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Quid Pro Quo

On February 06, 2011, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Go beyond the limits of your leadership, finding that thing that defines life in the most positive ways.

The movie "Leon - The Professional". Briefly, as I stated in the previous articles, the movie presents the remarkable relationship between a professional killer - Leon and Mathilda, a girl who remained orphan. Due to the time spent together, between them it was created a strong connection based on trust and honesty.

At one point, Mathilda, told to Leon with an indignant voice:

- Leon, we do not do anything than work. You should take a break. Let's play a game. A nice game.

The girl's words left Leon a little bit confused. It was a change that definitely he was not used with. A professional killer as him, in principle he cannot descend to such an entertainment. But since he cherished a lot Mathilda, he accepted.

Leadership: Can you surpass the limits of your profession by supporting the idea of a change of roles between what places value on you and what isolates you?

Their game consisted in an exchange of roles. It was easy to confuse Leon with John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. Inwardly, watching the performance of Leon, Mathilda said to herself: "It's hard to believe that this man is a killer, it's hard to believe he's so cruel." Indeed, Leon was so funny by playing his new role, was so delightful to be around him. Only Mathilda knew both sides of him and loved him anyway. He was a very dear friend. They talked, laughed and danced.

That game removed from Leon's mind, at least for a short time, his black thoughts, removed the sadness that he had in his heart and the bitter taste of loneliness and self-forgetfulness of his soul. So he ignored the thought that it said that a real professional, a real killer, should always be realistic and not get a bit of fantasy in his life. He surpassed for a while the limits of his profession, and this was a really uplifting thing for him, to the silence his soul, for his happiness.

Are you looking to discover in all that is limited those human proportions that do not suffocate life?

True science of leadership, which is not limited to increasing motivation, it means to discover in everything that seems limited those human proportions that do not suffocate life and do not vary depending on that true illusion of emptying oneself in which man lives.

These proportions are closely related to the dimension of your action on moral value judgments that lead to a healthy conduct with the size of the constraints that limit the number of alternatives of preventing frivolous deeds, discovering and resolving resentment of any form, an overuse of empathy and of the feeling of guilt that burden the mind and soul.

To survive and thrive in your organization, you must be a real professional. That means to dedicate wholeheartedly to your work, your career, and to not deviate from the rules that you impose by your own, or that are required.

What about your personal life? Joy, happiness of life, when will you find them? The respect to your own life, to yourself, toward your inner feelings that comprise your entire being and give you a positive feeling – will you ever really enjoy them?

Leadership: Are you in agreement with what you have to do, choosing the continuity of a formula to agree on the price you have to pay to endure a new understanding of life?

First of all, retrieve yourself. To get to live that feeling that "you are alive" which only the contact with the world can give you, you must return to that attitude full of warmth, full of spirit, full of calm, acceptance and full of joy.

At the beginning of the story "The Little Prince" the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery had made a statement: "All grown-ups were children first, but few remember it."

Somewhere in the mysterious depths of your heart, don't you feel sometimes that you'd like to play another role? One less tiring, and why not, even less realistic?

Smile. Have fun more often. Sure you need a break, a relaxing of the mind. Go beyond the limits of your leadership, finding that thing that defines life in the most positive ways.

Is your leadership assured by the element that should be the catalyst of change in a version of life that, even if it does not go on, looks as if it does?

Did you know that the thing that kills people infected with cholera bacteria (Vibrio cholerae) is dehydration? They regurgitate and defecate until dying. Only one thing keeps them enough in life that can eliminate that bacterium: a solution composed of water, salt and sugar. But fresh water is the primarily healing element.

The quality leadership can be considered a healing element, only if "revives" you, only if allows you to combine the activities of business with your personal life, only if permits you be a happy man from all points of view. Tranquility and peace of mind are the elements that can be subjected to a powerful catalyst called "strong personality", but not tormented by tensions and excesses.

As leader of only one thing can keep you enough happy and fulfilled: maintaining friendly relations with other people.

In the life as a leader you must always give something for something. Quid Pro Quo. You have to give a little from both of them: you must give proof of professionalism as well as empathy toward the others. Ability to adapt to the life of the others depends on how you express your own life.

Your happiness as a leader will be given by the quality of the relationships that you will establish with others.

The moral feelings that make it possible to appreciate the facts are the beginning of the image that your power of admissibility builds upon the actions of promoting the mentality responsible for the perception of inner trials and the behaviors they induce.

Conclusion: In leadership, in any position of responsibility, but also in ordinary cases, the work should be alternated with the periods of relaxation, with recreational hobbies and preferably with social activities. There are many examples of leaders who have excelled in other areas: for example: Bill Clinton was an excellent saxophone player; Vladimir Putin is a good pianist and a very good athlete, etc. For relaxation, has always been indicated active recreation where-through certain parts of the brain "are resting" while other areas that are left to stand idle for a long time are being enabled.


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