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On January 26, 2009
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Prove your exceptional qualities in a process of generating newly added value.

It's unbelievable ! It's exceptional ! And yes, it's true ! What I have seen today on my way home was the most important business lesson which I have ever learned, which is not tought at any course and which you also have to retain it.

I was on the Stefan cel Mare Boulevard and I was going home, when suddenly something draw my attention. In front of me at five metres a pitbull without a leash was walking beside his owner. After so many accidents that had happened and were discussed on TV and in the newspapers, I thought that these ferocious dogs should walk only with their owners and in leash and especially with muzzle. But today I changed my opinion. This pitbull was looking just like any other dog – just that he hadn't traces of strikes; he was clean and tidy, washed and well trained. He also had a muzzle, but I am convinced he didn't need it.

More than 10 minutes I walked beside the pit-bull and his owner. And in all this time, even though there were a lot of people on the boulevard, the dog didn't jump at anyone. He was always near his owner. Sometimes he avoided people, but always came back. He didn't do anything on the sidewalk, not scratching the fleas, not jumping to any passing of so many who went on the sidewalk and no one unscathed him, even was a large-sized dog. More than this, I have to say that everyone was looking after this extraordinary pitbull well trained and well tidy.

Leadership: Are you able to generate an added value from all the forms of results that can be validated from the angle of perception that you leave to those who look at you?

But not the pitbull is the key of this event, but his owner who really was a professional trainer. Look at a man who knew how to make him noticed between the people. I am convinced that every day he was drawing new clients, new people who were willing to see their dog as well trained. Personal, if I would want to give my dog to a trainer, be sure that this is the trainer that I would go two because he inspired me a lot of trust. The way the pitbull behaved between lots of people assured me that the trainer is a good professionist who knows how to affirm himself in a spectacular manner, who knows to put in value his practical qualities.

Truly amazing is the fact that these kinds of people who know how to make their services and products known to attract clients, don't come across any time and anywhere. But when they are around us it's impossible to not observe them. And this is why they deserve to talk about them all the time because they are remarkable, unique, and the services that offer have a high level of quality and professionalism.

Can you express your uniqueness by associating yourself with the image of a man who masters a particular art? Is attitude the one that sets the tone for your own "brand"? What are your excellent competencies? What do you think is the essential quality that you lack for being notable? Do you manifest a genuine care towards your potential to make things work? Are you supporting the decision to have a positive interaction with the other people?

The results you get through a demonstration of art and the display of a certain state of mind that includes attitude and determination can be validated as a practice of the perspective of relationship from the angle of perception that you leave to those who look at you.

Leadership: Can you prove your exceptional qualities by using an image attributed to an attempt to maximize some measure of feedback that can be used independently or in building a new personal feature?

What you project in the eyes of others has the need to highlight a relevant set of qualities that reveals your singular experience, a self-confirming potential, something that can be traced, but understood only by the function of your attributes if you manage to demonstrate the usefulness of a particular request, cause or approach.

In order to draw everyone's attention, to succeed in making yourself noticed, you have to learn how to promote your products and excellent products that you offer. Your goal is to create a unique image, well placed in the mind of other people, respectively the clients.

Seth Godin, the author of the famous paper "The Purple Cow" said a big truth: "The more intransigent your market, the more crowded the marketplace, the busier your customers, the more you need a remarkable idea. Half measures will fail."

So, it's very clear who will step ahead – people, respectively the firms that have the courage to make known their services of high performance that know how to augment the number of clients and who understand the idea of making yourself noticed.

Being remarkable means to define a form of singularity that only a performer can bring specifically to his art without thinking about the fee to be paid by the interested party.

New added value is a remarkable idea presented as a good that does not exhaust its resources, being necessary to preserve it as a gift of soul.

All that a person can give the best from himself should not be used up, but fully capitalized. The value of an individual endowed with those qualities and ideal features which allow him to provide a reference role in the enviable record of his career - is similar to an operating system designed to function both on the desktop, also on the phone or tablet.

Every such individual is endowed with an "operating system" that facilitates better the progress in their own development by continuous supplying of the communication’s flow between his traits, skills and motivation - the three main elements that, connecting simultaneously, optimizes his value.

Have you ever heard about Thomas Edison? I'm sure you did. Have you ever heard about Bill Gates? I'm sure you did. Have you ever heard about Elvis Presley? What about Michael Jordan? I'm sure you did. We've all heard of them because they knew how to make themselves notice.

The greatest benefit to performers is that they know how to make themselves noticed and know how to assert themselves under their own company BEFOREHAND, that is, before gaining anything from the importance they reveal in the eyes of public opinion.

Leadership is between two equal forces: first you gain experience through the passion you cultivate yourself, then you gain notoriety through the image that you build with what you add to "favorites" in the preferences of others.

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