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The Creative Aura

On June 09, 2014
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Raise your leadership to the rank of art, by suggesting people to choose and accept that color-giving energy that would unlock their potential.

I have met her when I was a student in the first year, on the end of the first semester. She was a student, like me, only to another faculty. Very intelligent, cultivated, not the type of girl full of she and hypocritical, which I have enjoyed and also appeased me. She was also very beautiful, medium-statured, with the figure of a child, sweet and playful brown eyes, thin brown eyebrows, arched, fine nose, a bit sharp, slightly fleshy lips and a look full of mystery. Without makeup, being dresses modest but elegant. She seemed devoid of flaws. And how much youth was in her smile. However, she was still inspiring a certain maturity.

I've seen her too seldom to say that I know her well enough. Nevertheless, the first time I saw her in the university library, I realized that she was superior to me in several respects. I carefully watched her, she has not noticed and because of this she has not notified herself about it. She was right in the desk before me. Something aroused a lot my interest. She was writing something. I did not know what. She stood over her copybook. It seemed to me that she was hiding something. As if she had created a small territory encircled by invisible barriers, in which she was retreating. Because she seemed so absorbed in what she wrote, I bent my gaze on her copybook, hoping to glimpse the mystery. Have I done something that cannot be forgiven? I do not think so.

She was living in the world of imagination, was writing a poem. A love poem. Her words were matching so easy, made sense, had rhyme and sometimes became beautiful expressions. She was not repeating herself. The metaphors that she intelligently planted among the short verses conducted me to unseen spaces, in a fairytale world: with brave knights, beautiful princesses, fairies and goblins. It was a genuine creation, but the theme was similar to that of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare.

Leadership: Are you able to acquire the defining understanding of what you are in an exercise of admiration for a remarkable figure, illuminated by the revelation of the essence of art that is spiritually assimilated by an act of visual interrogation?

I was watching carefully as she wrote. Something was holding my eyes targeted over her. I do not know what. An unseen, mysterious force. Oh, what a girl ! I felt that if I would stay longer around her and I will be able to be like her, creative, spontaneous, inventive, unique and extraordinary. I wanted to know what went through her head and thoughts, to know how were coming her ideas, how she managed to write so beautifully, so fast and so well. Just as a writer once said, a young girl is a born teacher and you can always learn something from her.

In that moment, with a lot of enthusiasm and a crazy appetite, I wanted to learn from her to write. But, not writing poems, but to be creative, to have ideas, for my mind to run faster and faster, knowing that only creative people manage to go far. In that moment, such like from a stream that has dried up a long time, was overflowing in me an unrestrained creative joy. Three words sounded more and more loudly in my ears, more often: knowledge, inventiveness, success. Successful people have the advantage that they are intelligent, ingenious, quickly find ideas and know how to build something from scratch.

I never talked to anyone about that day when I became a writer. Unfortunately, I have not kept in touch with her although we have understood each other very well. We have not seen each other for a long time. For nearly six years. I remember only a few things about her. I would like very much to see her again. She knows that I have written several books. She found out recently. I suspect that she is still surprised. Probably she wonders how I managed it. Will she ever find my secret?

Leadership: Do you have to respect a way of expressing a sense of closeness to someone, allowing you to experiment with the creation called "the compromise of accepting another version of reality"?

My attempt to express my potential was as if I would choose a color that transformed me completely ! It was the color that highlighted the useful part from me, just as a painter is served by certain tones and shades to highlight certain features of the model. It was a color that accelerated my whole process of change, increasing my performance, like absorbing any nuances that did not fit my values and beliefs.

My characteristic "color" has been a way of expressing my own feelings. And thanks to Maria that gave me the creative spirit that I needed for showing my skills.

Can you suggest people to choose that "color" that they would consider it part of their being? That color, which may cause them experiences, states, feelings, which would have a positive effect on their psyche, leading to their total transformation? Does your color have the personality of an artist who assumes reality after a model of thought that inspires only by the testimony of his presence?

Raise your leadership to the rank of art, by suggesting people to choose and accept that color-giving energy that would unlock their potential.

Leadership: Can you express what you are in a pure, authentic and powerful way, intensely appealing to the instinctive factor of the sense of mystery that keeps an entire world in suspense to the last moment of life?

A moment in the life of a person can become decisive. For me, that moment was when I met Her. If she were not been the one who would give me the spirit needed to take action, perhaps now things would have been far different. In my heart, I thank her for the influence she had on me. The mystery she scatters around, her unique charm, warm smile and wit, had convinced me to want to get to another level, to get more involved in my career, to be better in terms of professional, more persistent, and not least more creative. Since then, it has not passed a day without writing something, without putting my imagination on the line.

Romanian writer, Cristian Ţurcanu, observes: "The presence of mystery is what gives wings and inspiration to inquiring minds. The mystery’s presence and the need to elucidate it is what drives the mind to deepen knowledge and acquire a whole series of qualities. Mystery is that which fascinates, gives depth and savor to any perception. The mystery awakens within us unprecedented dimensions and makes life really interesting. Driving away mystery from our lives is like exiling ourselves in a desert area. If, as you are learning more and more, you realize that you know less and less, it means that mystery is present in your life, and the soul grows freely."

The purpose of a leader is to determine people to believe in him and follow him. He must be a role-model. He must have a power of transformation. He must give people the source of energy and the creative spirit that they need in order to become better and more efficient. He must give them the inspiration that they need.

If people will give all their best of them and will achieve results beyond any expectations it means that they were led by a very good leader. And if they will equate with their leader, then their success will increase significantly.

To accept a new version of reality means accepting to permanently live with the consequence of adopting a form of power that has been created on the background of unmeasured admiration for someone or something.

The Creative Aura is 50% inspiration and 50% perspiration. Between dreaming to achieve something and to put your dream into practice is a big difference. You should always well-evaluate your potential and your possibilities of achievement, the basis from which you start, to be sure that you follow a good path towards the individual accomplishment.

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