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The Circle

On March 21, 2016, in Leadership N6-Celsius, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to represent yourself in a context of your concrete shape throughout time, in the relationship between the fundamental identity units "Origins and Consequences."

I did everything in my power to keep away from the eyes of the world this personal side, like a quiet and discreet alchemist, not divulging to anyone the results of his experiences, between the history of a moment of loneliness and the searing thirst for eternity. Without in fact realizing that the limits are what defined me and in their absence, there was but an empty space left, a mystical product of imagination, a place with no escape from the deep coma called life.

Man has only one distinct, circular DNA molecule, a close union of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, combined with living energy, going in the direction of what is called the soul, an illusion perpetuated only by the faith in something that rises above the earth and up towards infinity. Behold my personal side: a counter-sense in which everything is read backwards, from the ephemeral towards the eternal, depending on the various states of the Ego.

Faithful to myself, the soul wrestled with destiny, occasioning the meeting between "something different in each one now" and "I will always belong to a different moment". This blind assassin of the passing towards fullness, towards the eternal adventure of seeking the freedom of performing the secret link with life through the power of the Unexplained, allowed me, with true essence, the concomitant measuring of everything the world stands for. With the full belief in something that goes off and turns back on by itself, I walked in the found footsteps of the mysterious and precious matter manifested ever since the Origins up to Consequences.

Sometimes, everything went dark before my eyes and I had to evade the light of day, and then, the unpredictable would happen. Magic, strictly selective, performed its command duties. Fatigue, melancholy, desires, hesitations, all spilled out in my head like a tornado full of memories and bewildering sensations, at the same time seething in a passion of the dream, of euphoria, of love, which, with a little courage, I could master, but in the way in which the alchemist finds matter and prepares it for sacrifice.

After all, what is it you want of me, you who best yield any principle and ended material of all that is known?

Leadership: Do you limit yourself only to the controlling of the attitude that expresses itself in ways more or less significant, or to the part of content that you plan to show to the world?

Doctor Nicholas of Cusa, told Finnish writer Mika Waltari, wanted to demonstrate that the bounded and unbounded world, the finite and infinite meet. He started off with a mathematical example. If within a circle is inscribed a polygon, whose number of sides increases more and more, until it reaches an infinite number of sides, so small that they lack almost any size, then the polygon will touch with the circle in all points and will become a circle.

My mad passion for shaping my personal side, through a fifth element, associated between the moment of eternity I was experiencing and the calming of the longing for an uplifting space to which I could belong for a long time, now worthy of "the infinite", was a clear proof that I started to see the world from the perspective of a nonlinear approach of phenomena and processes.

I was circumscribed to a circle that revolved endlessly around its own center, repeating for eternity. Without my realizing it, something disputed its supremacy over me. The All-encompassing or the Insignificant?

In this case, the sphere of leadership is not only limited to controlling the attitude that expresses itself in ways more or less significant, but especially to the part of content you plan to show to the world, in the relationship between the fundamental identity units "Origins and Consequences."

The origin represents the point where you look around and don’t know where you are, being confused by the lack of experience in representing order in thoughts and actions. And consequences are the result of the attempt and desire to fit the depiction of the man steadfast in his difficult purpose, with the risk of heading towards the reality of a time that little by little empties itself of your future.

The Circle highlights the repetition of all those obsessive thoughts man runs continuously in the background, this modeling his hidden side, until it becomes the center of all his natural powers.

The function of authenticity, independent of any source of representation of man in a context of his concrete shape throughout time, needs a support platform that can make him be more in control of his own beliefs and, automatically, to guarantee him a certain long-term coverage.

You are the host of your own beliefs, placing yourself on a certain level of consciousness correspondent with that personal side that others cannot see. Leadership emerges from the way in which you perceive life and the world, right in front of you. What is important is the way in which you see yourself depending on the various states of the Ego, between the history of a moment of loneliness and the searing thirst for eternity.

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