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On August 30, 2017, in Skills and Abilities, by Neculai Fantanaru

Introduce yourself to the whole world under an identity created by your own appearance, letting yourself be guided by reason to meet the condition of the depth of your work.

I was trying to clarify my position on the conception of the arbitrary intervention of the divine in the creative process of life as compared to the composition of a personal, particular universe where everything was circumscribed to the material dimension of aesthetics through a process of reincarnation of the soul in the newborn body. "What is on your mind? / Are your feelings gone?"

Thanks to the intervention of fantasy, for which only one artist feels true pleasure, I finally ended up mastering the transformation of matter into a larger perimeter of the living, in the name of my retrieval in the eternity of a pure love, chained to the total attractiveness with impossibility to define in the empirical dimension of science. "Time is getting cold / What is going on?"

Suddenly, all the matrix computation formula elements that calculated more results to the parameters a thought-form entity, so complex and infinite that only God could understand, gathered in a fraternal embrace in… the name of love, showing their common membership in a universe that pushed them to the edges of: "Need to see it clear / Life is changing."

It was necessary for me to be the owner of a unitary aesthetic, unique to me and original aesthetic, to make a historical situation of it in the innovations of the moment in the case of a higher density of electric charge distributed on a vertical surface, which would ensure the possibility of rational determination of distinction and good taste. "Why are you doing things, All the things you do?"

And after many attempts and failures, I managed to build my own character, to the limit between the incredible and the believable. A figure of speech in the show of creation. An energy form subject to evolution. A human representation imagined in a humanoid hypostasis. A field of electric forces equipped with spiritual qualities. Finally, it was supposed to be a symbol of perfect seduction virtuously practiced by experimenting with values of desire without which the temptation of an absolute supremacy of youth cannot be born: "Everybody needs someone to love, to love."

Leadership: Do you recognize yourself defeated by the temptation of the creative spirit to find yourself in a picture of the de-doubling that blends the virtual with the real up to confusion?

Being close to the long-awaited triumph, completing the production of a gene transformed by Mendel’s fundamental genetics laws, I had the privilege, let us say, to look at everything as a painting, moving through what it offers to the sight, feeling I’m as affectionately involved as artists who find their muse in their own creation.

The idea of building a humanoid, with all the extraordinary care that a geneticist puts in while conducting experiments, weighing the product of the use of elastic protein material and the energy resulting from the burning of solid matter, was generated by the tendency towards unity between idea and image. Becoming manifestations of a new kind of will, materialized in a perfection of creation, with the design of man in the world God has prepared for him, but could not offer to him up until then: "Life will never be the same."

The artwork is a comparison between the fiction that puts an unnaturally high emphasis on the abstract factor and the point of view of real life in which the elements of consciousness and instinctive affinities are interwoven in particular power relations.

The Act of Creation is an inner struggle from which emerge the alienation of man from his identity and the attachment to a virtual world model based on the experimental prototype of a fulfillment that is not material, but spiritual.

The beautiful and the sublime, at the intersection between genetics, biochemistry and physics, where the warning sin is merely the guarantee of art, were the cause of the appearance of the character indissolubly bound to his creator.

In order to better understand the equation of a fulfilled existence, they had to be comprised between the outbreak of image that doesn’t cause blindness, the total hardening of the soul, the illusion of a temporal greatness. And the outbreak of a correspondence with the divine from which emerges the vision of a mechanic that functions within a person, the vision of a new condition of an eternal seeker of a genius, and the vision of a strictly rational order of the universe.

What emerges from the multitude of effects of contact tensions between two aesthetic dominances, other than a de-doubling experience? As someone remarked on the internet: "The robot is a metaphor that designates the body, and Love is what enlivens the flesh" No wonder my destiny and my creation had a common foundation that announced my inclusion in a fantastic world.

De-doubling in leadership is as remarkable as the act of creation: it concerns the concession given to the artist to present himself to the whole world under an identity made based on his own appearance, but left to be led by reason to assume the condition of the depth of his work.

Behold, what I’ve become: an artist, geneticist, biochemist, physicist, engineer, and architect, creating a new form of life in the world of information and inventions. Try now to imagine God. Is he not my equal?

God’s existence is the intimate mechanism of the act of creation from which love is born to the expansion of the being beyond its limits.

Life is the claim of a seeker of the meaning of life to rise to the level of an exceptional artist. It is seen to be grounded when the seeker’s attempts to unite with his own divine nature, in order to form a true divine-human being, have as a result a miracle of creation.

* Note: Haddaway - Life


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