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Insight Power

On April 07, 2011, in Qualities of A Leader, by Neculai Fantanaru

Seek to penetrate into the thoughts of others in order to decipher their character.

Many drawings were conceived by the master in his modest painting workshop. Daily, I glanced at them trying not only to nourish myself with new colored ideas, but to understand better what is necessary to know, at least the essential elements of his art. The master was a man with an insatiable ambition which knew very well how to work, what techniques and what combinations should be used to confer his paintings a great power of emotion.

- It is not enough to be an artist to make art, you must become a good psychologist, he told me with a compelling and pleasant voice.

Then he showed me an old portrait of Rembrandt and added:

- Look closely at this portrait. Try to see it from 400 different angles. If you fail, then you will never understand art. And you'll never be a great artist.

Leadership: Do you try to substantially modify the way of perceiving content that is full of values by refusing to understand what messages you want to convey?

Natural considerations from such a penetrating spirit. But the thought that I must perceive a picture in 400 ways annihilated my desire to have an initiative no matter as small.

Afterwards the master told me the secret. The only way to see a portrait of a multitude of angles is to focus your attention on the image of that character and try to penetrate his mind, in his world of thoughts in order to decipher his character. Your thinking should not stop to penetrate what it is happening inside the model. In order to see a portrait of several angles you must first get a better depth image.

For example, in that portrait of Rembrandt, if on his face I read maturity, decisiveness, but also certain sadness, then the image was of the lonely man who knows he is not loved by anyone.

The real art of leadership is to explore the depths of the human world in the situation given by the measure of a mature artistic intelligence.

You're pretty good when it comes to penetrate the inner world of those around you? If you want to be an effective leader you need to influence people. And the only way to influence them is to understand the mysteries of the depths of their soul, to understand their concepts, emotional needs, meaning that they give to life, to understand their aspirations, to understand their sensitivities and preferences, and then to stimulate the positive side of their temperament.

Just as a painter is able to assimilate innovations that appear in the painting, to assimilate them and creatively apply to express a new vision - so you have to assimilate as much information from the inner world of the people around you, to investigate and to understand their way of thinking, and then to try displaying your own ideology.

Leadership: Can you find the essence that defines people by the integrative nature of a thought process whose rule of thumb is to break the pattern of response to certain external stimuli?

The famous philosopher Soren Kierkegaard said with competence: "What every man is hiding in the privacy of his mental being is much richer than what may be seen from the outside, so the true man it is rather the one in itself, which does not manifest, while the one that is let known to us is mere a conventional creature."

As a leader, if you can analyze people's feelings in these situations and to understand the deepest and the most delicate operating mechanism of everyone's mind, and if you are able to make some adjustments, then your path to success in leadership is absolute. Try to study people with the same subtlety in observation, with the same acumen that a painter proves when studying nature.

You will not be able to influence people if you fail to make adjustments in their process of thinking and to impose your own view. What is shocking is that there are many leaders who still believe strongly that the power of influence is only about charisma and personality. Wrong. Leadership is also a psychological game whereby you must find the most hidden intentions and realities of the people, and then to conquer them entirely.

Someone made the following statement: "The character is the sum of the moral and mental qualities of an individual." I think nothing is more true. Human nature that surrounds you is essential, and it belongs to their thinking process.

To change people's perceptions you will have to understand their process of thinking. The inability to see them clearly, to understand their inner world will diminish considerably your influence.

Can the essence that defines you be the subject of a superior artistic study whose impact needs to be conceptually grounded?

Conclusion: The power of insight is essential for a leader. Only knowing the people's psychology you can manage to influence and mobilize them, thus having good collaborators and supporters on the way to performance and victory.


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