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The Charm Of Life

On October 09, 2009
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Return to yourself, for the reality to resonate around you as you want.

The lyrics of an old song, elaborated by many writers, sounds like this: "Since the time of Ra, the old days go and new ones come and replace them. Every morning, the sun rises and every night, it hides at dusk. Men conceive, women give birth, and every chest breathes fresh air. But all those who were born, all to the last of them, go to the place bestowed upon man."

We do not know precisely the place we are going to, we do not know it, but maybe we can guess it a little, but there is a great shadow of a doubt – because the future is uncertain and difficult to predict. We cannot know for certain what tomorrow will bring, we cannot know if we will get a pleasant surprise or, on the contrary, if we will be get by luck, as it happens to many. I do not want to sound pessimistic or melancholic, but of the dice of destiny of each one of us were thrown and the games have been made, we cannot change anything. We are straightening like a bullet, directly, unfailingly and precisely to the fated place.

Leadership: Do you resort to the proper exploration and integration of life challenges and requirements in a new empirical template to determine how to represent a personalized route in relation to any time?

In other words, the life of every man is a book with as many pages as the days he has to live; We can read every day the previous pages, from day one, but we cannot read the following pages, which belong to the future. Overall, this book has chapters the titles of which are "preformed", and what we fill those chapters with largely depends to us, to the way we approach the content of that chapter and the circumstances. What do you fill the chapters of your book with?

Is it true that all is vanity in this world, that people’s thoughts are changing? Let’s briefly analyze the facts. We find out daily news about what happens in the world and what do we see?

Today, some people have fun, enjoy themselves and aspire to distant horizons. The next day, the same people become sad and pessimistic, overly busy with work and, filled with worry and unrest, they can no longer afford the luxury to live high. Today, some people become allies, they form a redoubtable, strong, almost perfect tandem and fight to achieve the same ideal. The next day, the same people break the alliance, slur each other, arguing to tears and invectives. They either reconcile or argue. Friends today, foes tomorrow. Friends again the day after tomorrow. Enemies the next day. And so on.

The cruel and cowardly man, the mother who finds her son’s killer, the mistress who plans betrayal while caressing, the thief who gets away with it etc. And so on, as always. Some are honest, others are dishonest. Today, it is sunny for some, tomorrow it becomes cloudy and depressing for others. Today, some are having a rough time, tomorrow, they feel extraordinarily well. The wheel spins dateless, constantly in circles – the same events, sorrows and joys, the same human comedy in which only the actors change, the scenario remains the same. Leadership is a team game, but in the human comedy, many prefer to play individually, as it suits them, without regard to any rules or principles.

Leadership: Can you define a new "LOSSLESS" image module template to serve as an example in the "review content worthy of being remembered"?

This is the world we live in, be it good or bad, just or unjust, convenient or not. The Polish writer Boleslaw Prus said that the world is like rivers and mountains: "A river, as long as it flows in a single direction, seems dead; but when it goes to the left or to the right, it becomes charming. The same with the mountains: if they were all the same height, they would be boring, but this way, their peaks of different heights and their deep valleys delights you."

Try not to let your heart be troubled by bag, ugly and harmful things happening in the world, but try to live as you please and according to the means you have available. Life is our greatest gift. Try to spend each day with joy, chase away your worries and cheer up. Enlighten your face and look with admiration at things around you. Enjoy the moments of happiness that you live and share with the loved ones. Try to taste the charm of life…

The "LOSSLESS" image captures everything that the experience of life has brought to you as a promise to explore emotions and how they can affect you personally or professionally. Not just regrets and notes of hope that remain like old bruises, talking about the decisions taken along the way, but as an effect of what you are able to accomplish in a reality that is both open unity and complex plurality.

Return to yourself, for the reality to resonate around you as you want.

To determine the representation of a personalized route in relation to any time means to develop a form of commitment to what life expects from you even when you cannot offer it the act of acceptance in what it behaves as an aspiration toward expansion or extinction.

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