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Man Between Science And Emotion

On August 21, 2016
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Leadership XS-Analytics by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to facilitate the union of positive powers of the mind with those of the soul, observing yourself from the point of view of an astounding discovery’s impact.

Never before have I felt so attracted to an essential idea, always with ramifications towards another, deeper idea. To determine it mathematically, with the help of these wonderful regular expressions, like a line jump in a newly created text file, without it affecting my imagination. Only so could the product of an authentic experience called perception twitch, sequences of consecutive elements of interpreting information that fulfilled only one property: that of journeying to another question.

I still cannot draw conclusions of this unique experience, because leaving my self carried by the magic of the SELECT instruction clauses in a certain pattern, I have omitted the fact that the presence of this cause determined a sort of RECEIVE of another message: "Please wait…"

Like in a true psychological thriller, I was under the impression – a rather vague one, in any case – that I belonged to never-before-happened fantasies, formulated through the clause (?s).*WORD(?-s)\R, to be perceived in the world with which I had yet to reconcile, as a sort of passing from the complex plane of judgement into the simplest of emotions. And I truly believed in them, to validate a visionary idea which in turn had a dual effect.

Leadership: How do you justify your mind’s effort to fit into the unique experience of interpreting information that causes enlightenment, by the condition of the type: “try to self-induce an addiction to explanations and elucidations”?

On the one hand I managed to highlight the beginnings of the systematic differentiation between certainty and finiteness, where the untold took on for the first time touches of a Goyesc black, a potential source of demonic inspiration, a re-initialization of a substring of the matches type (^.*[A-B].*$). To interpret information that causes enlightenment means to involve in your activities and decisions that perception regarding the reality of the things you see, feel, evaluate and describe as being an innovative way of approaching a thought, a direction of creation, a direction of access to those experiences that give meaning and inspiration.

On the other hand, like in one of Salvador Dali’s works, where the values of multiple variables and those of the massive type, in the case of the philosophical identification of the peculiarities of art related to the category of false, respecting a repetitive structure with a value of differentiation, I have succeeded – exclusively from the need of self-induction of a modified state of complete unity of being, which causes enlightenment, to conform to a strange emotion, to let myself grasped and chained in its grip.

I still recognize myself in the context of that emotion. But art still grabs my attention, giving me the opportunity to make a comparison with the mathematical formulations of the REGEX language, to the extent that my thinking seems to acquire that note of naturalness and commonality that does not stress me and does not put me in the situation in which it would be difficult for me to find answers.

Leadership: On what plane lies your true originality whose essence can be defined by appealing to a motivation laid out in terms of scientific-emotional coordinates?

"Optical density ! This notion hides within it a labyrinth of riddles, whose solutions elude you just when you think you’ve got them. But this still was not a method, it was just an idea, one that only had to lead to the elaboration of a method, thanks to which I would succeed – without modifying any property of the material (with the exception of the colors, in some cases) – to reduce the refractive index of a solid or liquid substance to that of air.

Indeed, knowledge can give man satisfaction ! But I did not know this at that time." Exclaimed at one point Jack Griffin, Wells’ "Invisible Man."

Their formulas and combinations create emotions, experienced in a continuous flux of ideas and visions, in a variety of ways of expression. Emotions, whose presence determine a leap over plateauing, are temporary information over the reality directly affected by the observation itself.

The satisfaction that also indicates my position towards these observations, a position of creator, man of ideas and analysis, is that I can change any property of the subject matter that I study without caring about aberrations, limitations, without regretting a thing. The emotion of knowing, the emotion of “feeling” the occurrence of the discovery of an answer, is far greater than the emotion of failing in any direction of analysis.

Emotions are an uninterrupted and permanently changing process of personal reconfiguration, in which there are no rules or restrictions, where the only landmark does not stop at triggering some "Eureka", from the point of view of the impact of an amazing discovery, but rather facilitates the union of positive energies of the mine with those of the soul.

Leadership: How do you stimulate your personal creation against the backdrop of images that depict the quintessence of things from the robust reality of art, to facilitate a unique experience of enjoying a higher revelation?

It is impossible to think of a tool, a color, to a concept, a function, a model of calculus, an explanation, without stimulating the power of your brain that needs sustenance in order to function and not make you scream of happiness when you manage to make a "winning" combination. The art of creative thinking consists of choosing a combination of two or more fields of significance along a unique experience of observing the shapes, colors and movements of a thing, basically establishing the relationship between what you expect to see in relation to what you know about things.

Only in this context of a product of the mind – "Eureka" – do you prove your consistency, your ability of dedicating yourself in the long run to a certain activity or cause, received with all the longing of the soul.

Whereas, according to leadership’s conditions of operation arising from the power of the vision on a typology of creation, meaning to analyze yourself by juxtaposing yourself, part by part, under the gaze of reflection and deduction, of understanding and finding, you cannot be ready for a great ascension without passing through the experience of living the unique miracle of creation and discovery under the dominant action of combinations.

And originality, whose essence can be defined by appealing to a motivation laid out under the aspect of scientific-emotional coordinates, underlies not only the plan of a lesson of mental success or in the plan of a transformational emotionality. But, especially, as a condensed reflection of your true nature in every moment of revelation.

A higher revelation is obtained by combining science with art, by far a mystical practice, so that the obtained expression acquires the symbolic value of a supreme form of knowledge. This symbol can only be breathed by a researcher spirit and a chosen mind.

Man Between Science And Emotion has access to the inner knowledge of the aspects of creation, which above all proposes free initiative, and never imposes criteria. This knowledge calls your being to a transformation whose purpose is the passing from a "cold calculation" to a level of interpretation of the result of that calculus in its own existence.

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