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The Appearance That Kills The Higher Souls

On January 20, 2015, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Impose yourself through the power of beliefs that you keep running so you can find a purpose in interpreting life.

Monte Cristo came out with his soul deeply saddened from the house he left Mercedes in, which, considering all probabilities, he would never see again. Since Edouard’s death there has been a great change in him. At the height of vengeance, on the low and tumbling slope where he had climbed, he saw the gulf of doubt on the other side of the ridge. Moreover: the conversation with Mercedes had awakened so many memories in his heart that these memories themselves needed to be defeated.

A man with of Monte Cristo’s nature could not long float in the melancholy that can make ordinary minds live, giving them an appearance of originality, but killing their higher souls. The Count said to himself that since he had come close to scolding himself, a mistake had to have been made in his calculations.

"I do not look at the past well, and I suppose I’m not as dearly mistaken. How – he continued – could it be that my purpose was reckless? Had I taken a wrong path for ten years? An hour would be enough to prove to the supreme architect that the work of all his hopes was, if not impossible, at least ungodly?

I do not want to get used to this idea. It could drive me insane."*

Leadership: Are you testing the superiority or inferiority of your position on the zero line in the area of ​​a sum of self-reflections?

In relation to existence, leadership can be the result of self-knowledge that results from the research of positive or negative facts, administering the unmistakable unity of man produced in the moments experienced each day, integrating the essence of his need to ensure a direction to follow.

Unlike other sciences, leadership, in relation to complex reality, passes through the state of decline of human authority – when it encounters natural deeds and constraints of the consequences during the process of change.

You have to remain strong during the transition to another type of man, even if it involves a deepening in both the supersensible, stoically striding the field of doubts and despairs, especially when the past catches up to you, pressing down upon you with unpredictable forces.

Identifying the path on which you need to advance, in the conditions of self-vulnerability that can degenerate into a total renunciation of the meaning of one’s own being, is the really slow reforming process – but it is the confirmation test of your superiority.

Leadership: Does the vision that predominates in your control area create a sense of uselessness, determined by the idea that nothing is steady over time?

Modifying the meanings assigned to life situations in which you react helplessly, without the awareness of your own choices and without the ability to change the course of things beyond the deceptive appearances of reality, is the starting point of self-reflection – which also falls on leadership, because it tests the superiority or the inferiority of your position to the zero line.

The zero line is the reference period where the deviations from the rigors of life experiences, value adjustments, or tolerance of consciousness predominate. On the length of this line depends your becoming, assigning a major sense to your experiences, strengthening the sense of self-worth, and finding a certain purpose in the interpretation of life.

A leader imposes himself by the power of the convictions he conquers in the long struggle with his own limits, weaknesses, and failures, in an attempt to prove himself better and more valuable. Through its content of qualities, his thinking and attitude towards life, a hero of the struggle with life is at the same time the expression of actualized sensitivity that shapes him so that he behaves more comprehensively and more tolerant towards his fellow men.

Reflection is the force with which the intensity of an experience returns to you, after it has mercilessly struck in the consciousness of a fickle destiny.

The Appearance That Kills The Higher Souls highlights that uncertainty in "defense" when you try to impose your authority during the journey through life. In your own experiences will often infiltrate demotivating feelings or convictions, but they are meant to permanently polish and reveal more and more of what you can be. A man of great character.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo, Youth Publishing House, 1957.


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