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Leadership Between Creation And The Nuances Of Thought

On September 14, 2016
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No creation can move forward, if it does not have the perspectives of a renewal of modern and unconditional critical reception.

Eisenstein continues his collaboration with Prokofiev. The composer also worked intensely ever since Alma-Ata. The first thing Eisenstein asked of the composer was the music for the sequence "The oath of the Oprichniki", the sequence he wanted filmed – we’re still at Alma-Ata – based on the music.

Eisenstein still doesn’t specify the way in which the sequence needs to be made. He doesn’t like Prokofiev’s music. The composer lights up and declares that he will no longer write music without "handbills", meaning without drawings, because only so can he follow all the nuances of the director’s thinking. Eisenstein makes a series of sketches for him, based on which Prokofiev writes a new "Oath."

Then, the composer writes the nurse song "Big Ocean", and afterwards, the lullaby that Staritkaia sings when her son is killed, to Vladimir. Now, the director’s intentions are so clear to the composer that Serafina Birman notes the ease with which she can film the scene due to the fact that Prokofiev guessed, understood what is happening in the troubled soul of Eufrosina Staritkaia. *

Leadership: Are you able to materialize the way in which a sequence of openness to the universe of creation must be constructed from a strong framework of reciprocity, through the relation between "edge" and "boundless"?

You will not be able to establish an affinity for a field, also counting among the forerunners of an entire development that puts closer the analysis of certain points of view, different from the grounding of a unitary idea over what it "artistic composition" means, as a basic rule for the development of ideas, if you do not materialize the way in which their transmission is achieved.

The sequence does not only represent a series of images or scenes in a film, which forms a certain episode. But more than that, it is a result of the composition of a team project, depending on the whims and imagination of each. It represents an ordered series of basic operations carried out on an area of using results for the satisfaction of a certain relationship between what is called "edge" and "boundless".

The edge is what happens "offline": you have no power of decision, but you indirectly contribute do advices and professional recommendations, suggestions and insights. The boundless, directly linked to the montage of an interpretation of various experiences or visions, is a catalyst of exploring a continuous line of thinking. In other words, the director must be the shadow of the composer, and the composer must be the sun of a new reality rising above the artistic horizon.

In order to better understand an artistic personality, you have to gain another openness about his artistic creation.

The combination between a foundation of knowledge, located within a given concept, and an external efficient cause, of joining a representative thinking, takes place only when the contributing forces to the development of the project intensify their actions of following their goals. This means to welcome the initiative to determine a certain meaning through an outside observation. Which in leadership is called to strengthen the perspectives of expanding vision through a "like" of others’ opinion.

A friend of mine wrote on Facebook some time ago: "Invent what does not exist… because what exists belongs to everyone." A director enhances the urgency of authenticity through the ability to give any surrounding thing another connotation, an additional importance, a higher vibration, so that the reality he turns into a spectacle adds charm through the contrast between “form and background”, between “edge and boundless”.

Unfortunately, no creation can move forward without the existence of an external impact assessment, if it does not have the perspectives of a renewal of modern and unconditional critical reception. The capacity for creation goes hand in hand with the evaluation of reality in terms of the intrinsic value of things highlighted, which makes external existence the fruit of an impact perspective on receiving the “renewal” of reality in terms of the ability to idealize the relationship between Ego and Everything Around.

Leadership is what happens in the director’s soul when his characters are portrayed through the prism of equivalence between the reproduction of reality with perfect objectivity (in all its aspects) and another variant of reality, “as it is in the autonomy of his being”.

Leadership Between Creation And The Nuances Of Thinking is made visible only in the presence of an originality facing the evaluation criteria that allow for a certain degree of involvement, and also able to generate a system of gratitude and fulfillment.

* Note - Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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