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On November 17, 2020
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

The holy word is a thoughtful and controlled artistic act through which the approach to the presence of the Supreme Creator is achieved, directly or indirectly.

I asked the pen to write about me so that I could know myself better by knowing my limits, knowing that only in this way would the world of creation develop a spherical motion on the coordinates of an ontology of cosmic consciousness. In fact, it will be easier for creation to develop its objectivity, awareness of real limits, knowing that the pen is the world of a universal consciousness in rectilinear motion, especially if it writes in the sphere of a theoretical philosophy about the ontological coordinates of an authentic being.

The pen is powerful when it governs matter and leads it, through sanctification and enlightenment, in the direction of an image of the heavens detached from the interpretations of the experience of receiving the creations afferent to a timeless universe. And if the planets come under the domination of Saturn or Neptune, equally when they represent the figure of a being who seems to be waiting for the face of fate, it means that the pen will have a more important word to say about me.

These considerations must also be taken into account for the existence of a brush that connects things to the fixed stars, establishing the correspondence between the image of a saint and the nature of the 8 planets. If this sensitive instrument makes everything so beautiful on the easel canvas, with the experimental character of an attempt to probe the inside of the “science about being”, it does so to attenuate the rivalry with the pen. The nature of the one who will be the strongest of them will gain the greatest significance in all the events of my life.

I say this because if I correlated writing with one of the fixed stars, corresponding to my nature, then the brush will be inscribed, like a true princess Andromeda, in the symbol of an energetic being who seeks its highest order in a mystical journey through time and parallel spaces.

Leadership: Can you elaborate a clear-artistic vision which should be based on the echoes left of an image that you cannot forget, even if you only see it once?

Therefore, I know myself better because the pen has been given the task of ruling in heaven, above all astral bodies, but especially because it is the master of all my virtues. I know myself better because the brush, belonging to the Celestial Light, spreads its colored rays over the planets of my infinite identity, lending me thousands of appearances according to the reality in which reason, intelligence and the infinite consciousness of the universe are mirrored.

And if my words represent natural elements that an alchemist selects to elaborate the entire content of the Great Work, knowing that parts of the world are attracted to each other by a resemblance to the soul of nature, then I need only utter an invocation of the earth to heaven as to be able to explain the true meaning of the world from the divine point of view. For now, the work is unfinished, but certainly when it is ready, it will be the most famous in the cultural-artistic field.

For, yes, my pen acts through the natural power given by the subtleties and motivations of writing included in the study of spiritual life, as a solvent of the consciousness of belonging to an Undivided Whole, just as the alchemist acts upon “Primordial Matter” in order to distinguish the soul from the body the essential of the non-essential, between “the work itself” and the “abstract phenomenon”.

If you look closely, the pen’s vision of things and of myself is a depiction of an extraordinary, precious, and rare moment when I make an astral projection of myself into another world to make the connection between the sacred and the poetic, between spirit and body.

Leadership: Can you load the image of a new dimension of your personality with details that maximize the effect of recognizing a new perspective of receiving reality constituted through the holy word?

Here, in this way, the natural elements can be attracted, as a prophetic call translated in the infinite prism of the saints, therefore of the consecrated artists: by the union between things, thoughts and phenomena, we are all touched by them at the level of knowledge through revelation. Or, the echo of the image that I can’t forget, because it puts me at the center of an ancient artistic them: “The hand that moves the Stars”, meets the obligatory condition of a spirit enlightened by sparkles of genius that has dedicated its entire existence to the universe called “Myself”.

But the same elements can be rejected by the character of a guide of the crude gaze towards the least environmentally friendly part, towards the least visible part of the qualitative material, related to a substantial change of the distinct “voices in matter”, difficult to transpose in a universal language. Or whose preliminary meanings have disappeared through disuse, maintenance, or neglect.

You have understood. The holy word is a thoughtful and controlled artistic act through which the approach to the presence of the Supreme Creator is achieved, directly or indirectly.

And it is not only the pen that connects the art of alchemy, the sky to the earth, the soul to matter. And the painter’s brush can cast spells and charms, by calling the sun, the moon, the stars, the elements of nature to help hit in what it wants to accomplish, expressing itself through a magical language that gives life to a mutual dialogue between the visual image, the verbal or nonverbal part of things, and the leap into immediate reflection on every detail of the reduction to the essential. That is, reducing a color image to shades of a single color.

The key image of the artistic dimension of my personality can be identified with another version of Myself, the one I will be at another age, when the Creator of the Universe will call me to be one with Him.

My feelings and thoughts are not lost in the mists of time, but are translated morphologically into a completely different form, just as a painter’s weapon always remains the color, especially if I consider a certain degree of comparison with what is called the “image-word”.

Clearly, tenderly, without pretensions of exclusivity, I hope that my approach to art will be the visible and physical support of a memory that brings to all the common memory of a world once existing, but not in the field of a discussion about the meaning of the word “composition”. I’m still looking for my inner meaning…

Prisoner In One’s Own Creation is the attentive and meticulous artist, inclined to use the pen and the brush in order to produce a release from the handcuffs of thoughts that absorb the existence of a superior determination explained in terms of “similarity taken to a higher level”.

Yes, I would like to be the Creator of the Universe, maybe I am, but I’m not sure I can stand the lucidity alone, the judgment I have submitted to.

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