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Leadership In The Rhythm Of Tango

On July 15, 2011, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Maintain as well as possible the "engine" that allows human functioning so that they would fit to the exact rhythm of your leadership.

In the movie "Scent of a Woman (1982)" there is a memorable scene where the blind - lieutenant colonel in the reserves, Frank Slade, prey to an internal struggle that obsessed him, wants definitively to take his own life. Charlie Simms, who had to take care of him, was trying to stop him, telling him with fear in his heart to continue his life.

- What life? I got no life. I'm in the dark here. You understand? I'm in the dark. . . Give me a reason not to die !

Then Charlie, who was on the verge of losing hope, replied:

- I'll give you two reasons. You can dance the tango and drive a Ferrari better than anyone… In life, if you are confused continue to dance !

Leadership: Do you train your ability to capture the nuances of seemingly impossible to manage contexts from which to extract that sense of reasoning with the help of virtue?

Charlie Simms understood very well what it feels lieutenant and knew where to insist, he knew the right button to press in order to change his negative and self-destructive attitude. Knowing that one of the greatest passions of lieutenant was dancing, Charlie told him: "In life, if you are confused continue to dance." Beautiful !

Charlie found the right lever whereby to control Lieutenant's emotions, that lever that transmits the pusher energy necessary to restore his forces. He identified very well that strong element that could stimulate Frank's desire for life.

As a leader, you must find the right lever to reach the level where you can cause a change in people's lives, to find that "something" that would keep alive and lucid the spirit that animates people, to recognize that unique essence of energy from them that would revive their hopes.

The dominant attribute of your character is measured by demonstrating the ability to rise to a high level of understanding and feeling, moving from a stage of duty to one of a necessity. Virtue is a formless background if it is not elevated to a civic spirit: "If another does not, be prepared to do it yourself."

Leadership is based on the individual and total utility of "YOU" that corresponds to the motivation to clarify the purpose and the reason for the existence of man.

No work - be it a leadership necessary to a good self-knowledge or an unnatural mask of a desire to hide feelings – can be interpreted outside the context in which man is found. Leadership is, in the shift from the external (material) to the (emotional) internal plan, only a part of a huge, powerful stream of impressions, which get to influence and define man in the ensemble of motivating factors, able to influence his behavior in situations where he is not self-confident.

Is your leadership a duty to fulfill, occurring as a result of past life experiences and how you interpret them?

A realistic environment, which does not provide the necessary balance between absolute power and spiritual maneuverability surrounding man, testing his strength of character, becomes extremely demanding, erratic and harder and harder to accept. Thus, we find it increasingly difficult to understand and differently manage the reason behind decisions to achieve a higher level of consciousness, where suffering disappears.

We find it difficult to capture broad thinking and relating patterns to the social environment and the leader’s own individuality if what remains beyond routine or transition, fast approaching the boundaries of human understanding, it’s not first an attempt to continuously live perfection based on inner vocation, an ideal of inner fulfillment through others.

It’s true. Leadership is not constant in the different equations of existence, but it’s worth the attribute of authentic insofar as it meets any kind of unknowns, be it encouraging, but mostly discouraging. Leadership is just one of many communication channels with one’s self, through which circulates the image of the versions of what you have become as a result of past life experiences and how your interpret them.

Leadership: Do you impose yourself as an important moment in human life, especially through the content that you create and which reflects your conception of your Self in full?

A feeling of powerlessness often beats in the hearts of all people in difficult moments of their lives. It is that feeling that darkens their mind, which decreases their performance, which brings them only sadness and regret, is that feeling that rushes their "end". Their motivation drops, the engine that drives all their senses, that engine that gives them hope, that provides them energy and willingness to work and to enjoy every moment of life, no longer fulfills its functions properly, loses its operating capacity.

As a leader, your job is to understand very well the engine's limitations that allow efficient operation of those areas governing people's mentality and attitude. You must be able to reach the vital components of the engine and to optimize its performance that ultimately produce more power. And, at the same time, to speculate any error that could cause the engine blocking.

How you experience leadership fully reflects your conception of yourself: the more you realize what you are willing to give to the other, the more prepared you are to accept your own life. And the more capable of understanding and expressing the emotions you are experiencing towards someone, the greater their power to reinvent themselves.

Leadership in the rhythm of tango suggests the harmonious and sustained balance between you and those around you. Leadership is like a dance of energy producer whose movements are produced in a certain pattern. However, you need to know all the steps and to make moves at the right time, you must keep a certain attitude, a way of thinking, to understand all the well-defined ins and outs of the captainship, you must create unity by finding a constructive way of strengthening the feelings of others, you need to know to enable that characteristic of people that lead them to continuous personal development.

Just as persuasion and emotion power of a painting is due primarily to the spiritual vibration that the artist transfuses through image - so your power of influence is primarily due to the intensity of emotion that you transfuse to people in difficult moments. Only through your attitude and your ability to induce motivation, only by impulse full of enthusiasm and energy that people get from you, you will be able to complete your influence.

Give people a strong impulse to change their attitude by awakening in them a sense of credibility that would shake to the ground any trace of doubt to their ego. Maintain as well as possible the "engine" that allows human functioning so that they would fit to the exact rhythm of your leadership.

Conclusion: The tango is a dance with a special rhythm that fits only certain temperaments, and that requires a perfect matching of the two partners. For a successful tango, one partner must lead by setting the pace and the other partner to adopt that rhythm.

In leadership, you must adopt this rhythm of tango, and the way you impose it depends on you - the leader. Find the appropriate ways to increase people's motivation, but also to increase their performance. Only in this way the two partners (you and people) will approach the common goal of improving performance by adopting an appropriate and proactive attitude towards change (including behavioral), and by aligning into the accelerated pace required by the current time.


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