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On March 10, 2009
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Be a model of efficiency in the art of leadership, by creating that special bond between people that would correspond to your standards of excellence.

Two teams of archaeologists went to Egypt with a single purpose: to discover the burial structure of the Egyptian people. Both teams owned some information such as the funerary structure was in an area, within a perimeter of 640 meters. However, both teams arrived at the same time on the spot and started arguing about which one is more entitled to carry out the excavations.

One of the archaeologists’ chief of one of the team intervened and solved the problem.

- The perimeter is quite large and the Egyptian government has left us only two weeks to explore this piece of land. If we want to discover something in this short time, we will have to work together, and for that we must learn to share everything between us.

After all, the two teams of archaeologists shared their area of search, and both of them discovered interesting things.

Leadership: Can you amplify the potential to make things happen, according to the exchange value that an asset possesses at one time?

It can be said that there is a value of the type of "unity", even where apparently it would seem that it is not applicable, when unquestionably is triggered a resonance process leading to an amplification of the significance of the effects obtained by a joint effort and that can be quantified.

The potential to make things happen is a vision that gives new ideas the opportunity to shape and materialize through a synergistic action that draws attention by eliminating differences and discrepancies between people.

Thus, the exchange value that a volunteer asset possesses at one time can be attributed to the quality of people to not work against their will on the structure of a large project, taking into account that the utility of a common cause is what turns the model of group dynamics into a prospective result obligation and a reference value of the final "prize".

There where it is evident the unity of people-work, namely there where exists claims of honor, to make performance and the desire to build something sustainable (as in the teamwork all it is based on these three elements) there where it is accomplished an order of priorities and improvements, on which they should go together - encouraging the cooperation assurance must reach the highest potential, must be accomplished in a superior way, and to give a pronounced note of authenticity - that is to produce simultaneously an active power, an energy capable of ensuring productivity.

To fail in creating that special bond between people, so that they would develop according to your expectations and to evolve in order to be more optimal, so according to your standards of excellence, it is like trying to reach by bike a distant point by pedaling emptily. For reaching somewhere by bike you have to pedal, while the other people are following you.

Leadership: Does the link you create between people correspond to your excellence standards, taking into account the final cost of a benefit that gives no distinction between the investment value and the balance sheet value of non-material assets?

Winning it is a habit. Just like losing. It's up to you how you build your team. You can make friends and to face more easily any challenges, or you can impose to yourself an unconstructive attitude and to be intractable in doing everything by yourself. It is your choice.

Working with other people and showing them that you are interested to continue working with them, you gain their respect. By gaining their respect, you determine them to get involved with more energy and seriousness in the activities that you organize. This is the point where you have to bring people: to put soul into their work and to be proud of this. And, in case something goes wrong, do everything possible to avoid the disputes and seek a common solution.

The final price of a benefit that gives no distinction between the investment value and the balance sheet value of non-material assets is the pleasure of being part of a whole on which its component parts depend, a whole which without you may not function as well. You become the leader only through the ability to generate the phenomenon "all for one and one for all".

As a leader, your duty it is to establish a stronger bond between the team members, to create that cooperative attitude that would determine them to provide a work of quality, to be fully involved in achieving common objectives. Consequently, if you are the manager of a company and if you want to achieve the proposed objectives, you will have to found a team that would work effectively as a unitary whole.

Be a model of efficiency in the art of leadership, by creating that special bond between people that would correspond to your standards of excellence. Learn to contribute to the proper functioning of your team, by providing a complex infrastructure of leadership and excellent facilities of cooperation.

Leadership is what you gather together after you have finished a certain activity, which can be represented by a vector called the "feeling of immeasurable significance".

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