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Perfect Silence

On December 13, 2015, in Leadership +50% Extra, by Neculai Fantanaru

Support the effort of understanding your reason of being, taking into account the immense value of self-forgetfulness.

The momentary perimeter of my consciousness was quite limited due to the density of unspoken thoughts. The bracelet of my identity I leave in your care ! Thoughts uplifted from the gloomy darkness of self-forgetfulness, like a thread of smoke from the house lost in the cold of winter, absorbing my raison d'être from its purest form. "The most perfect silence is when there’s no need of showing."

The ration between the difference of potential applied to the ends of a conductor and the intensity of the current that passes through it is, by definition, the electrical resistance of that (passive) conductor. Admissible. It is easy for me to understand that everything flowed from this strange, but true law, including the power of forgetting myself, beyond everything that was temporary, from the outburst of an Ego that experiences its multi-dimensionality. "Something is true when you see the same pictures from another point of view."

Thoughts are the expression of a current that grows and becomes strong as you focus on an imaginary fact without interrupting you. I could easily imagine how things were against the multi-dimensionality of my distinct being, reluctant in recognizing the immense value of a breakage from the real when it came to me indulging into the madness of believing in something beyond myself: the fiction of living in a haze. "The most perfect moment is when we just come from different circumstances."

Eric, the hero of one of Herbert Franke’s novels, tried to represent his own image, moving through the oversized rhizome, along with his impassible and alien to human kind companion. He would represent the deserted vastness of the Cosmos to himself and within it, the speck of dust of the star Heyse II. It was precisely there he was located, with his mission and helplessness. Something within him refused to consider this fantastic as being reality. But the truth was, without a doubt, true.

Leadership: Can you represent your own image in the name of a truth you experience in relation to the density of unspoken thoughts?

Famous writer, Ana Blandiana, had a clear thing in mind and she asked: "Who among us could explain the beauty of this road through the mist, the beauty of obscure courage and the victory of each conquered step of the way?"

Perhaps in the mind of the man hurried by time, in which are gathered regularly the thoughts that flatter visions and support aspirations of strengthening a new form of wisdom, slowly opens, in the mark of a significant image, the path to a much more interesting world. But one which belongs to the traps of a wandering, of a freezing of the self.

My thoughts seemed as unintelligible as a non-grungy diamond that awaits someone to discover its glare, beyond what I could know, whose value exceeded the horizons of realizable expectation. I know that I was trying to give a picture of what I could expect to see in the future, to reach the high heights that will not change with the passage of years, like when you want to discover in an invisible box those things that no one knows. But always something awakened me from the dream. It was the consciousness of not slipping too far into the utopia of a moment’s exaltation, strange drunkenness of a short miscarriage.

Certainly, the truth we experienced in relation to the density of untold thoughts could be matched with a perspective of improving an ideal of solidarity between these two extreme units: the intelligence of turning reality into fantastic and the fantastic into reality.

We become birth givers confusion from a perceptual point of view, being subjected to investigations of our own image, when we place our trust in a new being, where the reception of the world unfolds on the basis of a set of thoughts that keeps that maintain the well-defined relationships between two characters. One who constantly judges himself and the other who finds himself in a world attached to the real one, called "Nowhere."

Leadership starts to take shape through the materialization of a vision that rekindles that struggle of the two characters, the harmonious intertwining of the two twin-dimensions (the episodes of the soul’s life) influencing the way in which you redefine your style of being.

Leadership: Do you truly understand the essence of what it means to have an image and not have content as you focus your mind on a thought that tries to gain consistency?

When the momentary perimeter of your consciousness becomes limited enough due to the density of unspoken thoughts, producing that boundlessness of self-forgetfulness, meaning the identification with something in which you can lose yourself completely, you become a victim of your own explorations, a victim of your own way of thinking about the meaning of existence.

To create an image of what you are, of what troubles you, of what makes you cheerful or sad, without giving it a certain content and direction, is to lose yourself in a labyrinth of unnecessary ideas and elements germinated just for the sake of creating an attractive pot for fast-view audiences (to meet the demands of the quick viewing).

Leadership can keep its status as a configurator of your own becoming, making accessible the creation of mental representations of the most meaningful perspectives of reality, when you establish a new direction to follow in life.

The inner satisfaction confirmed by this new direction, bringing a sort of understanding of the moments of failure and of accepting any type of experience, is an essential factor in relation to personal success.

A thought that does not begin to gain consistency is a condition of self-forgetting during a reality that you can never meet in everyday life, one that cannot be conceptualized, which is not at all verisimilar. And a thought that draws consistency is the fruit of a fiction that turns you into the image of a world that inspires the search for true change.

Perfect Silence is the moment of maximum lucidity when you speak to yourself, you open the path towards a more critical approach to the experience of dreaming, meditation, and you realize that the only way of redefining yourself as a strong man is to change the direction of view, without being accused by someone else that you can not see anything but your own ascension in isolation.

* Note - Blank & Jones feat. Bobo - Perfect Silence


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