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The Aesthetic In Red Of A Nameless Artist

On September 18, 2019, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

The true masterpiece of art is the result of what you create through a profound resemblance between what you feel and what you express from the height of a gaze that allows you to reveal certain sides of reality in the spirit of a “symbiotic” perspective.

My life integrates into the world of roses chosen with great care, with love, to be immortalized, like enigmatic characters, on the fine canvas, full of bold colors, destined to the ideas of union with the entity generically called “Art Gallery”. For its part, the life of roses resembles that of people predestined to great deeds, scopritori di regni sconosciuti, founders of new avant-garde currents, such as constructivism and surrealism. I love them, I honor them. I admire them for a long time, tirelessly, inexhaustibly, in the quiet silence with which I apply the color of the brush on the 80 x 120 cm canvas, constituting itself as a proof of execution of the large work, called suggestively: “Aesthetics”.

My name does not say much, it is less important, less precise than it is the application of the bright-red color on the painting medium, as a beautiful and delightful dream that is not entirely mine, because it belongs to the revelation of a being that can be understood only by imagination and inspiration. How triumphant is the projection on the canvas of the rose, full of sensitivity and charm, il testimone rappresentativo di un universo intimo,when you try after a long and humble apprenticeship in the fascinating field of deciphering symbolism to restore the calm of a grand nature, full of beauty and mystery.

Even these words, chosen and shared with much aplomb, with much tenderness, seem to stand on the tip of the brush when painting in ambienti naturali a landscape of human emotions and experiences expressed in a plastic language, without experiencing a bitter disappointment as in the case of a wanderer in a ruined world. Rather, by virtue of an imposed theme, applying the color like a comfort of zephyr, gently pressing the tip of the brush, I obtain the confession of which the rose reminds: Per parlare di un argomento senza dubitare, devi avere nella tua anima la fede della passione.”

Leadership: Do you show affection in perceiving an authentic Ego in the form of a double image, in the description from the center of the vision you offer to the present from the aesthetic perspective of a feeling of brotherhood with nature?

My willingness to develop a new art, the supreme enhancement of an evolutionary process carried out around a particular species of roses that seems to seek its content in the colors of a red-yellow world, may coincide with the product of a careful writing, complex under the appearance of transparency, nuanced by the example of experiencing an incredible dream. Only when everything you create finds correspondence in the apparent fragility of a pure presence, always silent, but expressive, can you fulfill your most beautiful dream: to give soul to a character of aesthetic appearance.

It is enough to think of the novel “Exuvii” by the writer Simona Popescu, to introduce myself into the atmosphere of a perfect aesthetic experiment, having highlighted the language of nature’s intelligence, according to which the color of an exotic plant speaks about certain feelings. Simona quotes Chinese writer Su Dongpo:

“In order to paint a bamboo, it must have grown in you. Only then, taking the brush and focusing your gaze, does the vision rise before your eyes. The vision must be captured immediately with the brush, because it can disappear just as quickly as the rabbit vanishes when the hunter approaches.”

In order to obtain a vibrant and natural color that expresses the retrospective of a dynamic world, the intensity of the experiences gathered in a single composition must be increased. I look closely at the notes in my red notebook, journal of an unlimited deja-vu that becomes a kind of emotional-aesthetic archetype as the perspectives of closeness or depth of the literary phenomenon.

The writing based on symbolic figures, achieved by following the similarity between “the whole and the part”, opens only in front of the higher spirits who know how to express (to the smallest detail) the sensitivity and elegance seen from the perspective of a magical universe, of the alterity of the artist’s memory.

In this current reformatory context, I wonder what a psychologist would do with the references of strong emotional situations when building an Ego marked by a defining tendency, in the approaches of an experimental scientific aesthetic, based on physiology and sociology?

Leadership: Can you conceive your being for the sake of sustainability, so as to gain the expressive power of a plastic masterpiece whose features make the mysterious life of the soul visible?

The true vital essence of the rose is found in the violations of the accessible and the inaccessible, in all the cramps of the images captured during the reflections on a new artistic genre frame, which send to unnatural decompositions of my plan of existence, posto sull'altare della realizzazione della volontà di Dio. It is the point of magical interference through which one who lives for another space of art approaches a deeper understanding of life.

As can be seen, I am the creator of an art associated with the perception of the depth of visual elements, characterized by the duration involved by certain events that disappear as subtly as they appear. The visions are lost in a long and humble apprenticeship in the mastery of shadows and lights, of the art of logically constructing a painting according to the specific laws of the nobility and the sincerity of a message that crosses the dream of a final theory, in grado di spiegare tutto: “Nothing is too colorful as a whole.”

The landscape in which I live, according to the determinations of a spatial-temporal ripple, can be received according to the stylistic quality of a visual artistic image, con un valor único, because everything depends on lighting, stabilization and interpretation of a representation in the mirror, along with information on the way of capturing a wide range of topics. This landscape develops through the eyes of a wild rose, striving to perceive it as a complete being, only to extract the aesthetic model of reference, the attribute of the Creator himself,la forza trainante dell'evoluzione, the determining cause of a matter of presence continues: “multiple existence, living through reflection.”

It is from here that art begins, not from the nobility and the liveliness of human things, not from capturing objects in so many possibilities, dimensions, genres, artistic trends, but from a kind of recognition of the specificity of a state of sensitivity and harmony through association with the recognition of visual information constitutive of the written language, powerful and suggestive.

An artistic masterpiece is the result of an accumulation of overwhelming feelings, described by words of great value, which you never regret that you immortalized in a pretentious formulation.

At first, I was an onlooker, and then I undertook the short description of a rose. I reached the feeling, the desire aroused, then the creation was born – followed by a caring message, but not necessarily a strong one. And finally, assolutamente senza precedenti, I assumed the true story of a masterpiece. Beyond the momentary experiences of the artist, deeper, warmer and more intense, from which the elixir of eternal youth is felt, there is that clarity of the lonely senses, something that purifies and leads us to serenity.

My name is not very important. Perhaps I will be forgotten as quickly as the roses shed their petals at the end of autumn, without my words to reach through reason, to reach the hearts of art lovers. You can never be sure that what you do instinctively, diligently, with no equal, is immortalized in a completely charming way in a transcendent picture.

But maybe someone will still remember me, even by chance, like a look back, which inspires us to go ahead, because the very image of the rose, dry and earthy, which we at times encounter in a dreary autumn landscape, directs us to the sensitive and speaking part of the soul that never loses its glory hidden within it.

I am one with my Ego, a part of the personality of the rose. A new attempt awaits me beyond the beauty of nature, una meticolosa padronanza di un capolavoro,a secret that waits for its release as the emotion that is not traded for fleeting things: to see deeply the red hue of the living legend, the extension of my personality from the story state, with eyes that death never closes…

The talent of an artist lies in the fact that it can represent the force of change towards a very deep perspective of the meaning of “love as a symbiosis between man and nature”, when what emerges becomes a revelation of the spiritual world.

The Aesthetic In Red Of A Nameless Artist highlights, in the measure of emotion and feeling, that intimate connection between nature and the imaginary world of art which, deserving of a thorough knowledge, una interpretación personalizada, is capable of exceeding the status of what it “fleeting” means with a new perception on the representativeness and uniqueness of a mysterious presence: “Look at me, without me being there”.


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