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Leadership Essentials

On November 03, 2014, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to look at those special points of view around you, based on your own experiences that are always enriched with the profound meanings of the subjects under consideration.

Once in Tashkent, director Sergei Eisenstein searches his seats with joy before preparing the script for "Alexander Nevsky". The Iranian miniatures seemed to him, of course, always interesting, but very stylized. Now, here, on the basis of his own experiences, he discovers that the miniaturists – who have not deformed their eye with another painting – knew how to look at those particular points of view that formed around them. Listen to the story of some happenings, legends, fairytales. All this is squeezed in the documentary and emotional material from which the script will be born.

The directorial vision develops in parallel with literary ideas. Eisenstein does not stop the classicism of scriptural construction... Just as he himself said at some point: "The director must break the holiness of specific holy elements of the literary script." That’s what he did all his life. *

Leadership: Can you ensure a harmonious blend between the power of knowledge given to you by the vision and possibilities of renewing art with new orientation frameworks?

The conception of art and the ideal of mastering its means of expression is being finalized as pure expressions of ideas in a variety of ways, by adopting a principium individuationis, favoring a transgression of the limits of creative potential. All ideas are born and change throughout your positioning in a space of analysis and reflection, considered an essential factor in the expansion of your own functionality, a catalyst for the innovation process.

In order to access all the functions of science that return values ​​with exponential growth trends calculated for a certain proportion of reasoning and knowledge (based on observation and inquiries) in which the subjective and objective mixture is found, you must be able to recognize the essential. The essential that most often escapes any logic, any attempt to label, any appreciation or forecast.

The essential is a very fine measure of the sublime, because it gives more or less forceful meaning to the favorable meanings that paint the rules of creation. The essential is what novelty you capture at a certain point while it is ongoing. If you want to develop your creative potential you must arrange everything so that you capture "novelty" in a way no one expects.

Knowledge is offered to you by vision when you manage to form the shape of an image whose content is suggested by that intuition that helps you extract the essence from the conglomerate of surrounding data, leading to the conception of a project with interesting stakes.

If we want to discover new approaches to leadership with the same precision and meticulousness with which we analyze art, then creation must conform to the concept of "live scenario" – and for this it is crucial to formulate some decisive notions for the process of initiation in the secrets of filmmaking.

Due to its efficiency, leadership is characterized by an increasing use of resources that may favor the emergence of new topic approaches based on the experience of exploiting sources of inspiration. The subjects analyzed are those points of interest that contribute to the development of a particular vision of the content of creation, the evolution of the relationship between imagination and reality under the pressure of a certain tension of knowledge.

Leadership: Do you try to avoid the condition of consistency of a singular idea to be taken into account even if it claims its merit to overturn the natural towards something special?

Leaders focused on the development and use of knowledge know the potential of forms of content that promote an ideal of authenticity, from those particular points of view that are formed around them, based on their own experiences that are constantly enriched with the profound meanings of the subjects under consideration.

Guidance frameworks that satisfy the possibilities of renewal of art are actually the major impact concepts that can be used in authentic creation, whose understanding and scope is directly related to the ability to discern the outer reality in the most objective way possible. But at the same time, in a way that makes you want to find out more about the subject.

An idea claims its merit in overturning the natural towards something special when the real subject you approach is related to a continuous actuality that does not rely in a simple suite of actions and events, but rather in the echoes they produce in the public space, in the cultural sphere, in the life and consciousness of people.

Leadership Essentials is primarily aimed at all those actions carried out to promote and maintain an adequate state of science at its best, the search for new meanings and extensions of concepts addressed by changing the style and variety of creation itself. But for this, we have to take into account the leader's ability to always be up-to-date, enriching his science to "keep up with the times", but also raising it to the level of art.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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