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Prove That You Are An Efficient Leader

On March 31, 2009, in Leadership-Y5-SuperZoom, by Neculai Fantanaru

Enlighten your way towards excellence, without allowing the "ball" to get out from your area of responsibility.

Three people with a mask on, who had specialized equipment got through in a bank and managed to take two hundred thousand leys. The surveillance cameras surprised the moment when these three people hit the jackpot, but because they were wearing masks they were not identified.

The chief of police was determined to take immediate measures. He convoked all police officers and told them on a firm tone: "Justice has to say its word. I want these burglars to be caught immediately and to respond in front of the law. Until the end of the week this case will be solved. Get to work !"

Leadership: Is there a need for a substantive review of the current results criteria that reflect a wider view of your impact in the area of the tangible?

How do you capitalize your leadership potential? Do you assume the responsibility of being a model of efficiency for the art of leading? Do you have another model to follow besides your own person? How do you react to what happens in your area of responsibility? Are you doing things right when you lead the others? Are you focusing only on results?

Just as human did not create computers for mediocre tasks, so your talent to be a practical person, to surprise and to change the negative side of things is not restricted by any rules or conditions. The tangible in leadership refers to the special circumstances you have to meet in choosing certain information and ignoring others, organizing them in some form of response to requests from the authority you represent in formulating new directions for implementing a course of action.

The criteria for the producing of results that reflect a broader vision of your impact in the area of the tangible are data of uniqueness, level of risk, reactions to events, the form of a response to the demands of a thorny situation, the destination you propose through direct channels or bypasses and the demands of the maximum obligations you claim from others.

Leadership: Do the results they got at the test called "justice must have its say" show that the fairness and transparency of your activities are the forms of response to an irrepressible human need: "the need to be someone else"?

Responsible attitude is the only possible approach. Once you have identified a problem, you must constitute and a belief system, through which to reject any attempt to avoid it, you must establish a strict delimitation of areas which you must treat through a prompt intervention, and which would intensify the performance of your efficiency.

If you are a football fan, then you probably know that all the balls from the gate’s area belong to the goalkeeper. In leadership, the balls from your gaming area represents the values ​​and beliefs that you have formed ​​throughout life and that lead you towards excellence, but only with the obligatory condition to reflect the truth, to be based on integrity and honesty.

The fact that the chief of police really wanted to catch the criminals by the end of the week mobilized all officers to move quickly and to be more efficient. This is the kind of approach which people who are truly competent adopt and once they propose something, no one and nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. This is the type of approach that are adopting truly competent people who, once they have set an objective, no one and nothing can stop them to achieve it. And their courageous spirit draws the attention of everyone who is embraced of a powerful solidarity, unity, and who hurries to help without looking to receive praise and reward.

In a city that wants to be promoted there has to be no organized crime and can't be tolerated such actions like vandalism, burglaries, thefts in the street, sometimes at high hours with the whole world watching. The chief of police knew very well that overlooking or not taking the immediate measures of caching the lawbreakers can mean not only loosing his reputation, but also his job. In simple terms, who doesn't do his work, who doesn't get involved for real in solving the problems risk to make hurt himself.

The need to be someone else corresponds to the goals of the performance that you are addressing in view of a vision that has the right to appreciate the social importance of your work by identifying the minuses and pluses of some situations that are difficult to predict.

Are you treating problems before they became too big? It is clear that in the absence of some specialists who investigate the cases of robbery, things will move hard. The entire activity of finding, identification and catch fast the lawbreakers need a lot of work, skills, team spirit and initiative spirit. It's indeed hard, but not impossible; this is what detective Columbus would say. So, a little more optimism wouldn't spoil !

A police chief, who keeps the reputation of the institution he leads, must ensure that criminals will be caught in a short time, so they wouldn't encourage the other murderer's intentions. Why was so many banks and ATM robbed in the last period? It is clear that the thieves noticed quickly the inefficiency of police and saw in this a big advantage which they knew how to profit from. A weak point for someone creates an opportunity for others, or who is attentive notices immediate Arhile's heel.

The old saying "Who is in a hurry, quickly get tired" it's not valid in certain domains or areas of activity where the rules change or they are not respected. As a leader you have to be capable to take the initiative to solve the problems before they become too big and to make sure that the objectives you proposed are accomplished in a short time. In consequence, only if you will act with a lot of seriousness and you will find quick solutions to the most complex problems, you will have to win and you will be praised.

Enlighten your way towards excellence, without allowing the "ball" to get out from your area of responsibility.

An effective leader is not like a soccer player who dribbles many opponents while sprinting and covers the whole field to score. But rather he is like a goalkeeper who has to defend the shots of other players, keeping you in the game even when the game does not go as planned.

P.S. I hope the police will solve faster the difficult cases and will be a step forward ahead of the criminals and not the opposite. But everything depends on those who lead this institution. Are they efficient leaders?


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