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Receptive Leadership

On February 22, 2013
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The scientist travels a path that can always remain captive in time, without getting lost in a nothingness of the inability to conceive the “supreme being”.

Umberto Eco writes in his book “From the tree to the labyrinth”, the following:

The labyrinth is a type of network in which any point can be connected to any other point. Any point of it can be linked to any other point, and the connection process is also a continuous process of correcting connections, its structure would always be different from what it was a moment earlier, and each time we would go through it by following different lines.

Thus, whoever travels through it must also learn to continuously correct the image he makes of himself, either this is a concrete image of a (local) section, or an orderly and hypothetical image of his global structure (impossible to know, both for synchronous and diachronic reasons).

A network is a tree plus endless corridors that connect its nodes to each other. The tree can become (multidimensionally) a polygon, a system of interconnected polygons, a huge mega-hedron. But this comparison is still misleading: a polygon has external boundaries, which the abstract network model does not have.

…These are the attributes in search of which we must go “to the point where, even if each of them has a wider extension than its own subject, all together have the same extension as the subject: and this will be the essence of the thing”.

Leadership: Do you have the ability to integrate the potential of your essence into a new unity, by increasing receptivity to what comes from outside of you?

What you are looking for will eventually find you, provided that what you are about to assimilate (another type of information, another fantastic dose, a new amount of knowledge) will give you the opportunity to immediately overcome a tangled subjectivity. The mental image of what is outside of you can become a new reality, on the one hand virtual, which must be understood in a broader sense than you are willing to accept.

This reality is a mixture in varying amounts between the “truth” and the “projections” of your imagination. It is an important concept that could capitalize on what can be highlighted in the pros and cons of the idea of the superlative, meaning the absolute condition of dissimilarity.

Receptive leadership intervenes in the context of the evolution of science through the observations you make about everything, giving a new meaning to events, but especially through the relevant questions you ask about the nature of things and their conditions of existence, questions that have the potential to surprise everyone.

To integrate the potential of your essence into a new unity, by increasing the receptivity to what comes from outside you, means to get lost in a labyrinth that contains all the science of the world, whose way out you must discover through the details hidden in everything around. It is that unity of knowledge that serves to bring as close as possible the experience of using details and circumstances from a changing objective reality, the imperative of “thinking in images” that leads to the deepening of methods to highlight the plausibility on which depends the very progress of a discipline.

Leadership: Can you provide a new revelation on the philosophy of science you serve, finding correlations between the visual perception of information transmission stimuli and the ability to produce something new in the field?

The essence of your determination to find new forms of interaction between science and intuition, between progress and innovation, includes a sequence of actions and positions in the face of what is called: “knowing how to customize events and changes with new meanings and connotations, depending on what intrigues you about them”.

At another level of development and flexibility of thought, the superimposition of a virtual reality over a real environment, going beyond the realm of the possible and the evidence, creates the premises of an advanced power of knowledge and stimulation of reason. The power of being everything in a new landscape, at another time, in order to eliminate the conventional. This produces innovation, originality, revelation.

Revelation, composed of meanings attributed to created circumstances, particular representations of new forms of information, that is, to a subjective reality, is a way to bring to the surface things that you carry within you and of which you are not aware. Here, we refer to the infinite corridors of the labyrinth of knowledge that rests on the line of the idea that everything that does not exist can be imagined, and that what can be imagined can be transposed into a new linguistic, scientific, cultural universe.

The labyrinth is the result of systemic and complex approaches to the actions needed to ensure a good correlation between what is called the natural order and what can be called the “supernatural” order, between the celestial and the terrestrial origin. Something mystical, isn’t it?

You can find the way out with the help of information transmission stimuli, such as comparisons, connotations, metaphors, analogies, which are influenced by the power of the visual – depending on the perception, in many respects, of space and surrounding elements.

To produce a novelty in the field means to represent in the plan of a higher expectation about life and about the world a surprising reality, in the form of creations, which can exist even when you are no more. The novelty is actually your unfinished story…

Receptive Leadership refers to the way you compose and expose a message from observing and knowing the world around you, but with the mention that you must live the experience of pushing your mind to its limits and forcing it to jump beyond the immediate known, towards a reality that proves to be more fascinating and overwhelming than any darkness.

Receptive leadership is also known as the “Labyrinth Test”. And the supreme being who keeps under control all the mysteries of the labyrinth is the symbol of continuity in the evolution of science.


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