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Leadership Scenario

On December 12, 2010, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Leadership is a scenario that should be put well in place before releasing in the world.

Recently someone asked me a very surprising question, at which added a very special compliment. I enjoyed both. Mr. Sergiu's question was if I created somehow a scenario of work, any method or any particular pattern after which I can guide myself in achieving my articles, so successful from his point of view, articles that really capture the essence of what leadership means.

- Mr. Sergiu, more than anything, I try always to tell a great story in every article or book that I write, trying to get to the essence of the idea that I submitted, taking into account only what it is the priority. The idea that I'm giving should be as simple - as easy to understand, so to be expressed in ordinary terms, to be concrete, credible, and at the same time as deep as possible. In order to keep readers a wakeful interest I must meet their expectations, otherwise my idea will not persist and will not arouse their curiosity.

From where is my inspiration? It's from everywhere. A simple conversation, information found in a book, the latest news, a comic web material, a picture from a magazine, etc., all can offer me inspiration. But I need to have intuition to see the idea … wisdom to understand . . . and courage to use it by myself.

Leadership: What is the place that your "brand" occupies in an attempt to frame your own experiences of knowledge in the reality of a narrative universe in which no excuse for reflection occupies a central place?

Just as each scenarist creates a scenario and after that he film it, just as each professional football team firstly arranges their game scenarios after entering the field - so a good writer creates at first his scenario and then goes to the book.

The scenario that I create, namely the establishment of the article or book that I follow to "bring out to world", is carefully staged. Under no circumstances I do not pass to the proper text if the scenario is not good. It must have a starting point and an end point. And it is absolutely imperative that the description of the item / chapter (that short phrase that illustrates the essential from the beginning) to match always with the end and the title I choose to be in close connection with the subject that I broach.

My performance will be worth even more with how the scenario will be better.

The brand is the story of how to introduce a new concept, a new language or a new way of seeing, judging and appreciating things and life, which explicitly recognizes the importance of extending your own experience of knowledge.

Reflection is a process of thinking and perception of ideas that has as a first condition (the manifestation of creative potency) that of increasing the amount of information arising from the process of transition from synthetic to the analytic phase. Reflection is needful to examine ways of building new visions, perspectives and points of view, according to its operating conditions arising in the vast space in which you perform artistically.

Leadership: Do your art and skills blend together into a true performance from the perspective of understanding reflection to an Ego that sees itself as the most important part of reality?

The two patterns, art and mastery, must simultaneously blend for your leadership to have an "entering" effect into an accelerated performance growth. The elaborated scenario, adapted to leadership, by which you guide the skill to master your profession, especially those inclinations worth systematically and periodically determined, must be included in a specified reference framework of your value, consolidated into a single foundation of the whole determination to express your identity, through the fertilizing power of thoughts, ideas, opinions and points of view related to contexts different from the conventional ones.

For the artists and masters who alternate in various roles in the assertion of personal identity, the success in assigning art a meaning able to intelligently undermine any landmark of interest, signification and appreciation from everyone, becomes a space that they explore to the maximum and know how to extract the best of it.

From another, more pragmatic point of view, signaling a potential professional failure, due to the lack of examples in the conceptual and expressive plan, but especially to "internal" and "external" limitations or constraints, gathers together the approach versions that are not successive versus differences between successive versions.

Your Ego sees itself as the most important part of reality when the role you assume (as the mix of image, reality, your message and context of taking effect) interacts with the subject and becomes itself a necessity of the world. An actor knows how to control the behavior and reactions so that the impression it induces to the audience will rise up to the intentions.

Leadership: Are you able to present your "story" by reflecting your performance in a special reception?

The scenario is actually a version of truth that you make available to people, a big flirt with the science of composition of value and ideas in the spirit of which you trained and professionally educated yourself, an adaptation of your own beliefs and orientations to others’ expectations, if they are worth it or not.

In addition, your position to what you convey, a message, a vision, a lesson, moods or emotions, may be relatively marginalized and even your self-image can be detrimental to the significance that you award to leadership. Sometimes, they gradually develop a sort of inferiority to your Ego, especially if you fail to present your "story" based on the true measure of your performance.

The fact that you have leadership qualities does not mean that you hold all the answers and are able to find the right "story" to attract people. People want the story to be suited to their roles and a scenario to represent them where duty demands it.

The famous character Peter Munk, from the writer Wilhelm Hauff’s work, asked the little glass man to fulfill his desire – to have the richest glassware in the region, but without asking him to reveal the mystery of where exactly he could sell the glass at the best price.

If you will venture to go ahead people, building scenarios based purely on fiction, so which do not reinforce that sense of reality control that people want changed, you will end up like Peter Munk. In the end, you will remain with a scenario with purpose, but without verdict and great expectations. The reception of your own creation will be made from the position of an unfulfilled deed.

Your art and your skills are blend together in a performance in the same time?

The two patterns, art and craftsmanship must merge at the same time for your leadership to have a major impact on people.

The fact that you have leadership qualities does not mean that you have all the answers and you're able to find solutions to all problems. It is important to discover the power of hidden mistery of leadership.

If you venture to go into people's head without knowing the mystery of their leadership, you will end up like the famous character Peter Munk from the writer's work Haulf Wilhelm, who asked the "Little man of Glass" to fulfill his wish - to have the richest glassware from the region, but without asking to confess the mystery of where exactly to sell the glass at the best price. At the end you will remain single.

Look what you know ! Look what you miss !

The secret of your success lies in the leadership scenario that you create and you have to elucidate it well before giving way in the world. I guess you don't imagine that somehow you'll get to the top of people adopting the classic style: only promises and explanations, but nothing concrete and viable.

People will give you the vote of confidence only if you come up with an adjusted scenario that makes sense and is plausible, and where are exposed as many concrete details (attention ! details that can materialize quickly in courses of actions). If you want to break patterns and get as many bonus points, wake people's interest by making a scenario whose message will have a lasting impact. Spark people's interest in revealing a gap in their consciousness: "look what you know" and "look what you miss".

Leadership scenario lies in the power of acumen and understanding of the essence of things; is the only form of pure "art" by which you can express ideas and intentions - and is the safest form of manipulation. It is representing the way by which you can mark the decisive point gaining a lot of supporters.

For the ideas you want to promote to continue, it is absolutely imperative that the scenario you present yourself in front of people to be surprising, to meet their expectations, but also be easy to understand and apply that to allow you to use the ideas immediately.

If you wish to make known the quality of your leadership, then get out into the world with a great scenario. But do not waste time writing an "essay" that will not like anyone and whose essence you'll not be able to put into practice.

Would be ideal if each fragment of your scenario will be very charming to seduce people and to stimulate their emotions – in the way manages a real scenarist or a true writer. You have the right to stage any character, any decor, any action, any idea, any principle or any rule of leadership and to handle all of them as you like.

Conclusion: Leadership requires that you have near native qualities and skill's certificates, and an action scenario well tuned where to be specified both methods and ways of obtaining the desired effect – a scenario to make it known worldwide otherwise you will never have any supporter.


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