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The Divine Interpreter

On October 23, 2010, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Open the way towards fulfilling your role, by connecting yourself to the souls of the people through your own perception about leadership.

In that beautiful summer day, the master received me in his workshop with an inexpressible joy. He had in mind to make a very beautiful work, and along with it, to improve his image in the eyes of the finest brush lovers, and to raise his art to the highest peaks.

Bearing deep inside him the ideal image of beauty, the master wanted to achieve, by that time, a painting called "Nymph of Fontainebleau" which would embody simultaneously the beauty of the three goddesses – Ceres, Diana and Erigona. He inspired himself from the famous sculpture of Benvenuto Cellini, with the same title, but he wanted to render the ideal of feminine beauty in his vision and manner.

Observing how delicate, and with how much skill he polished every single detail, I asked him why that work was so important to him – because, he obviously had an unnatural passion, an enthusiasm that almost reached frenzy, he worked with an unreasonable eagerness, as if he was connected to a power generator, which hurried his pulse and accelerated his senses. He told me with his sweet and vigorous voice:

- Nicu, the thing that inspires and steels me is just my call to art, to the perfection of my work. My biggest wish is that by the work that I create, to fulfill what I feel that is my destiny.

Leadership: Do you feel the call to an ideal form of art that allows you to experience what is going on in shaping your destiny?

The master has connected to me through his own perceptions of art in which he believed, by planting in my heart that something unique and beautiful, that feeling of admiration and closeness to his ideas, his attitude towards his expectations, that special respect, honest, open, friendly for the well-done work, for the way he was using his talent. How do you connect to those around you?

A man who has learned the art of leadership feels the call to an ideal form of uplifting art, primarily associated with a particular way of seeing, creating and building a relationship between man and the support of art – to look, to understand and to create realities. He directs his spirit and all forces toward a new vision, towards a new perception of the world, of things, of life, expressing his openness to an original and creative thinking - which is the most valuable quality specific to a genuine artist - and consciously, with the admirable strength of spirit, he is dedicating with all his soul and mind to the work he performs, by putting permanent energy in order to be close to perfection.

An uplifting art is a way of finding yourself, of answers, of noble causes, of purpose searching, and of the desire to experience what is usually invisible to the common eye. It allows you to experience what is reflected in the shaping of destiny, the way your life flows in every moment of inspiration and commitment, when you help distinguish between the authentic value of your creation and the depth of your character.

The destiny of man is akin to the art made by a painter: it has a use in this world as long as it gives you a strong spiritual gratitude and for as long as someone remembers you.

Leadership: Your art feels good only when your work is complete?

The leader, just like a painter, puts his art into practice, considering always his duty: to do what is right and good, in such a way that his "work" would be perfect. He connects to people's souls through his "work", through his art that springs from within him and, which inspires respect and trust.

Not the leader's own interests urge him to fulfill what people expect from him, but that he is deeply aware that he lives for a noble cause that will be welcomed by people, certainly feeling that everything he does is unique, that nobody can do things more deeply and effectively than him.

Leadership is everything, art and creation. It means to merge with the soul of the world through your work. Even so, it is slippery, it is damn slippery. Because, paraphrasing the famous writer Stephen King, art comes from a creative imagination that works hard and feels good only when your work is complete. However, for your work to take shape, for your intentions to materialize, you must arrange yourself in an amazing way, in detail, winged by inspiration, everything related to your ability.

That is, in simple words, to do true wonders with the skill of your hands, through creative imagination, thoughts, feelings or actions. You must reproduce the splendor of your work with such precision and grace, so that people cannot stop showing their satisfaction. So, consider your mind and soul in order to achieve a high ideal of artistic manifestation.

The Great Work whose perfection you must find is a genuine increase in the value of things around you using an approach that goes beyond the present boundaries of reality.

The interpreter of divine is the one who, putting his art into practice, manages to give voice through his "work", his own soul, the feelings he lives, his own ideas, visions and concepts.

Many times, the leader plays the role of an artist who, using the skill he was endowed, possessed by a deep and strong passion for leadership, notifies the need for improvement, devoting himself whole-heartedly to its achievement.

This is the highest and the most real power of a leader.


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