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Leon's Ivory Tower

On January 22, 2011, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Explore the sensitive side of your personality to facilitate the merger between your world and others.

When she stepped onto the corridor through the front of her apartment‘s door, Mathilda realized that something terrible had happened. Her father's body lies on the floor at the entrance. No doubt the rest of her family shared the same fate, in a Mafia-style execution. The blood froze in her veins. The voices were heard in the apartment. A creepy-looking man with a gun in the hand stood right next to the door.

She had to pretend careless. So, cautious and full of strength, she hid her agitation and shivers and went farther on. But that man pried her with suspicion.

He reached at the door from the end of the corridor. In which, very recently, Leon has moved. The Killer. The Professional.

Leadership: Are you prepared to try to determine the possibilities of reproducing certain facts or circumstances such as "unmotivated absence", under the conditions determined by the time and space set by the demands of a peaceful intrusion in your life?

The time of the big trial. On the other side of the door, Leon, with the gun on his hand, was staring through the door eye. He was surprised: not expected such a display from the gentle lady who had a great power to control her emotional reactions, to contain her tumult. But his inner voice whispered: "Be careful, curb your desire to get emotionally involved in the affairs of others and comply with all the rules and all the procedures."

With a heavy heart, with her eyes bathed in tears, keeping the pain in her soul like a rock in her heart, Mathilda knocked on the door. One time and once again. As if she had lived there and would be expected that someone close to her to open the door. She felt the chill of fear getting through the whole body. If that scary guy, armed, from her front door would have realized who she really is, he would killed her immediately. She must have confidence in her deep instincts, she must have faith, and she must hope that Leon will open the door, although she was not too sure of herself. Every moment meant an eternity.

Leon, dominated by demureness, but also by the characteristic skepticism of all the professional killers, was still undecided. He said to himself: "Mathilda's just a child, has no trace of malice - but can she be reliable?"

The look of the girl, which desperate expression would move even tigers, has stirred the soul of Leon. Being thrilled by feeling how helpless she is, and being unable to endure the weight of thoughts, he opened the door to the girl and left her to join in. He saved her.

Can you acquire that autonomy and control that leadership can use to create a role of responsibility?

The role of responsibility lies with a person who can give a different meaning to unintelligible or adverse events, so as to completely change the perspective of the outcome that can conclude his destiny.

If we multiply search channels of human beliefs, in his possible state of victim of circumstances, through which representative self-images, designed by his hidden ego circulate, can it happen that we process them and, possibly, pump some positive energy, a little background color? At least until we bring man to the prototype stage safety system or up to the exemplarity generating stage.

To some difficult levels of existence, in the service of a transition power to a certain state of mind giving confidence and stability, people are bombarded with images coming in so many channels, that we can no longer categorize, classify and use. Those images of a lost, essentially vulnerable self, engaged in the spiritual insufficiency.

Suddenly, they get blocked in the stage where they can no longer reconsider their position towards the version of reality that they direct in their mind. And a possible return to the normality accepted, more as a condition for obtaining flexibility in relation to others, especially in relation to what they feel from outside, becomes more a psychological and emotional experience.

To win that autonomy and control that leadership can use to create a role of responsibility, you must climb down from the ignorance and moral weakness pedestal - in the midst of the excitement of life and people who get trapped in the underground of that vulnerable area where feelings, acquiring maximum intensity, defy all reason.

Leadership: Do you have the courage to explore the sensitive side of your personality, without affecting the value of an image that perpetuates itself between parallel mirrors?

Do you remember the novel "The Count of Monte Cristo"? Do you remember what Mercedes said to Edmond when he spared her son from death? - "It is brave, it is lordly, it is sublime to forgive as you forgave."

What about Leon's act from the movie "Leon - The Professional" what can be said? Isn't right? How nice it was from him, how great it was what he did ! How sublime was his deed.

Mathilda saw in Leon what others could not see. And Leon saw in her his own essence, his good part, too hidden, buried too deep in him.

Your image is perpetuated between parallel mirrors when the reflection of what appears to be your most representative attitude is manifested at the most profound level of the composition of meaning that your deeds give in the spiritual life of others.

One of these mirrors is the feeling of belonging to a sense of responsibility, the other is an excess of the sense of guilt that tests you when you know that you can make a mistake by invoking your absence in the midst of events that change the course of others’ lives.

Leadership: Does your affiliation to a framework of action broader than that which constantly validates your qualities force a compromise of your credibility in the attempt to say: "this even will be memorable"?

Although he was an excellent killer, Leon does not lose his warmth of the soul, and that has not curbed his feelings. He helped Mathilda, saved her and even "adopted" her. He was easily tamed by her pure soul of child to which he gave credibility – because deep in his heart he felt that, in essence, he is a good and a sensitive man, even if he had been trained to kill.

From the moment he adopted Mathilda, Leon's life took another turn. There was no more that lonely man, desolated, devoid of feelings and desires. But gained a new personality, has become a more open nature, more sociable, more communicative and even romantic, able to appreciate more than other people things around him.

Explore the sensitive side of your personality (the most authentic side of you), to facilitate the merger between your world and others. Listen and learn to trust your intuition and your emotions. Your leadership will be greatly affected if you do not express your deepest feelings. You will end up by being completely insensitive in relationships with others - and from here until the failure is not a long way.

The event that celebrates your personality is the extension of an image that you create for yourself in the eyes of others beyond the apparent hardness with which you impose your rules in the process of reflecting reality in the form of feelings that must be condemned.

The leadership is not an "Ivory Tower" where can have access only one person, it is not a restricted area where no one is allowed to enter. But rather should be a transparent area, easily known and entered, an area where you have to open to others the "door" to gain them access to your world.

Exploring the sensitive side of your own personality and others' you can find bridges to ensure harmony in the team to the benefit of all. The isolation of you as a leader in the "ivory tower" will always be detrimental to you.


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