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Pact With The Devil

On May 27, 2010, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Reevaluate the way in which you respond to the influence of the superiors, by passing their character straits through the sieve of your thinking and feelings.

The Emperor Qin Shi Huang has only one thought; or rather, he is possessed by it: to be immortal. He paved his way to the throne, removing all his potential enemies, but in front of his most feared enemy, the death by itself, he remains forceless.

However, one day, he finds out about a witch, gifted with special power who was rumored to know the secret of eternal life. He immediately orders General Ming, who was his right hand, to find her. So said, so done. Even so, Zi Yuan, which was an extraordinary beautiful woman of whom he immediately falls in love, and with her help, he discovers in the Turfan Monastery, which sheltered the biggest library of the ancient world, the secret of eternal life.

Zi Yuan appears in front of the emperor who, very pleased of her, promises he will fulfill any of her desires.

- I want to spend my life with General Ming, says the witch.

- Of course, replies to the emperor.

Convinced that he will respect his promise, Zi Yuan opens “the oracle of bones”, a collection of mystical symbols of the ancient world, in which laid the secret of immortality, and pronounces the spell in an ancient language that only she could understand.

The one who lays a finger to the devil does not lose only his hand, but his life, as well

However, after the spell comes into effect; something totally unexpected happens; something that Zi Yuan did not expect, something terrible. The emperor invites her on the terrace of his palace, shows her General Ming tied by both hands and feet, and says to her:

- If you become my queen, I shall let him live.

Zi Yuan looks sadly at the one to whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life, now condemned to an awful death, then, in a moment, she turns her eyes towards the emperor. Now, at the nick of time, she realizes what kind of man he is – a man who cannot be moved or impressed, a man whose desires you try to satisfy in vain, because he will get rid of you once you become useless.

- You will never keep your word, she answers him with a trembling voice.

- You are right, says the emperor. After that, he gives the execution order. And immediately after General Ming is executed,with deliberate, boundless mischief, with an awful hate and cruelty, he takes out the knife and sticks it into the witch's stomach.

The devil never atones.

The scene I just told you about, from the beginning of the movie „The Mummy – Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (2008)” has given me many answers. First of all, that a man tortured by an eternal desire, a man who does not live, who toils but for a single idea, and who would do everything in order to achieve it, can never be a trustworthy man. His inner self, so full of his own idea, does not allow him to feel anything towards anyone, to attach, not even for a moment, of somebody.

He will always refuse, with an arrogant insistence, with an unyielding obstinacy, any possibility to become friends with someone, or to enter any serious partnership with someone. For a man whose destiny, which he himself created and assumes it with all his dedication, is to subjugate the world, by all means, to his own desire, cannot open his heart and show goodwill to anybody. His unshakable, delirious determination to achieve his goal makes him completely dull towards anything human, towards any human sufferings and needs. He pointed it out well, whoever he may be: “The one who serves the one who should not be served will find his doom.”

How do you respond to the influence of others?

It is strange how people often realize in the very last moment the true side of the human nature. And even more strange is that no one questions the witness of solidarity of those who lead them, than when their character traits emerge, so when it is already too late.

The one who trusts more in the words of a person without scruples instead of listening to his own senses and instincts, is not fortunate to achieve happiness. A tyrant can win people over his side through the ardor of his passionate temper, his remarkable animation, by promising everything, but he will never be able to be attached of someone. He can exalt people's heart; can offer them a feeling of solidarity, but only for a short while, until his character traits will come to light.

Do you know the character of the one that leads you? Are you aware of his vision and philosophy? Would you follow him if you would find that only his personal evolution is his life's desideratum? Do you have the ability to recognize his way of relating to other people?

Conclusion: A partnership requires, besides mutual benefits, efficient cooperation and mutual trust based on actual facts, as well as good intentions in achieving the common goal. When one party has hostile intentions, continuing the so-called partnership means entering “a pact with the devil”, and sooner or later everything will fall to pieces.

Do you recognize the importance of selecting the right leader? Or you choose from despair? Can you identify a true leader? Are you reasoning deep and cold the quality of a leader?

It is not easy, but essential. Your future depends on its own, largely on your ability to see and choose. If your choice is good, the benefits will increase, otherwise your problems will seem almost never to end.

Reevaluate the way in which you respond to the influence of the superiors, by passing their character straits through the sieve of your thinking and feelings.


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