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The Fuel Of A Creator Who Restrains The Chaos

On July 02, 2012, in Personal Development, by Neculai Fantanaru

Find the way towards the true essence of human being in order to enhance the depth and quality of your ego.

Two constants were reflecting imperiously into my life, without being able to separate them: what I am of what I can be. Like a passionate man of an unattainable ideal, I launched myself into an exciting and unbelievable adventure. In which, I had to face the unfathomable mysteries, indecipherable by the variety of meanings, which weave simultaneously, giving way to all sorts of interpretations. With much deeper horizons and significations than of the real world, rational, which I thought perfect, and in which arms I nestled all my hopes, all dreams, all vital resources.

Was it an absurd passion of madness?

I fall into a weak extreme, totally unfit to my human constitution, intellectual and emotional. A totally disagree with myself, between angels and demons that streaked with light and shadow my inner universe, was suddenly born, manifesting in the most acute form, forced, of some intangible aspirations. A law trial of a utopian ideal?

Something that does not have a specific purpose. Something that could not be confided, because it could not be explained. Something that was constantly defining, which was fading and lighted as a lamp. Here was the answer !

Something that formed, that changed, which gain another content giving life to other elements subject to external mechanical pressure, more intense, generating a continuous voltage, filtered with the opportunity to be adjusted within certain limits. Something that lived and died, as an engine that requires the adequate maintenance, a field of universal energy, which may limit or expand my ability to be someone else.

The expedition to explore the most inaccessible human areas began. A whole range of issues, nuances, reflections, relationship types, an unknown world through its shape and sizes, was opening up more and more in front of me. A world that lifts you up or gets you down, which can imprison and possess you in every moment, the faraway land of a higher reality, situated beyond any finite human understanding, was outlining at the horizon.

Honor to this non-speaking entity, the magic, which was opening, masterly, the boundaries of truth in front of my will !

Leadership: Does what is challenging for obtaining access to what no one knows have to ability of being accessed more easily as you modify your projection on the image that represents you?

The general tendency in leadership, this relevant science in terms of its influence, which concerns above all the human nature, is not towards differentiation, towards diversity, but rather towards homogeneity. You must unite all the parts of yourself that defines you, and brings them to a common denominator in order to be accepted by everyone.

It Is a categorical condemnation of leadership, of the concepts or idealistic goals that you defend, to try to maximize or minimize the significance of manifestations of the interiority of an outside world, without knowing closely the major aspects of the reality which ensure a true and a fair image of the human being.

The magic of leadership, the brightly lit labyrinth of the most intense and sound rays of science to understand human beings, is based on a total agreement with yourself, with the explorer of you, into identifying and maintaining those mechanisms that trigger vital energies, carriers of unexpected values ​​and virtues that are condensed under a latent form.

The process of awakening of conscience and values ​​which remodels the human being is, in fact, the mandatory and necessary premise of an efficient development, decisive for outlining personal traits.

The image that represents you in a space with horizons and meanings much deeper than those of the real world, leaving self-power to express its will unhinged, is a departure from the rules of a rigid society, in search for expressions and revealing experiences with the purpose of redefining your personality.

Leadership: Does the appreciation you give you yourself depend on the degree of positioning to what is superior to common understanding, in the equation of the tendency of producing a new content of reality?

Something changed in me, as if I made ​​a covenant uniting life with the universe. Two forces manifested themselves simultaneously, blending and balancing each other, like some colors of the rainbow that vibrated, and seemed like disjoining and mixing again into a perfect unity. A divine will and my will were merging together, exceeding any imagination, any limits of reason, becoming a single one, une seule force de connexion. I wonder how many emotions and events are crowded into so little time and space.

Just like Epimetheus that opening Pandora's Box, released all the evils within it, and then, frightened, hurrying to close up the cover, did not notice that the only thing left in the bottom of the box was "Hope" - I launched out in the higher spheres of human conception about the world, fostering a new understanding of the "assets" from which he is constituted, subjecting his existence to some specific norms. However, without realizing that the only thing to look at was the image, the overall picture of the entire rational area of the universe, in terms of self manifestations.

Pushed by the curious nature, I somehow managed to open the gate that connects with the Universe. However, I paid a high price. Without noticing, I felt into temptation. I started to transform myself more and more into a soldier of science, the exalted defender of alchemy, a Merlin obliged to unravel the significance of the fight between good and evil, to which was subjected the human being.

I suffered more and more of a heavy burden. I had to keep intact "Pandora's Box", to protect the most significant mysteries of the being, of life, and universe. As a creator who restrains the chaos. As a magician, a supporter of a superior way of thinking.

I was the sole author of my own destiny.

Leadership: How do you see overall picture of the area of understanding human nature from the need of being the sole author of his destiny?

Knowledge of people, the process, in which you have ventured as a leader, is essential in leadership. Their deep knowledge, their relationships, their individual and common motivations, involves a thorough analysis of human nature, a realistic and especially a prospective research, of this force of masses of people that can propel or can destabilize you, as a leader.

Just as the chemist patiently distills the ethereal substances from plants and flowers, so and you, to open the gate which is found at the border between you and other people, you must analyze the "painting", the overall picture of the entire human rational area, in terms of his manifestations. Then, to try changing the perceptions, which contribute to his formation, and hook them up to your beliefs.

Leadership must be reflected in the upper layers of the entity called "human being". Hence, to live up to the height of your potential as a leader, first cultivate a new understanding of the "assets" from which is constituted the human being, starting from the elements underpinning all its "construction".

Keep locked the Pandora's Box because once opened, the chaos will rule in all that you created as a leader, and the main pillar that supports your entire development will crumble.

Being the only author of man’s destiny is to limit yourself to creating a world from which the words "THEM" or "THEIRS" disappear, replacing them with stimuli of the type: "I am the only content of reality to the likes of all."

The fuel of a creator who restrains the chaos reflects the personal position adopted towards the knowledge of people in real life. For advancing in leadership, you must stimulate the deep connections of a perfect self-knowledge, to highlight the strengths of those parts of self that constitute the unity of your being.

Find the way towards the true essence of human being in order to enhance the depth and quality of your ego.


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