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The Complete Picture Of Reputation

On January 27, 2009
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Invest carefully in the engine of your excellence, so that you can guarantee its functioning at the best parameters.

To whom are you appealing first when you get sick? To the doctor, obviously. However, not to any doctor who provides consultations, is not it? But, to a doctor who can really indicate your way of healing. The fame enjoyed by the doctor and the confidence in its specialized knowledge is, in fact, what it makes you appeal at him.

A good doctor should not ever make mistakes, should not ever provide an inappropriate treatment because, by committing an error, loses his reputation and diminishes the trust that people have in him.

What is your favorite chewing gum? Perhaps, Orbit, is not it? But why did you choose Orbit and not another chewing gum? Most likely because Orbit offers you an increased protection against caries compared with other types of chewing gum. The confidence in the quality of the product and the guarantee that you will never have caries determined you to invest money in it.

The respect and care for each customer has made the great company Wrigley to reach a market share of 96% of the chewing gum segment, of which 65% only with the brand Orbit. If, they would not put on first place the human health, Wrigley could not never ever become a truly great company, and could ever be able to create a better reputation than of the other competitors on the market.

Leadership: Does the preference you develop for a sum of attributes and tangible features, gathered in an identifiable form, offer the possibility of maintaining a certain degree of autonomy in your area of affirmation?

The ascension that you impose upon yourself by bringing together all the resources and know-how that allows exploration of a particular market segment harmonizes with what you offer better than others through a 100% continuous service.

I could give you many examples, from various areas, where some products or some services offered by certain people or certain companies are more popular and more preferred than others. Nevertheless, I would not do it because I would probably fill some good pages.

I can only say: to be appreciated you must have an unusual power of attracting many supporters around them, and to be able to build an enviable reputation. You must have a strong power of conviction, an extraordinary capacity to solve problems, to inspire confidence for others to appeal to your help.

Ascension in any field must be seen from the perspective of the construction and use of a machine, beyond the "age" it goes out of warranty: it needs a special type of wheel that never gets replaced. The wheel suggests the perpetual motion that no one can measure and manage at the same time, is an invention that helps you make progress towards changing the world.

Leadership: Do you need to evaluate the usefulness of a certain approach to see if what you are transmitting seems to match the difference between value and attitude?

Moreover, you have to create an enviable reputation if you want to make known on the market your products or services. However, the reputation is not built in a natural way, without moving any finger. You cannot expect to succeed in a field, and to form a sound name if you do not win the people's confidence, if you do not get a greater credibility in the eyes of all.

Attitude is the reaction and position of individuals over what they see in an advertisement. The value of a product is what the ad is trying to sell by suggesting a strong emotion in which the stupor and fragility of the present moment is intertwined with the revelation of a gained time, or with the resizing of privileged moments left only in memory.

My opinion with regard to marketing is that value must be produced as much as possible by the exteriorization of attitude. A sophisticated attitude denotes the certainty of delivering a qualitative product.

In marketing it is a saying: "The customers know you better than you know yourself" . Your professional knowledge and the quality of the services that you provide influence in good your reputation. It is a sign of respect and admiration when people appeal to your help/ services, therefore, you should not ever disappoint them. You could say that you are an excellent specialist in the area in which you perform your activity, only when you will win the competition and when you will attain that enviable reputation, especially acknowledged by those from your branch.

Your reputation is like an engine that starts once you get positioned in the relationship with people. Moreover, this engine, designed specifically for your professional development, is a major consumer of reliability and security - and it is not allowed to stop once put in operation.

Invest carefully in the engine of your excellence so that you can guarantee its functioning at the best parameters.

Leadership is what you leave behind after you have assured your customers the guarantee of a quality and affordable product called: "FORWARD".

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