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The Bloody Red Tip Of The Bullet That Puts An End

On March 03, 2012, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

Strictly control your system of values, by making it unbeatable in front of the passing emotions.

The new world of Kevin Lomax began to take shape. The oldest one was almost completely destroyed. Time was beating as an enormous heart of God, enlarging and contracting. The beautiful Christabella Andreoli, whose seductive power was so eloquent, drops her dress. Kevin looked with relish at her naked and heated body asking for its "rights" - while the Devil himself, in the person of the multimillionaire John Milton, was enjoying this stage of his son’s initiation, into the world of sin.

- Hey, after two minutes you will forget Mary Ann, whispered Christabella looking eagerly into his eyes. She approached her voluptuous lips to his, kissed him with the most perfect passion, then twisted her body on the altar table, intensifying the flavor of her sensuality, motivating skillfully and earnestly the desire to be touched and completely given to his being.

Leadership: Is the hard part of the meaning you give to life the "paradoxical courage" of giving up on yourself in favor of the outcome suggested to you by faith?

And, suddenly, on hearing his wife's name, Kevin hid the following thought in his heart: "Yes, I want you, Christabella when you are just a fantasy in my head. But I'm a man who terribly loves his wife, besides this, I still feel an immense tenderness for her, even if she no longer exists."

It was only a need, a need of the body, but that could not overcome the need of the soul. The same chains, the wonderful chains of love, entered into his flesh. The desire’s clouds were thinning, vanished just like they came. Kevin sank into the tranche of his own mind. He was feeling like everything around him was moving in a reverse order, as if something had exploded into his being.

The end of the movie "The Devil's Advocate (1997)" is brilliant by the message that it transmits. Kevin, seized by the biggest guilt, felt a distant pain, which occurs in another dimension, and that he was supposed to receive. He took out the gun from his waist. Pulled the trigger. The bullet penetrated his head and got out fast on the other side, evacuating a large amount of blood from the open wound. The red tip of blood outlining the way towards the end of his being.

A sacrifice for the salvation of the soul. This gesture must come from the depths of the soul. Love does not get tired, does not disappear. But, saves and convicts the soul. The bullet has brought his salvation. His soul was freed from sin, bringing him back to the life full of candor along with his wife, Mary Ann.

Leadership: Do you have to take a stand against building a destiny depleted of content, pointing your attention towards the loss you feel when you are included in a plan higher than your level of expectations?

A true leader secures his means of outlining his qualities and making them known, by orienting his decisions in the direction of the emotions and his deep feelings. Can you recognize the dough from which is made ​​the leader, by watching how he reduces or increases his brilliance of the soul? He can conquer the highest peaks of leadership only through a new and full understanding of his essence, by rendering the positive side of his being in all its intensity - by adjusting the strong contrasts between appearance and reality, maintaining a the right balance of judgment, without accepting too much indulgence.

Your development as a leader must start with establishing and mastering of a scale of values ​​and promoting your own values​​ that would stimulate your personal progress and would maintain your spiritual balance.

Just as the blood volume is inextricably linked to the blood composition, so "the metabolism" of your leadership, which reduces or emphasizes your negative personality traits, determining the reactions towards actions - is inextricably linked to basic needs of your soul. In other words, your emotional stability may be shaken at the impact with a certain outside "aggression" if it is not based on real values strongly rooted in you.

The test of character begins by accepting the fact that you represent more than what is destined for you to become in a moment of fate in which you are forced to experience self-sacrifice.

Are you ready to become a martyr or saint?

The adoption of an attitude that does not guarantee the obtaining of a positive emotional reaction is like a small fissure in a dike that can turn into a bigger breach through which the water gushes with an increasing force.

Almost in the same way, your transit to third values ​​that are not in accordance with your faith and does not motivate your existence, will create a "fissure" in your leadership from which will gush only dissenting judgments and unprofitable action, and even of suicide.

The supreme testimony of faith is an instinctive act of self-sacrifice from which emerges the soul’s salvation.

The bloody red tip of the bullet that puts an end, aims the adoption of that attitude that must highlight your most valuable qualities, such as "soul warmth" and "moral duty". At the same time, expresses the moment when you come back to the high steps of the scale of your values, demonstrating your ability to be firstly, your own leader.

Strictly control your system of values, by making it unbeatable in front of the passing emotions.


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