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On May 19, 2010, in Qualities of A Leader, by Neculai Fantanaru

Increase your capacity for decision and action, for your leadership to gain more ground.

Only a man endowed with leadership skills, led by a powerful will which animates a well-planned strategy can consolidate his success by imposing his supremacy in front of his enemies. Only a man with a tremendous self-confidence, who has the courage to probing the unknown and to soar into the unforeseen dangers, can become invincible.

Such a man, never defeated by fatigue, never overwhelmed by fear, and who never give up to his beliefs, is ready to make any sacrifices in order to reach his goal. The importance of the stake animates him so hardly that he would be able to respond to any challenges, to take any risks with an uncommon tenacity. But what really characterizes such a man driven by a strong desire for success, almost pathological, is the fact that he acts quickly when he gets the opportunity to propel in a high position.

Leadership: Do you expect someone to validate your value without generating the feeling you expect to have after you reach your goals?

The power is gained at night.

Immediately after king Tutankhamen died, falling on the stairs, a messenger riding a horse left the palace, took the road to North, to Akhmim, galloping tantivy, in order to inform Ay of what happened. The simple title of vizier never satisfied old Ay, this ruthless heart, hungry for power, which is believed to have killed the king Semekhere and that would have kidnapped the queen Meritaton. So as soon as he received the news, through a sudden intuition, Ay, an active and ambitious character all the way, sent for three horses from the stables, the fastest and most resistive horses, then, without hesitating, he fearlessly rode his horse for ten hours, during night, with no moon, and went to the late king's palace.

Ay had to get there with all costs before his rival, general Horemheb that was a true fighter and strategist, with an extraordinary fortitude and an extremely pronounced sense of duty. More than surely, Horemheb, very likely that he was immediately notified of the death of King, would have commanded his troops, once he got to Thebes, to prevent Ay to enter the city.

But, although he was almost 60 years old, Ay, a former commander of the fight chariots, hadn't forgotten anything from the riding trainings. Thus, at dawn, he got to the palace in Thebes. The purpose of his visit was clear: to prepare to succeed Tutankhamen.

Leadership: Do you validate what you are prepared to sacrifice at a certain moment, focusing solely on the idea that you will make an enormous and significant leap across the steep descent of the road to fulfilling the chance of visibility in world history?

But not even now Ay cannot wait any longer. Every minute counted. He had to remove Horemheb from the royal council at any cost, in order to take away from him any power of decision. Thus, using his craftiness, acting like a complete actor, he succeeds in quickly winning over the queen Ankhensepamon on his side since she got the power after her husband died, by making her to believe that the great danger threatening the kingdom is coming from Horemheb, who yearned for the crown and if they get it would destroy the dynastic succession order.

Ankhensepamon, sensing that general Horemheb would have never bother to take her as his wife, as he was a part of the royal family, quickly summons the royal council, where, with the agreement of the other members, she names Ay as regent – for the best interest of the kingdom. The scribe drafts the document, and then he enforces it with the royal seal and the seals of the council members.

Leadership: Can you highlight the experience of being unique by using a dose of the unexpected placed in an area of maximum visibility of the obtained results?

In 24 hours, the world changed its axis. The same day at noon, general Horemheb made his entrance. Escorted by four officers, he steadily entered the Great Hall, generating wonder and fear in the clerks. Of course, he didn't know anything about the meeting which had finished a few hours earlier. And he, like Ay, immediately asked to meet the royal council, which he was a part of, to be summoned.

But alas ! He is notified that the meeting has already ended and that he is no longer member of the council. The council had decided, with the agreement of all its members, the immediate appointment of his Highness, Ay, as regent of the kingdom.

So, how is that possible? the general wondered to himself, whom he could not believe what happened. Overnight everything crashes. Only then, at that moment of great importance, when everything was lost, he remembered the piece of advice hie counselor one gave him a long time ago: the power is conquered by night. His rival's nigh time chase proved to be faster than his.

Being spontaneous means going over that steep mountain that everyone else underestimates. Being spontaneous is to quickly take the best decisions to your advantage and act quickly to ensure your success.

Ay succeeded in lifting all the barriers possible in order to cut his rival's path, not because he was wiser or braver than him, but because he judged the situation very quickly, turning it on all sides, and acted immediately to ensure his success. One of the fundamental characteristics of complete leaders is the quickness with which they act adequately when the situation asks for it, without lingering, without wasting any second.

Although he was at a smaller distance from the kingdom than Ay, general Horemheb lost the greatest opportunity of his life because instead of gathering all his forces and quickly acting, he lost himself in all sorts of schemes and maneuvers for the next day. The lack of spontaneity, the slowness of his actions was the cause of his failure.

A complete leader, motivated by his aspirations, driven by an enormous hunger to achieve their goals, always proves, in any kinds of circumstances, a quick ability of analysis, synthesis and for a quick response. One who lacks these qualities cannot prove strength and wisdom, but weakness, indecision and hesitation.

Spontaneity is meant to create the conditions for the full utilization of your receptivity potential to the demands formulated by a single chance of finding your greatness in a single passing day.

The one who is not driven to jump as may times as necessary in the vortex of the most difficult tasks, the one who is not consumed by an unmeasured will to do everything in his powers to reach his aims, does not have the qualities of a leader and will never be a winner. The experience of being unique during an unexpected action is tied more to the active, enterprising, adventurous, vivid, fast-moving characters that make quick decisions and seek to turn them immediately into deeds.

A leader who wastes too much time with preparing maneuvers, instead of being spontaneous and knowing how to surprise, may lose a battle. If he doesn't act quickly when he has a favorable occasion, he will be defeated by someone else, more ambitious and faster. Who is not fast enough to push the power button, emboldening himself, surprisingly bursts with a crazy impetus upon the desired target.

For a leader, spontaneity and promptness of action are essential in order not to fall from the race and not to be outdone by others, maybe less better, but faster than he is, who know how to take advantage of every opportunity in order to assert themselves.

But one must also take into account the fact that whoever acts without a previous careful and competent analysis of risks may also fail.

In leadership, everything depends on how your image is related to a victory designed to achieve a tactical objective as part of a long-term vision that really affects history in a practical and concrete way.

How you respond to the challenges that can place you in a situation of vulnerability, starting from the gravity of the circumstances and the moment you are in, can make you a hero, an impenetrable character, or, conversely, an unscrupulous opportunist who violates any humanity and justice.

* Note: Gerald Messadie - Les Masques de Toutankhamon, Nemira Publishing House, 2009.


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