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Look At Me With The Eyes With Which God Looks At Me

On March 23, 2020, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

A perfect artist can only be saved by admitting his condition as a creator raised to the extraordinary potential of being one with God.

I told God I wanted to be a king, and he told me that I must first become a skilled magician, then a perfect painter. In the middle was the method of substitution, the magic of being God, and the art of being a magician, seen through a contrasting mirror that magnifies the image of a reality to the fine, velvety tip of a living brush, personified by Apollo, the god of the arts, but also of prophecy, of proactive thinking. The same brush could have been used separately as a magic wand, personified by purity and faith.

Convinced that a magician must have his own space, isolated and hidden from view, where he can practice fully, freely, unrestricted, his own belief about the stage act, I turned into an artist who knows how to suggest through a symbol of surrealist mysticism a certain message to those who view his work. God is the director I identify with when working on the script of my life, even if my artistic constructions have not yet reached the level of technical mastery and expressiveness of the perfect magician.

The determining factor of all personality transformations is based on the main idea of ​​magic, that everything can be misleadingly exposed, and only an artist can distinguish the truth, the difference between authenticity and kitsch. As for the artistic craft, of proposing symbols that project a positive and convincing image of association on God, the simple man will not be able to distinguish anything but some scribbles made knowingly.

It’s all about being someone else, in a painting full of fantasy. Or on an improvised stage. And when you are a king of creation, you allow yourself the luxury of talking to God as you would talk about yourself in the story of a magician caught with artistic talent in a vivid picture, transformed by metamorphosis into fabulous fragments.

Leadership: Can you bring your creation into a higher plane of visualizing an image of yourself, so that you become an extension of absolute superiority through a being that exceeds its condition of “annexation of a privileged position”?

Is a disposition for the fantastic, by an unknown law of creation, something you simply understand, or not?

God was my main witness to every magic issue, while the painter tried to capture on canvas all the richness and variety of light effects reflected in a confession-show, staged by a director so wonderful that you might think he is a true wizard of directing. It was as if I were looking for a voice that was nowhere easily perceived, but that seductively poured its drama of shocking depth into the pattern of an image converted from the colored form — to the black-and-white one — as an example of a miraculous number.

Art intervenes wherever magic leads it. And God does not really exist unless you are a perfect Creator. Of course, someone is either not present in this equation. At the same time, we must keep in mind that it does not exist. The artistic matters. Magic revives art in every verse of the imagination. And the soul must be followed through the eyes of a spectator in the world of the stage, in the world of film culture, in the fascinating world of sets, costumes, angles captured with the help of cameras.

The absolute power of the artist consists in the ways of realizing an authentic creative improvisation under the sign of magical expressionism, able to reflect the result of the establishment of an unprecedented augmented reality.

The lights lost their intensity. The setting, a bit nocturnal, seemed unreal, coming out as if from a painting by famous masters of past centuries. And the magician, in whose blood boiled the sweet drunkenness of absolute power, being caught in a random back and forth on the wonderful world of the stage, continues to describe God as best he can, while God continues to amuse Himself copiously with a story wrapped in magic.

Of course, everything I knew better about God, in fact about mystical things, I knew according to a magician, whose success story, inclined to the practice of drawing, could be characterized only by the determination and perseverance of the creator to see the dream turned into reality.

That’s kind of what magic is, a connection to divinity. Through magic you build pieces of reality, present and future, and convey the hope that what is to happen is the causality, creation, and story of a Creator whose providence works by the will of infinite power.

Leadership: Is it in the power of your creation to be transferred to a new configuration of visual representation with all the force of the character played in the middle of an event that represents you as a deliberate familiarity with the supernatural?

Freddy Mercury’s “A Kind Of Magic” video brings a kind of contradiction to the leadership dimension: can you be both an artist of science-produced effects and someone who accomplishes the inner power that turns you into a reflection of an imaginative energy?

If so, at what risk? At the risk of rigidly attaching to what you leave behind when the effects occur (that kind of magic that pushes you beyond what you thought you were capable of) and detaching yourself from the traditional way in which artists interact with the world.

The supernatural is the religion of the art of being one above the understanding of the world, according to the connection maintained by the incredible resemblance between the Creator and his Creation. It is, at the same time, that inner power that you present to the world through the prism of the image formed by the intertwining of the unforeseen with the sensational, of light and shadows, of your life story with the character detached from a lesser known world, one who crosses from one world to another.

But to whom or what fact is this inner power subordinated? Reality or unreality? And to what extent does it manage to shape you into a flow of successive transformations? How do they balance?

Probably, depending on the ability to accept yourself as a performance of science, to be a unique Creation in terms of value and limits of expression, in understanding metaphors or expressions with figurative meaning, feeling connected to a great cause: to express your artistic views in any way through a kind of hidden, mysterious, incomprehensible power.

To turn leadership into a masterpiece of creative genius, first try to understand the ins and outs of artistic creation by building a character detached from a surreal world.

Learn to express yourself in the form of alterity: about the “other You” located in a higher plane of knowledge, which can be converted at any time to another reality (brighter in the invisible, and wider).

Look At Me With The Eyes With Which God Looks At Me if you want to understand the art of being a magician through the prism of an artist who feeds on the euphoria of creation, finding his full expression in the power to place himself in an alternative reality.

The secret of being God is the power to combine magic with art, so that the painter is considered a magician, and the magician is considered an esthete, and both are considered the symbol of a new direction of thought. Whoever fulfills this condition has already gained his superiority in the midst of this world !


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