind to your flaws and live with the shame of being relegated to the status of tainted self. Or you can paint your leadership with strong colors, to highlight your incorruptible values, such as moral responsibility and obligation to act against "gray spots", against those impulses specific to mentality serving unjust causes and alternatives.

In this regard, different meanings of the leader under the impulse of conditions strictly imposed by the principles he conducts in life, work and different situations thus appear, determining a series of positive or negative effects on the practiced leadership. The evolutionary steps the leader climbs up are in close interdependence with the environment in which it develops and evolves and the measures he takes and fully supports not to alter his identity.

Leadership: Do you realize the differences between how to define the maximum value of your own Ego and attaining the maximum limit of your own ability to assimilate a new way of moving among the nuances of moral weakness?

Not respecting at any time your basic principles, healthy, guiding, underlying your own personality, it means you miss your true nature, it means to climb to a higher level on a "lateral staircase" secondary and obscure, often weak, which does not guarantee long-term success. This staircase diverts you of full completion of your leadership, do not bring you any visible extra performance, no moral benefit. And as you climb higher on this alternative staircase, the more you will distance your own values.

In any moment of your life you will find yourself face to face with you. You will always be faced with a mirror that reflects your own assurances, beliefs, values. You'll be just you, face to face with your own conscience, with what you are wrong or what you are doing well. You'll find yourself. You will realize your true character, your true value, your true inner nature. And you will recognize your strengths, or, conversely, the weaker parts - the weaknesses and defects that you have.

The maximum value of self is determined by diminishing the contrasts between what you are when you have nothing to hide and what you are when you expand your vision of your person in the context of a proof of unparalleled firmness in the face of temptation, corruption and injustice: "NO."

Conclusion: Assimilate those rules that really have moral value in a civilized society, always maintaining respect for them because they are the true treasure of inestimable value. They will allow you to climb the value chain, all with head up, even though the rise will be slower than the "lateral staircase" - apparently more accessible, but uncertain.


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