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The Cross Will Help Us Triumph

On March 04, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Use your skill to capitalize on the concrete conditions of exerting a decisive influence on the world, until your story reaches the essence of a reality that deserves to be reflected in the memory of time.

- They came here hoping to destroy us. Yet again we overwhelmed numerically.

Cortes raised his voice.

- But just think for how many times we’ve been faced with the same situation in the past months. Did we not we fight an equally frightening force on the Tabasco River? And did we not triumph? Remember the Texcaltecs and the cannons and cavalry that Narvaez was waiting for us with at Cempoallan !

Cortes paused for a moment.

- We have always triumphed because we are not ordinary people or soldiers. Now you can all proudly say that you are Cortes’ soldiers. In the years to come, ballads will be composed that will sing of our bravery. Because not only your courage, but also your skill in handling weapons, sets you apart from ordinary mortals. Remember that you have been chosen by God Himself to march under His banner.

Leadership: Are you influenced by the tendency to assign value to an event that is uncertain regarding the implementation of a plan, but which is effective in conveying a motivational message?

To strengthen his words, Cortes raised the blue-and-white flag, which had once fluttered on the mast of his ship.

- The cross will help us triumph ! And now I would like to tell you one more thing: remember that you are at an advantage as long as you have the strength to fight. These Mexicans do not want to kill you, but to take you prisoners for their pagan rituals and that is why they are more vulnerable. As you know very well, they will not fight as a united army, but individually. Today you will not be dealing with a united army, but with individuals. Today you will not be dealing with a battle, but with a series of duels. I believe God will give you the strength to resist. Stick the swords directly at the target, do not turn them blindly over your head, so as not to expose yourself to their sticks and knives.

Cortes stopped, waiting for his words to take effect on his soldiers.

- In the centuries to come, when people write the history of the world, we will occupy a glorious chapter ! They will speak of this day until the end of the world and you will be remembered as heroes. Therefore, gentlemen, let us prepare and face the enemy. When I give you the signal, we will attack and win !

Leadership: Are you ready to experience a sense of belonging to a WHOLE, integrating your self-knowledge in a context of unhindered action and acceptance of consequences?

The category of leadership attributed to the burden of approaching a conflict zone can be defined as a kind of enlivening of a person motivated by obtaining the approval of others to achieve an important goal. The moment of approaching a conflict zone, but with possible material or spiritual benefits, can determine the leader to transgress (through the consciousness of belonging to a fulminating historical event) all the obstacles of space and time.

So, in order to complete the physiognomy of this important phenomenon of great spiritual force, through which the leader assumes the task of writing a new page of history, we must look at things not only from great heights or far reaches, but also from great depths.

How does Cortes feel when he knows that history will be written by the hand of a hero who, in the presence of the materiality of a human body, will become immortal through the power of his decisive deeds? And what does he feel can be attributed to a consciousness that systematically relies on individuality, or the Whole?

The whole that defines leadership is the sum of all the forces that act in unison to accomplish a goal meant to change the destiny of the world.

Cortes feels that deep connection with each of his soldiers, as Jesus did with his disciples, and if he can’t ignore that fatality of the end of the road, at least he can successfully make his way to the point where history turns into a true legend.

Therefore, operating with the very concept of “fatality”, and trying to investigate the evolution of man from within, “from the depths”, intuiting the feeling he inspires and has towards life, we can offer the revelation of the inner genesis of the original phenomenon of the expression: “identification in a context of renunciation of individualism”.

Often the man who wants to commit heroic deeds because of a powerful experience that exceeds the threshold of ordinary experience, is a man who raises his own person to the rank of ideal, that ideal of glory and greatness that intoxicates you with despair and unconsciousness. But at other times, the man, seized by a restless ardor to achieve something great, is good enough to support the feelings of identification with the group, asserting his superiority (with splendid consistency) over a basic rule of victory: “The first and greatest victory is to defeat yourself.”

The essence of the reality that deserves to be reflected in the memory of time is the following: a deed that does not impress by its greatness, so that does not have the necessary scope to involve all human, natural and divine forces to change the destiny of the world, will never last as a posthumous mirror of its initiator.

The Cross Will Help Us Triumph if we are determined enough to accomplish a goal to which the world itself and God are obliged to accept it as a change of the world for the benefit of its progress.

* Note: Colin Falconer - Aztec

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