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The Art Focused Around A Single Drop Of Blood

On January 19, 2021, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Create a universe that reflects your inner search, so that you can highlight the deep features of a work of art.

Yesterday I donated blood for someone dear, so dear, that I would donate once more. And there was silence in the room, a disturbing silence, as if I along with myself had to take an examination of reciprocity in a space of dual existence, in an attempt to transcend the “biological-corporeal substrate” from the ontology of a work of art. If I had researched a part of myself then, through the way biochemical processes take place in cellular structures, I might have noticed the rhythm of the great universe preserved in a spiritual moment that can be discovered through the long contemplation of a plant, such as the rose.

As my blood flowed from my veins at a rapid rate, an intoxicating fluid of emotion turned into an artistic, invigorating fluid, resembling the collagen of an endogenous synthesis that produces mutations in the biological structure of a larger world, but dominated by the image of silence. Instantly, I thought of a rose that, slipped among other flowers, of other species, seeks its meaning in a healthy human body, not in an amalgam of traveling souls. This is the dream of poets and philosophers.

Only a sting can wake you from a deep slumber.

Indeed, I felt vulnerable. To recover from my half-asleep state, I needed a locomotor and metabolic stimulus to perceive the feeling of another sense, specific to living in parallel worlds, in a higher imaginary world, dominated by a “reversed order of simultaneity”. Or, perhaps, did I need to standardize a model of attachment to a metaphysis of self-transcendence?

The rose, when alone in the sacred hour of dusk, is clothed in the purple veil of a huge heart that beats by absorbing the warmth of a soul in which you find yourself even when you are far away. Indeed, my creation is an embodiment of thoughts transposed into living, concrete symbols, expressing an obvious reality in a sublime moment of pride and gratitude.

Leadership: Does your creation aim at how life should be lived precisely in view of the contact between soul and idea, in the context of a programmed or random cause that continues to manifest and exacerbate?

My blood was dripping from my veins, so reminiscent of the light of dusk. For a moment I imagined that I was a painter with views of other worlds, charged with the sight of a soul beyond time. Colors appeared everywhere, but only one pierced my soul with the memories of a mystical journey the size of a paint brush. A dark red, like Sagrantino wine, triggered in me a huge passion, a centrifugal reaction, something like: “I believe in something that needs to be created new”.

The desire to see myself go further, to continue my journey in this setting of silence at the intersection of soul and body, led me to the category of unique orders in the portfolio of artists. Long ago, the artist Mircea Sin told the story of a young man who came to him with the elaborate drawing of a heart with arteries, which he wanted to give to his girlfriend. The boy wanted to specify that he also wants the heart to be of use and to be able to drink from it. “It was very complicated, like a photo, and it’s harder to do something like that”, the glassmaker said.

Sometimes, in order to rediscover our true nature and a deeper feeling, more present in the pneumatic envelope of the rational soul, we have to give meaning even to an unfeasible challenge. Ioan Mititelu’s words fit very well in art: “You have to answer with the biological of a world that cares so much about the biological, unable to sacrifice a part of the concrete for an idea.”

Even after my perfusion was removed, very effectively, without pain, I could feel the blood continuing to flow with the same ease and freedom as life itself, with the same intensity with which the artist stimulates the intensity of a rose’s bloom by coloring it in very nuanced shades.

A single drop of blood, lost in an instant, was enough to startle me from my numbness. And never in my life have I encountered such a drop of blood, so clear, so warm, so quintessential, that in a single moment made me feel that I belong to an open universe that wants me, puts me in value, as vulnerable as I am.

The expression of a vivid feeling, coagulated around artistic spontaneity, gathers its sincerity in the immediate vicinity of the shedding of even a single drop of blood.

As in art, leadership appears as a way of communicating a being’s feeling: to be reconciled with everything you feel and to be able to creatively express everything you see, even when you feel vulnerable.

The Art Focused Around A Single Drop of Blood confirms the sensitivity of the artist who manages to obtain a piece of vision, to give a different shape and a different meaning to the moments captured in an isolated interiority, in an endless simplicity of feeling.

In fact, my entire work of art, constituted as a way of expression (through metaphors, symbols, personifications), is determined by reference to the landmarks that the inner world needs to evolve spiritually: feeling, vision, message of art, fantasy, the push towards ideal and originality.


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