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Light Pale Of The Sunset

On December 08, 2010, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Give yourself to the full development of those around you, guiding them to a higher becoming when being at the sunset of their own "story".

Nobody can acquire full success in a time. There's a delicate moment in the life of all people, a kind of test, I would say, in who is tested faith in their capabilities and forces, vocational calling, a kind of test that measures the likelihood of success.

I think that the famous American writer Stephen King knows better than anyone how to achieve success, but also knows very well the recipe for sure failure. Since the time he was a child he aspired to a career of a writer. He wrote. And he continued to write. He created. And he continued to create. A daily short story inspired by everyday life. His career followed an upward path.

Eventually he decided to write a very special novel, which then to send for publication, a novel that - he thought - would finally propel him among writers of value. He entitled it as "Carrie". The idea was original, was the product of his mind, not processing the ideas of others.

His thoughts were focused entirely on the success that he might have if his novel would become known. Until the moment when - fatality - the "blast" occured. As the novel was not progressing at all, he threw it to the thrash. He thought it was cup of empty hopes.

That delicate moment that we said from the start, that moment where you feel that you cannot, that you have no gas, where you feel that you're not, that moment when, overcome by a feeling of sadness you say that your endeavor is useless - and in his life occurred Stephen King.

"Carrie" was going to remain a memory. And his career was about to go down.

Leadership: Do you decide the qualitative route of your own performance from the position of knowing what is truly valuable to keep, or from the position of recognizing your ignorance of what is behind appearances?

Mrs. Tabitha King (Tabby), the wife of the famous writer, has seen the manuscript thrown at the trash. As she did not doubt on the Stephen's talent, recovered and read it. She liked it so much that she convinced him to finish it. For any price she wanted to know how it ends. And more than this she offered herself to help him.

He told Stephen, smiling so charming in her way: "Do you have something of value here, I mean it !"

It is obvious that Tabby knew about her husband more than he knew about himself and about the "golden goblet" hiding in his manuscript. As after Stephen had finished writing "Carrie" the editorial concern Doubleday accepted it for publication, and the New American Library bought the pocket edition rights for the record sum of 400 thousands dollars. The latch occurred. Stephen and Tabby King were rich. But the real reward was that from then Stephen has been able to devote his life exclusively to literary creation.

Leadership: Can you restore the balance between the reality that you disapprove and the ideal of perfection that you can achieve?

The reality you disapprove of has as a reference the lack of recognizing the value of things that you can easily miss. In relation to this conclusion, the question of the space of investigating unprofitable goods, but with the potential value of becoming the emblem of an attitude of openness to change, is summed up to the following question: what do you gain by constantly remembering something that can be reactivated by a phrase from a book, by a scene from a movie or, simply, by a friend?

The creator’s ability is derived from the quality of your vision of the surrounding space and the essence of things that you allow yourself to offer the status of a "good idea".

The real art you capture every day, without anyone knowing it, appears as a means of recognizing the "crumbs" of benefits extracted from the effects of an abandoned idea. Adding value to the creation you are experiencing is to understand the temporary nature of the image that you form about one thing until you get to know it.

Ideas are like words: no matter how trivial they seem at first sight, they are as valuable as they can be through the meaning they contain – attributed to certain facts, moods or life situations. As a rule, writers have a rich experience sparked by the existence of a vast array of competences, proposing to penetrate into a discrete area, attachment to the importance or usefulness of their own creations.

The ideal of perfection that you can achieve depends on how you revise ideas so that their intersection takes the form of a creation whose "insurance value" can only be made public with the help of the meaning it takes on under the cumulative effect of belonging to a deeper, higher, and more sustainable reality. Usually, this reality is literature itself.

Leadership: Do you exploit the depth effects of your own creation, providing others access to new areas with development potential?

The enthusiasm does spring from your inside or you need someone to feed it? Are you a key person in people's lives?

Competent, able to make effectively all possible arrangements, and endowed with great powers of persuasion and influence. In a word, she was Tabby. She determined her husband to feel new momentum in his efforts. She was and still is his number one partner. Every time when Stephen seems that time is not on his side, or if he feels like a no one in his world of values, Tabby is beside him to remind him that what he feels is only a momentary situation that is not an end of the world, and that everything will be fine again.

Stephen's success is due to the fact that he is surrounded by the soothing image induced by his wife who has a great faith in him and always supports him.

The enthusiasm does not spring from yourself - you always need someone to feed him. It is important to have someone beside you to see things differently, more clearly, and who decides to help you, a person who deep down believes in you and in your cause, and who wants to support you. It is a very smart strategy to ask for opinion of key people, who is really able to know what the best is for you before making a decision.

To start the act of creation means to turn yourself into the permanent emblem of a spirituality that seeks the essence of things from others’ point of view.

The pale light of the sunset it gets to a point every man who works, who has dreams and desires to fulfill. And you will be embraced one day by the feeling that your labors were in vain. And you will be traversed by that mysterious power that tests all the valuable people for strength of character and will. That is why so important to have a partner close to you to remind you every time when you're in trouble "Do you have something of value here, I mean it!"

Only one endowed with leadership qualities has the ability to support and give you the necessary impetus to continue your career when you are on a downward trajectory. He is a true mentor for you and has the power to delay your "pale light of the sunset".


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