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Look, This Is My Leadership !

On October 31, 2010, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

A true leader always has in his repertory something that expresses the height of his admirable "work".

I spent a long time around the master. This is one of the things in my life that I can say I am truly proud of. Because he, a deep man, who knew how to behave simple and human in relationships with others, and having a considerable stock of knowledge, opened my eyes to everything that is beautiful and good in this world. He shared with me the secrets of Ancient Times, the wisdom of ancient men and taught me the history of arts. I learned how to read the works of great artists and understand their art.

My master's art was perfect. His paintings were of incomparable beauty, and they certainly had an unquestionable artistic value. The signs of his great style were: clarity of composition, simplicity, balance and measure. With an unseen ease and spontaneity, he first sketched on canvas, in pencil, what he wanted to paint – ideas which he often combined with others. Then, he thought of the combination of colors, and then he moved to making the painting.

- You are a highly superior man, I said to him one day, with the boundless admiration I felt for him.

Looking at me with kindness, a kindness which you rarely meet, a kindness that I would like to see at least in half in people I meet daily, the master replied with his gentle and determined voice:

- No, no ! You're wrong, Nicu. I'm not a superior man, but a man who aspires to become superior. I will be superior only when my creations will be absolutely perfect and will find resonance in the soul of every viewer.

Leadership: Is the quality of your "work" the result of a consensus of value constitution of type "must see between colors and moods"?

Beauty is a relative notion. What we consider to be beautiful in some things does not seem the same in others. So is leadership. What some find beautiful and good, others find intolerable. However, the idea to focus the attention on his "creation", so as to bring it to the highest standards, gives the leader a high value. For just as pictorial effects are obtained with a refined science, so the effects of leadership exercised can be obtained by assimilating as much knowledge in the field as possible. Is it easy to achieve this? Obviously not. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort.

The quality of an artist’s work is the result of a consensus reached by two forces: the memory of something you’ll never see again and the example of a life lesson always present in the breath of an ink drop.

In front of this work we could better define our feelings by using the very words of surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico: "Everything views me questioning with mysterious eyes. I thus understand that everything possesses a spirit, an impenetrable soul."

The art that the artist cultivates, under the calm and silence of a time that slows down its momentum, between symbols and their meaning, is the abyss of the imaginary composed of the infinite mysteries whose doors once opened, expand into an empire-world of the fabulous treated in a realistic manner. You feel as if in a timeless landscape, bringing with it a great remainder of a sea on which sail the beautiful and faith, beings and non-beings, all of them changing places at the simplest flash of a thought. Finally, you feel that you are too caught up in a creation from which you can no longer detach.

The value of the type "must see between colors and moods" is installed within the composition of each work, rendering the intimate compromise attitude between different orientations, themes, and motives as splendid guiding stars, after the weight of the importance of each brush stroke in the hierarchy of memories that bind the artist to life, predetermining his present and coordinating his future dreams.

Leadership: Does your power shine in the feelings you invest in your gratitude for what you want others to remember in the face of an excessive consumption of art?

But, also, the quality of a leader's "work" is the result of a consensus of the majority. I have often said it because I strongly believe in it. The leadership a leader exercises has a great influence on people, on their personality, their ability, respectively their evolution.

If the leader expresses a hesitating feeling in showing his own visions or principles, then, undoubtedly, he will not succeed to prove his superiority, and, in this case, he will not be followed by anybody. Nevertheless, as the number of those who admire him is bigger, his "work" will be more valuable. The majority represents the essential constituent of which is founded the work, deciding the real measure of the leader's value.

The efforts to build a consensus of value constitution and the materialization of full compatibility between your model of beauty and the requirements of the majority should be focused on understanding their criteria of beauty appreciation.

Leadership: Did what was initially seen as a landmark of the art of getting rich by means of relating with authentic experiences has turned into a sort of attraction from which develops a new series of tendencies?

The need to lead always increases, but also people's attitude always changes. For your leadership to "sell", that is to say, to spark people's interest, it must impress by what you are, by a high moral and professional character, through beneficial initiatives, through that sensitivity and psychological insight that are proper to genuine artists.

A skilled painter knows that the hope of his wealth is in his palette of colors, and that is why he always looks in finding a combination that would arouse the public's mind a little, a combination of colors able to calm and provoke at the same time. So you must assimilate a set of healthy principles that would express your beliefs, and an adequate set of practices and procedures that would have a lasting effect on people, that would be able to inflict a certain affinity to you.

As a leader, it is absolutely necessary to have in your repertory something to express the height of your admirable "work". Just as a painter is great in using colors in a bold and accurate way, combining them in different ways - and so you have to be great in realizing and using your own model of leadership in a bold and accurate way, to suggest a special spirituality and highlight your special talents, combining all those elements intelligently you can really put the potential value.

Only one art in the field of tendencies develops constantly within leadership: the creation of the artistic as a form of personal overcoming, with the title of a legendary destiny: "I am the one and only !"

This art is guided by the idea that what you feel when you see the fruit of your work fulfilled must take shape in the minds of those who want to construct their own space of power in the ability to communicate an authentic engagement in dealing with a theme from an emotional perspective.

Behold, this is my leadership ! suggests a calling towards the highest and most sincere admiration vis-à-vis the means of art to portray real-life moods, from which transpires the sense of a trajectory of a destiny towards a legendary status.

Conclusion: A leader must have in his "repertory" something to set him apart from all others, but that is unanimously accepted and adopted. This "something" shows the quality of his leadership.


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