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Significant Words Spoken From The Perspective Of A Leaf (I)

On February 25, 2021
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Try to give meaning to an experience of life full of lessons, before extending your perspectives of existence for the benefit of a more accurate understanding of your evolution.

Whenever I walk around the city, especially at night, when the city is quieter basically, I notice the most interesting things that can be observed with the naked eye, in an analysis of the tendency of impenetrable shadows and mysteries. The silence itself is interesting, less when things stand out, but rather when the night admits its guilt of being a good counselor in the face of the glory of a clear moonlight.

And hence my reasoning for saying this, for if I were not to say it, it would mean keeping to myself the thought with which the night covers its darkness, with the inherent dynamics of a pendulum that oscillates between back and forth, between something that can be seen with the naked eye and something that spins continuously in my life, but always goes unnoticed in the silence of a clear moonlight.

And so, as I walked, a leaf lay before my feet, taking advantage of a moment when my mind was about to explode, when my thoughts ran like crazy in all directions. I don’t know what wind put it there, because there were no trees in my immediate vicinity. And it stopped there, as if it had been drawn to a magnet stronger than the earth, because it didn’t move even after I kicked it. It stuck there, like a nail, so I didn’t insist on moving it from its place.

So too must be the case with people. Some appear in your life without your expecting of their presence, they are so small and insignificant, but they stand there like leaves to which you do not know how to respond, you do not even know how to approach them. But you can see that these leaves are far outdated, they have kept a bit of that autumn color that announces the possibility of their disintegration with the cooling of the weather.

Leadership: Is the tendency of your personality to attach knowledge value to random moments, with which you would agree to merge as “another person”?

Yes, we are all human, and at some point, each of us resembles a leaf in the lives of others. But no matter how much we appear as leaves to others, and no matter how much others appear as leaves to us, let us never forget that any leaf, even a completely dry one, can become a tool for understanding our own experiences and feelings.

Another thing. What you feel truly represents you is sometimes what you feel you’ve kicked with your foot, but hasn’t budged. And what you feel presses and dominates you in a way that is hard to describe in words, may be the moment when you realize that something small and insignificant was much more stable and resilient than you.

And I had no choice, I felt like someone else entirely, probably resembling a blindfolded giant who stumbles on his own strength on the way to the answers to the question: “What am I and why do I do what it is that I do?”

Leadership: Can you bring about a significant improvement in self-perception as a result of managing a moment of maximum lucidity, when you realize that you have become a man of other worlds?

Therefore, let us reflect on every detail that life lays in our way, in order to discover ourselves as being more understanding of ourselves. That is why I understand the writer Mesa Selimovic too well when he wrote the following in the novel “The Dervish and Death”:

“Easy. There is time for everything, I gave it to myself, and there will be appearances and testimonies on the thread of judgment, I will not avoid them, and I will finally be able to pronounce my own sentence, because this is about me and me alone. Suddenly the world became a mystery to me, and I to the world. We sat face to face and looked at each other in amazement, we no longer knew each other, we no longer understood each other.”

Even the world of writers, like the world of artists, like the world of ordinary people, is sometimes concentrated in the universe of a leaf that is part of the category of landscape paintings that leaves you speechless, making you marvel at how many thoughts you need to invest in a single moment (given by an image treated broadly, figuratively) just to better understand your nature, reactions, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

And if in a single moment of maximum lucidity, I myself became a man of other worlds, first artistically, then from a storytelling standpoint, finally living (by contemplating the sensible and the concrete), it is due to the fact that within me lies that power that no one else has: the power to recognize a lesson in life when I experience it simultaneously on several planes of my being. First of all, on a spiritual level and on a level of consciousness.

Your evolution in leadership is dependent on how you manage the moments that surprise you and urge you to change your self-perception.

The strongest self-perception is the result of your attitude and mentality that manifests itself in distinct behaviors and actions that depend on a random event constituted in a life lesson from which you come out wiser.

Significant Words Spoken From The Perspective Of A Leaf actually convey those fleeting moods or impressions connected to each other by dominant relationships between man and nature, with the specification that anything minor gets in your way actually manifests itself to make you more focused and more aware of the beautiful things around you, of the present time.


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