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The Book Between Borges And Hauff (I)

On February 12, 2021
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Leadership V8 by Neculai Fantanaru

The story of a creation of great universal scope is the expression of an artistic manifestation that promotes the idea of ​​an art created according to already existing models, in accordance with the experience of being what you are not, even if in reality you are someone else.

I have often imagined myself to be a lively, telling, and thoughtful book, written in first person with the language of art springing from the emotional attitude of creation secretly and inexplicably. And, knowing that no book tells a more beautiful story than a character who experiences his story in the real world, I decided to imagine an endless world, perfect by the equivalence between living an a priori reality and its true image, indicated by the tension of a fulminating otherness.

The very fact that I am a book without a name, from an endless world, says a lot about an artist whose horizon is different from those of the artists of his generation. For if my mind were one book, and my soul another book, then the world would have two books that tell the same story differently. And if I were a sum of stories written in a single book, maybe someone would still find a new book in each story that promises to recreate another world. Endless. Immeasurable. Artistic. Sparkling. Out of the ordinary.

And you, dear reader, of which I am a part, please consider the following. Every new book you read with insufficient attention, being anchored as if in a unitary background of the universe that evolves only through creation and originality, imagine that it is part of that unique book that instructs your soul to make a distinct description of itself.

And even if you read more books, written by other authors, if you don’t really live the life of the characters in this unique book, then you will never feel the spell of endless stories. I think, in fact, it’s important not to read a lot of books, but to learn to integrate into the story of the character in your favorite book.

Leadership: How do you justify your choice to live an authentic way of being through the relationship that is established between the privileged moment of reflection about yourself and the possibility of expressing the mirrored feelings in a world identical to yours?

Reading this book about myself, you will meet Wilhelm Hauff and Jorge Luis Borges, under the same star that lit my way at a time when I had lost my compass and drifted, the universe being my witness to how difficult it was for me to become a Creator on the shaken background of reflection on reality that has reached a layer of Cartesian, spectacular, excessive intelligence.

Everything is favorable to the level of depth. Over time, in terms of what is considered an experience I can only know a priori, I learned from Hauff how to be Borges, because my feelings were increasingly embedded in the immortal characters of a reality prudently revealed from the perspective of multiple lives of the soul that predominates over matter.

After many years of artistic writing, with a miraculous significance, with that dose of intimacy that should remain secret or accessible only to creators, I have become mature enough to understand that a journey into a great desert never ends. And if I will always be part of Hauff’s soul, because Borges made me love each of the 1001 nights immensely, it is because my life seems to work according to the principle of multiple lives that are found only in the area of a seemingly endless desert.

Leadership: Could you create a vivid painting without looking at a picture, but just rendering what you see with your mind’s eye, so that you feel that there are more similar patterns of thinking in you?

And so much did I find my soul in the stories of Hauff and Borges, and so much did I travel with them in the desert area, that I felt like a single grain of sand sifting through the hourglass of time is a body from the breath of a universal experience and boundless freedom. The soul is also a story, but it deserves to be retold only by doubling it in another dimension.

Even now, through myself, in this other life that shines in other lives, in these lines written with soul, with feeling, with the warmth of the desert, lives the same Hauff perpetuated in reality visible only to the eye of the true sage and clairvoyant named Borges. Thus I justify my choice to live authentically, through the written reply I give to a life lived in another life.

As you can see, I always remember Borges in my book, because he reminds me of Hauff, and because Hauff reminds me of the desert I crossed disguised as Borges’ characters. Yes. I imagined I was Borges as I read Hauff. But I became Hauff because my philosophy was endowed with Borges’ thinking.

Starting from this, I myself will be Hauff thanks to the moving sands and the desert wind that buried Borges’ huge library, but kept the golden words in perpetuity: “Time must wait”.

Leadership is the thinking that you personalize by suggesting a reality in which you manifest your superiority as spirit, as body, as energy, as attitude, but so that you want to know more about yourself.

The Book Between Borges And Hauff opens a new perspective on a reality that you are obliged to analyze with the meticulousness of an Alter Ego, so that in the future you can promote the thinking of a new ontology of “difference” in trying to be someone else.

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