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Master Durer's Gift

On April 28, 2010, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

Continuously assert the respect for your leadership, honoring your role through a healthy mentality and through your skill to enliven spirits.

The troubles weren't over neither for Mikael, nor for his friend Antti. They had been through a lot together, they had suffered a lot. But one day, on their journey, they stopped in the town of Nürnberg, where they met master Dürer, a very famous man, a complete sketch artist, and above all, a man of great erudition, to whom even the princes sought to enter in his favors. In spite the fact that he had an apparent simplicity in his calm voice, he dominated those around him through intelligence, talent and knowledge.

Almost a whole day Mikael talked with Master Dürer, who told him about all the knowledge he had accumulated, about his life philosophy, about his vision. When they parted, the master gave him three engravings, which he certified with his signature, next to which he wrote his name. He also gave him a letter of recommendation for the painter Titzian, telling him to pay him a visit when he gets to Venice. And, in the end, with a joy that surprised the young man, the master told him, before goodbye:

- Mikael, you have eyes that can understand the message of art, is a gift you have received from God and which you must never neglect, but develop whenever you are given the chance.

Leadership: Does the experience offered to you by the broadening of your horizon from the perspective of the message that ignites your mind allow you to pass in haste over a summary of competences that diversify, no matter what you put in it?

Master Dürer's advice mattered a lot, making Mikael understand why it is better to look at the things around him with more interest, with more attention, devotion and joy, like a real artist. Ever since, Mikael started to see everything around him differently. His life became richer when he started to appreciate the beauty of shapes, proportions and colors, the beauty of the things around him.

But the great gift that Mikael received from master Dürer, whom he cherished as an extraordinary man, was the fact that he opened a new perspective on live, on what is important and defining for his existence, on the world, giving him a state of inner peace. Practically he learned Mikael to sort what is really important to know and understand for his evolution, of what can be left out.

However, Mikael’s skills in what regards the contribution to the actual development of art have been reduced only to the making of a correspondence with life, not through an own conception of practice, and not by a creative approach to it. And the degree of actual realization of a work of art can only be assessed by careful observation and improvement of its practice.

Leadership: Do you choose to embark on a journey of initiation in art through a repeated assumption of all authentic values of knowledge that allow you to receive life guidance?

Chance or providence? Mikael had the opportunity to know an exceptional artist on which chance brought in his way and whom he never had the privilege to ever meet again. For, as a suffering patient who needs a very good doctor that he will make an analysis, to tell him what is the disease he suffers from and then treat him accordingly - so Mikael, whose life is immersed in a deep state of apathy and depression because of so many troubles he had passed through, badly needed someone to give him moral and spiritual support and get him out of his state.

Dürer was a visionary, a pioneer, a perfect mentor who, with great interest and trust, who was able to open Mikael's eyes to a broader horizon, enhancing at the same time that lust for life passed through the knowledge sieve.

Leadership: Do you use at its fullest the potential to awaken in those superior to you the measure of their individual value?

Can you select a certain kind of intervention in the life of others by integrating a new spiritual and intellectual vibration, by filtering the qualities that confirm a more complex maturity of seeing things?

You start attracting some inspiration funds when you measure the distance between the centers of the two bases "science" and "horizon", supporting yourself in what they suggest to you as new support ways. This is the thing you always do when you achieve certain finality, on the scale of shaping personality – which includes personal learning, training, education and development through extending one’s own coordinate network.

Firstly we talk about those coordinates that help you build a new image, mimicking the character traits of a role model. Then, those not quite fixed coordinates that attest a certain maturity, which fights against any kind of conditioning, setting a new version of what you know about yourself. And a set of position coordinates in a unique, advantageous position as forward, and that allows you to apply an appropriate acceleration of your transformation when you find yourself in front of a new beginning.

And the maturity in the way that those superiors to you make known their experience, taking responsibility for the role of their actions, should be a "strategy" of your potential to awaken in them the measure of their individual value.

Leadership: Do you start the "user" mode in order to activate the "Intelligent Sensor" options with the purpose of controlling the effects of some beliefs that can’t stand any modification?

One of the ways to obtain a better unlocking from an inferiority position, very close of what we call a mix of amateurism and self-sufficiency, is to involve a certain mentor that should teach you to select what is truly important to understand and take into account for your evolution, out of what can be left aside. But it all depends of your power to absorb the amendments that have been brought to you along the way in order to finalize the extension of a becoming in the concrete space. Moreover, you must rest assured that you are able and willing to pay for the participating of a superior thinking to your own self-accomplishment.

The "user" mode refers to the capacity of integrating yourself in a superior knowledge absorption process without losing your originality, your independence of thought, waiting at the same time a confirmation of the way in which you are perceived by others.

And activating the option "Intelligent Sensor" with the purpose of controlling the effects of some beliefs that can’t stand any modification means to accentuate that repositioning tendency in relation to the much more evolved minds than yours, picking up with a lot of prudence and determination (examining the objections and waiting constructive critics) any kind of agreements that complete your way of thinking and your personality.

Leadership: Do you facilitate access to a new dimension of life by comparing it with that version of reality with which others have built up their value?

Than a cheap mentality, better a healthy one. Master Dürer was, besides a complete artist, a man with a flawless moral conduct, a man with high ideals, very cultivated, very talented and with a lot of goodwill, who awakened, in a very short time, in Mikael the thirst for knowledge, for life, helping him get rid of a great part of the imperfections he had.

Making use of the unexpected and extraordinary gift of the master that of seeing life in more colors than just black and white, to appreciate the beauty of the things around him, Mikael regained his former optimism and will, keeping in his heart a drop of hope regarding his pretty uncertain future.

You cannot see the entire world if your horizon is limited to the width of a street. In any moment, you can learn something new, on the condition that you would want someone next to you to support you emotionally and give you some advice when you need it, especially when you go through hard times, when you don't understand certain things or you can't decide which direction to take.

Such a man, a mentor, must be an extraordinary person, an enlightened personality, great through its individual thinking, with an astonishing persuasion power, from which you can learn with a lot of interest and joy to see everything in a better light a lot of confidence. And with the passion a man puts in everything, and taking into account the things that really matter, establish some higher goals and, with power in your heart, to seek to reach them.

The reality with which great people construct their value is a version of the art of turning themselves into a creation.

Master Dürer's gift is nothing but an open door to a different perspective, to a different future, which you can reach by following different paths, sometimes less taken, and sometimes unknown by anybody. It is very useful to find a mentor to open that door to an alternate future, perhaps better, and, at the same time, it is very important to know to listen to the meaning of the words of this mentor.

Only a man who, through a healthy thinking and cleverness, manages to inspire spirits and to change destinies, only that man has real leadership skills.

* Note: Mika Waltari - Mikael Karvajalka, Publishing House Polirom, 2005.


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