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The Delicate Touch From Behind Bars

On August 21, 2013
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Leadership +50% Extra by Neculai Fantanaru

Measure your force of influence, without driving the forces of everyone else beyond their resistance limits.

The frightful creature, locked up so it can’t get away, had the power to hypnotize its victims, of drawing them with its demonic force until their mental resistance limit, in a circle whose barriers can never be crossed. Like it were marked through an unknown and uncontrollable magic, which has the power to control elements, people and their emotions and moods.

Still, in this very moment, FBI agent, Clarice Starling, no longer looks at Hannibal Lecter like she did at the beginning, with a mixture of fascination and fear. But with a hungry look, with the desire to use him, to take the file with all the information about the serial killer, known as Buffalo Bill. But Hannibal continuously tests the young student’s will and nerves.

Clarice is disconcerted. In tears, she can barely find her words. She finds the power to beg him one more time: "Please, tell me his name doctor ! Please ! "

This stationary position into nothingness is becoming exasperating, more likely triggering a mental experience which revolves around an unbalance value. The molecules that absorb regenerative energy, improving blood flow to the brain, are suddenly blocked. As if an oxidized substance would have deposited on the arteries, depriving the brain of essential and necessary nutrients in a moment of maximum activity. Clarice turns to stone.

Leadership: Can you assume the destiny of a being that does not manifest itself in the soul, except in the form of a perceived danger as assuming a mission that can give it the opportunity to capitalize on its potential in a graceful evolution?

The law enforcements barely manage to make her come to her senses and escort her towards the exit of the room where the monster’s cage was situated. When suddenly, from behind bars, Hannibal insists: "There’s your file, Clarice ! " The woman breaks loose from the policemen, comes closer to the monster’s cage and reaches her hand for the file he gives her from behind bars.

And in that moment, it happens ! Such a delicate and meaningful touch ! A hyper-sensitization of the senses occurs, one that doesn’t lead to a certain conditioning, but it determines the alignment process between two realities. Two totally different characters unite in a decisive second, developing an extremely intense force. For the first time, the product of two opposite energies vibrates and resonates on the same frequency.

Hannibal’s well-calculated touch, this self-containment together with great spontaneity, this presence which guarantees closeness to a human, could it be the sign of the self’s rebellion? Or one of his weaknesses that gives birth to countless possibilities to reinvent himself? Or an error fully explicable at a psychological level and even plausible for a human being that perceives things with finesse.

Leadership: Is your space of maneuvering beyond the limit of subtlety in expressing your power and authority, in the sense of the extraordinary feeling of pride in bearing in your soul the compassion for the pain in others’ souls?

The pain of Clarice’s soul was not closely related to the possibility of an FBI failure, but to the image of the victim subject to the cruelty of the killer, known as Buffalo Bill. She had to hurry, she had to find him in any way before he killed his victim. And Hannibal Lecter was the only one who could help, the information needed to catch the murderer was in that file.

Clarice had the pain, Hannibal had the cure for the pain, but at the same time he was overwhelmed by the desire to feel the rumbling of a breath of despair, he wanted to touch a human being full of emotions to find himself in another person. When he touched Clarice’s hand a sort of merging of two distinct worlds into one, the good and the evil in a small universe, an ideal psychological security space which for the time was unknown in its essence, was created.

Let's build a new sphere of understanding the way leadership works beyond the ordinary limits of human mind, from the manifestations that individuals generate, condemn or judge.

Here, this is not about any aggression or deviation from the rules, coming by part of the leader that calls forth the superiority of his science in order to exert his influence, starting prior to the idea that every identifiable thing can later be determined and pinned down. But it’s about the possibility to destroy, with the help of various "surrounding" and intimidation maneuvers, up to a certain level, o hard to detect human being, especially to recognize those certain key characteristics that elude classical evaluation attempts.

The leader’s whole maneuver space will be placed beyond the limit of subtlety in the way of manifesting his power and authority, only when he will succeed in precisely identifying the capacities human nature hides in various moments.

Unlike a development strategy, which gradually meets conditions for increasing efficiency and productivity, the leader has to be able, through some moves, to make use of an objective superiority that doesn’t give in to even the slightest doubt. And also, he should be able to put others in a favorable position to unite with him.

Leadership: At what level of depth are the two distinct parts of your universe associated with the refinement of a composer trying to reach all the emotional sides of being?

I believe that mostly in the future, a cunning leader will make use of the help coming from different representations of individual patterns, comparable with his pattern of being, together with other international means, in order to easily be able to test the limits they want and can compare to.

Putting the psychological profile of individuals in the foreground, and comparing it with his profile, thus by merging common characteristics, the leader can determine the alignment between two realities. Thus, two opposing energies can resonate, which means that all those who keep the same kind of simultaneous thinking will easily succeed to achieve great changes.

Leaders with the capacity to appreciate human "content" can’t be doubted, having a particular interest in the analysis performed on the individual profile, they will easily be able to obtain "spontaneous" answers and results from others. Therefore, the meaningful association between the two distinct parts: leader-common individual can encourage a greater openness achieved at a normalcy level around an unconditional and carefree mentality, directed towards involvement and action.

The two distinct parts of your universe, good and evil, can associate at depths in describing certain regularities or preferences in the manifestation of human character through a high affinity of feelings towards unfavorable events experienced with great intensity.

The refinement of a composer who attempts to touch all the emotional sides of the being can be seen in the psychological details harmoniously blended into a space specially designed to make memorable events that sustain the philosophical and sociological life of the great explorers of human consciousness.

The Delicate Touch From Behind Bars highlights the synchronization between different human typologies, similar, yet different. The unification of beneficial energies into a sole one with a giant motivational force. If you want your relation with people to be perfect, measure your force of influence, without driving the forces of everyone else beyond their resistance limits.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

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