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Protect Your Company's Image

On March 19, 2009, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Add a touch of vitality to your leadership, making sure that its constituent elements are achieved and maintained at the highest quality.

Once again, they made a lucky hit

Some robbers managed to deceive the vigilance of surveillance and alarm systems and to rob a bank. They managed to steal almost 300.000 LEI from the safe. All newspapers and TV stations speedily commented this incident, and police apparently did not track down the culprits.

When such an unsolved case appears on the front page of newspapers, the police’s image has to suffer. How can there be organized crime, since the police are always on duty and fulfill their duties with great perseverance and care? "We will do our best", the police chiefs say, but unfortunately, you cannot really see tangible results. This is why the police are always criticized and blamed to be an ineffective institution.

Is your leadership a "succedaneum"?

Succedaneum, in medical language, is defined as a pharmaceutical product relatively efficient in terms of a specific disease, but which is not the most convenient to be prescribed. In other words, in default of the ideal pharmaceutical product, a "drug" is prescribed that presents less confidence – succedaneum.

It is necessary for us to be aware of this alternative, too: that of the managerial "succedaneums". As long as a company works erratically and does not get satisfactory results, there is no performance among its leadership. The problem is that hierarchy of its qualities and defects, more or less definite, and the order of their importance that managers forget to establish – so that they can implement effective measures for the final results to be as good as possible.

Just as a potter shapes the figure, molding the clay with confident gestures, stopping to finish every detail – so do you must harmoniously include in your leadership those policies that will not remain with "debts", making sure that its constitutive elements (integrity, competence, resistance to corruption, tenacity and efficiency) are fully achieved and maintained at the highest quality level. These elements emphasize the value and spontaneity of your leadership.

The image that your leadership determines is about configuring the perspective of what you want to hear about yourself without opposing a controversy created around what it produces in your absence.

A debt-free policy is a reflection of the balanced state of the institution or company you run, is your intention to convey a certain conception to emphasize the creation of value – that will generate confidence and solidarity.

Do you systematically follow the way that the constitutive elements of your leadership present themselves? Are you consistent in defending the principles that allow you to promote the value of the institution you run? Or are you a weak manager, who relentlessly explains what goes wrong with the work, ensuring everyone it is not his fault?

Are integrity, competence, resistance to corruption, tenacity and efficiency the constitutive elements of your leadership?

Leadership: Is the area of your experience of accountability distinguished by a different framing of the deed that will always follow you?

In pursuit of the sensational or sometimes showing partial or distorted facts, newspapers and televisions do nothing but stain the image of certain institutions and organizations. Correct or not, true or false, people who see the news draw the conclusions and, little by little, they begin to lose confidence in the effectiveness of such institutions and companies.

We all judge things on the surface, by the way facts in mass media are presented to us, without knowing the reality itself. A company or institution constantly bombarded with criticism and words of reproach will not leave a very good impression and we will certainly avoid it.

Something must be done, but what? If managers care about the reputation and the image of the company they run, they must pay more attention to the services they promote and how they involve themselves in solving problems. That out of respect for customers who confide in them and always call their services.

Leadership is the stateliness given to you by the fact that you are able to accept the compromise between the ideal of serving a higher cause and the context you create for yourself to not be left with the accusatory traces of your deeds.

There is an old saying that says: "The fish gets rotten from the head down". The manager undoubtedly is to blame for the failure of an institution, who did not involve himself in time in solving the problems, who was not skillful enough to start a team of top professional, to effectively intervene in difficult situations and who was not able to take the necessary measures in advance. All these have resulted in an unappreciative public image, which had certainly led to failure. Nothing happens by chance, any cause has an effect and every effect has its cause.

A successful image attracts success. An institution or company should really be able to complete its mission and create itself a successful image. But a successful image does not appear by itself, but it is built over time, with effort from all employees.

Conclusion: an institution or a company that wants to be respected must promote an image as good as possible, meaning to prove that they deserve the trust of those relying on their services, by effectiveness and readiness.

Returning to the beginning of this article, Romanian police will be able to create a better image for themselves if they will win the fight against criminals and will focus their efforts on crime prevention. But for that, they must change their action methods, so that they protect more effectively the interests and needs of citizens and be able to solve problems in the shortest time.

How do we know if an institution or a company is successful? By their image.


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