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Personal Color Of Master „Ego”

On September 11, 2011, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Get closer to the ideal that you wear in yourself, without betraying your potential to be brilliant.

The famous Russian film director, Sergei Eisenstein, the "Father of Montage" as he was considered by the film critics, had collaborated with the famous pianist Prokofiev, whose main responsibility was to compose the soundtrack of his new film about the Civil War, entitled "Ivan, The Terrible”.

Prokofiev was sometimes unhappy with the film scenes. Once, Eisenstein showed him a fragment of battle. The composer, looked twice at the passage, then shouted angry:

- Enough ! I don’t feel any rhythm. That confuses me and I couldn’t do anything !

Eisenstein explained to him that the passage in question was still to be retouched. Unsatisfied, Prokofiev asked him:

- First grind it and then show me ! *

Leadership: What relationships could you establish between the forms of representing the concept of “Brand” and the forms of communication of the initiative to review your own “favorite” image of the transfiguration of creation?

You arouse the admiration and recognition of people by what you are and by the value from yourself. This is the main criterion by which you are evaluated by others around you. Being a man of value, means first of all to have a high capacity for development of your creations and resources, and at the same time, to know to realize your "own production" by collaborating with those around you.

How could you accomplish something special, to give life to the desire in that you believe, to get closer to your aim, if what you do, it is not too clear not even to yourself, or it is not completely finished? First of all, grind the edges of the work on which you want to realize until you bring it to perfection, first, play your role well, then let the others to play their role as well.

The brand is what you fully finished after you lost partial or total control at certain stages of an experimental approach. It is in a report of direct proportionality promoting images of “favorite” of the transfiguration of creation when you manage to respect of validating term of the requests of content that do not reflect the conditions of “return”.

Why do you call for help: to lose it or win it? Your weakness occurs just in the moment when you incline to yourself the balance of your hesitations. Moreover, when this happens, you betray your true potential, means that you have turned against you, against your own beliefs, desires and ideals, means you have left something that you care, and on which you have anchored your hope. You could not get closer to the ideal that you wear in yourself if you betray your potential to be brilliant.

The Creator reveals himself to the one who is willing to find him in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction. Whoever is willing to encompass all knowledge in an exciting adventure must automatically conduct reasonings of the type “me, and not them”, through endless obstacles.

Leadership: Do you tend to that part of the labyrinth in which all you do is stops?

Nothing is accomplished if you wander in a labyrinth created through a form of belonging to a space that seems immutable, if you tend to that part where all you do it stops. In this case, you aggravate and your situation, and of the other employees of yours. You cannot enlighten others through all the dilemmas that torment you, but you can find a connection and a match between what you intend to deliver and what in reality can be a justification of a phenomenon of cumulation of several perspective construction methods.

To retain your value, look at your performances as a harsh judge who correctly holds accounting for pros and cons, one who cannot be mistaken in interpreting certain situations, expressions or confusing images. One who devises and gives meaning to every detail that can betray uncertainty in the process of processing and integrating an alternative form of presenting information and the transferring of it between the various levels of art.

If the proofs of confusion in the expression of an image are convincing, then you will fall in your own eyes, and you will lose ground to others.

Personal color of master „Ego” is the expression of evaluation of your own potential, which only if you will properly exploit it, could get to the desired results. First of all, grind your potential by adding a personal color, and only then you will shine in your own being and in the eyes of others.

Just as good diagnoses lead to better therapies, even so, the development and full use of your own resources and capabilities lead to more solid and effective collaboration with others.

Conclusion: For you as a leader, it is important to know to get your correct self-assessment in order to evaluate properly the people around you, especially those with that you must work together to complete a common goal.

You always have to judge fairly and impartially your own "master", afterwards the other ones, trying first to improve yourself, and only after that to ask performance from them. In other words, do not expect from anyone more than you can give by yourself because everyone refers to you, the leader.

* Note: Ion Barna – Eisenstein, Editura tineretului, 1966.


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