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Now We Are Free

On June 08, 2018
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Learn to discover the meanings of life in the chiaroscuro of consciousness where the word confesses its attachment to the original thread of a true story, repeated ad infinitum.

My name, which the past leaves to the sun that is eternal, I, Juba, am just a remnant of the gladiator who once entertained the inhabitants of Rome with his suffering, with the strength to fight to the last drop of blood with the humiliation of dying in the name of many paradises that only follow hell. Every part of me testifies to a lucidity that is aware of the act committed against the moral values accepted by the light of pure faith.

Like me, any slave has the right to write his history without asking for a generous reward from God as a kind of commitment to ending a certain stage of life, and the beginning of a new way to follow at a time when angels no longer fly, because where there is no prayer the sky turns to stone. The deeds that the memory of my time and my heart will never erase are directed, with the good and the bad, only to those who are by my side in an adagio of lingering sadness.

There is a moment in the history of the world, an astral second that adds to the uninterrupted time that imagination bathes only in the works of the painters, a micro-matter from an unnamed universe that changes the determination and actions of the common man. The soul of a gladiator, deepening in an astonishing wonder: "What am I looking for here, I wonder?" on a realm of those who do not understand the reality of faith, as in a book in which you can only read, in short, a summary, it drives your body to the victory of a top class of society with great hardship.

What you manage to finish in the Colosseum is only accepted for you as a freedom to say YES, up to a certain point.

Had I been a little wiser than death, which I came across at every step, I would have probably bypassed the conditions and causes of my status and would have tried to force the act of free will to fulfill the commandments of divine power. Even so, my life would have become unbearable, because having a choice between eternity and ephemeralness, I could not catch a world of brave warriors and fighting women who I would accompany with love to the end of it. Only the present matters.

Leadership: Are you enrolling in events that want themselves to be many moments of reevaluating a position to a life that can be deciphered through the dimension of the soul's thrill heard only by faith in immortality?

With the strength that the lucky star gave me, I survived the sublime Quo Vadis behind a bloody story just to write with tears in my eyes those sad and regretful rows, that the sun rays, tangential to the surface of the Earth, dyed in the color of the leaves of the tree that was soothing in the breeze of a summer touch. Too bad my luck was not on the part of whom I owe my life to.

He who will read these lines will perhaps put them in the bosom of a lion heart that, in the same vein as Maximus Decimus Meridius, will break the stone wall of bondage and touch the heights of a notoriety never won by an emperor like Lucius Commodus, to revive a history of victory through struggle and suffering.

I myself envy Maximus for his ability to think, to struggle, to not give up, to believe in a single ideal that preserves his existence in a continuous verification of divinity, conferring him a superiority that in fact says: "If I were the Emperor, I would never behave as such with the slaves."

Leadership: Are you trying to get rid of defeating your anxiety under the action of response forces to produce events upon which only time leaves its mark?

I am leaning over the body which has turned the hero of a tragedy into a legend of fearless fighters, a cornerstone of the edifice upon which was built a bloody history, rethinking the representation of a reality that can be interpreted in different ways. Nothing stands in front of the destiny of a gladiator, even if you have won glorious victories, other than death.

The mortal has settled his affairs with life. As his hands and legs move convulsively, from his throat a deep growl being heard, his eyes almost losing their glow, his lips trying with a final effort to outline the only word that ultimately represents the greatest triumph of life: "FREEDOM".

The story of Maximus Decimus Meridius continues through the bloodshot echo of unimaginable adventures unfolding in a large amphitheater called the Colosseum because it was near a huge bronze statue, Colossus.

I suspect that in order to rule the whole of Rome, Maximus did not have enough skill, was not a genius of the effects of excesses of inspiration, because hitting shields and cracking heads is not enough in government, there is a need for a sort of wickedness neighboring with the madness that guides the masses towards a hysteria due to wrong causes. His purely spiritual satisfaction came from the consciousness of the power he had over his own body built specifically to fight.

As an author of these truthful rows, which praise the most sublime devotion, raised as a stone above the laws of a misunderstood world, by virtue of the rationality manifested in its universality, I do not regret for a moment the death of the hero who created whole legions of fans of a reality that will haunt history forever.

My only dissatisfaction is that I did not have enough time to talk to him more. He had a special way to look and treat people, things, events in immediate proximity, as if he was trying to master their reason in their continuous flow and metamorphosis.

Leadership: Do you consume yourself in a constant pendulum between the ability to rewrite your story and the extreme lucidity that you confess to your inability to give a new meaning to life?

The words exalted by history as a beautiful mausoleum, "My name is Gladiator", are passing through the wires of a chain of memories that always call the intentions of a soul of the chiaroscuro inscribed in the competition with his own limits, to compose together with the outcome of a rebellious destiny a new set of existential configurations. These will always be captured in vivid images by painters and writers, impacting the authentic experiences they offer.

I will never give up the man who always demonstrates his attachment. But it is too late to hope. All I have to do is look at Maximus with nostalgia, as the sunset does, just as heavy as it is beautiful. I shake his hand with awe and respect just before he closes his eyes forever. I feel the slip of his soul in eternity, a message coming from another world of the "Received" type, giving birth to a hope of time that turns the slave into an immortal god. Now you are free !

Good friend, I have always been with you in the Colosseum, in the short moments of the show of life and death, like diamonds that reflect their brightness to the sky, which after so many grinding operations carried out at extreme temperatures are processed in thousands of facets of an unclear understanding of existence, but which always shine, radiate, and are wonderful no matter how chipped they are.

I’m sure you will be resurrected in the distant future, under a different name or appearance. You will probably be met again in the form of the power of an alchemist who fights alongside matter, holding in his right hand the universal book of transmutation, with a blood red braid, as the cloak of gladiators, and in the left hand holding the shield of free consciousness, the mystery of faith in a clean thought.

The science of the gods is mute, but it leaves us with the power of interpreting the mystery of life. The only thought upon which I still have the power to reflect, and which concludes this account, will remain in the memory of time as an authentic profile of the gladiator who rewrites his story:

The soul will never hurt more than when you feel that you were not enough to change a world.

Now We Are Free is the motto of those who struggle to win their freedom of life, paying even with the painful cost of immortality. Get ready at any step to meet some events you did not expect, meant to change your destiny !

* Note: Now We Are Free

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