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On January 07, 2009
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

To be very sure of what you know, you first have to realize what you do not know.

- Lieutenant, have you noticed anything unusual?

- No sir.

- That's why you are not a colonel.

This dialog from the movie "Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)" , represents the essence of this article. And the question:" Did you notice something unusual?" you should imprint it well in your mind because you will hear it everywhere.

You will never succeed to get better results, in any field, if you do not train your mind to see beyond the appearances. It does not matter how talented you are in what you do, certainly, if you do not learn to see the things that other people around you do not notice them, for sure, you will never be able to progress in an important function of management.

One of the reliable ways of forming you as a leader, of improving you perfectly is to notice those minor details, those essential things that give you support, just as a skilled painter manages to notice subtle differences related to the quality of a work of art, distinguishing the false from the original. By bringing in your support those arguments and solutions that emphasize your strengths and skills, you could more easily propel towards success.

Leadership: Can you establish a vision that results in a landmark assessment structure that can be identified as attributes of contexts of being aware of aspects that do not stand out?

Everywhere around us there are many opportunities that can propel us in our career, but we do not seem to observe most of them. Why? Because we did not learn to see them, because we never trained our minds to recognize the "invisible" things. We do not filter in an appropriate manner the information that our eyes offer because we got used to see things the way they are, instead of seeing them the way they could be.

Your chance to demonstrate your value and to promote yourself in the company, in the most efficient way as possible, is it found where you are looking for?

This chance to change yourself, to exceed your limits, to reach the highest level possible in the company’s hierarchy, is like a magic pebble with magical powers, which is found somewhere in the wilderness of the desert. Do you have the courage to bet on yourself that you will find it?

The capability to see allows you to observe things from the distance, things that are hidden, not only the close ones. As a leader you have to learn to see things with much more interest and in the same time to look at them towards the future, to observe the opportunities it may offer you.

Be flexible, change your way of thinking, and your way of approaching problems, in general. Get used, not to look away so rapidly from a point of interest to another, but look at all with more attention, analyze every situation, every thing, from multiple angles and perspectives.

Leadership: Do you intend to give a background image of the meaning of a vision, through the way in which you think up the future from the perspective of a long-term evaluation of the "intangible visible" effect?

More than three years ago, Donald Trump, one of the wealthiest men in the world, launched on the market a new product of which I am sure you have heard. It is about the movie called "The Apprentice" . Suddenly, after only five days since the launch, all the newspapers started to talk about the great idea of the billionaire, while in all the specialized shops were registered record sales. Shortly afterwards, all the televisions of the world began to broadcast the TV show at prime times.

Donald Trump won fabulous sums from the sale of this series. Even so, I ask you, why didn't another business man thought about this idea? Why somebody else didn't make this extraordinary show?

The answer is the following. Nobody, except Donald Trump could see this great opportunity. Nobody, except Donald Trump, thought about making this kind of show of negotiation and sales. I can say that Donald Trump saw this opportunity where all the other businessmen have not seen anything. This is the ability „to see" that I mentioned earlier.

He thought up the future of a new business idea from the perspective of long-term evaluation of the "intangible visible" effect. That is, what you see can be perceived as an opportunity to explore a business concept only by deepening a certain topic of interest on a priority area that has not been explored in terms of added value.

Leadership is an opportunity to demonstrate access to new areas of interest analyzed from the perspective of what you can observe as being unusual where others do not look or where others put and end to it.

Dear friends, today there are no alchemists, only entrepreneurs. I mean people who can see in everything they touch or observe a great idea from which they can make fortunes. And the good part is that the ability" to see" can be learned, but for this you must practice and practice.

Look around and examine everything like a separate event. Look at every thing distinguishingly, from different points of view. Look carefully. What minor thing you are missing? Do you see something unusual?

Optimize your quality and performance, by practicing the ability to "see".

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