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The Dominating Voice Of The Living

On April 12, 2017
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Leadership XS-Analytics by Neculai Fantanaru

Explore your inner world under the slogan "Stay Alive", adding the "True" value to the underlying condition of your representation on the sinuous route of character formation and definition.

I'm Gerry Lane, a scientist and researcher on the biological side of life. I kept saying that the reason for my anxiety will at some point leave the thought of trying to define, with more or less successful logic, a "Stay Alive" function with predictive power, indirectly determined by countless variables of action given by hazard – between contestation and intuition.

However, during various varieties of conflicts between environmental challenges and threats to my safety, I cross the worlds of secrets to exceptional, endless and dangerous circumstances, such as time itself, upon which no certainty imposed itself as a just solution, at least where I went, I noticed a pattern of latency of the virus according to certain health parameters.

During this contest of chance, endured only by the heroes of Mike Hassel, moved by a mysterious grandeur of hope for the glory of a supreme danger, reflected the words of Mark Twain: "I can teach anyone to get what he wants from life. The problem is that I cannot find anyone who knows what he wants from life."

Words placed on a single level of understanding of the world that exists only in comparison with the golden glow of perspicacity under the causal relationship between the deed of the one obliged to repair and the reward of the one destined to endure. A shine that surely diminished as I turned my eyes to my own perception of the theory of maneuvering the appearance of reality – which could only be analyzed and described in a noetic way.

Leadership: Do you focus your attention on research into the appearance of reality that is a benchmark for equality between what defines you and what you expect to happen to you?

I thought that the crunchy reality I was living is just part of a nightmare. It just seemed like a bad dream, but the dream didn't end, unfortunately. Why did you cross my path, so much deception and error, when you could have spared me any psychotic touch in which, like a mystery in the discrete tab of madness, you find the harmful effects of despairing the mind about the very existence of the self in an obsessive guiding idea: "Am I no longer myself?"

Everywhere, infected people, transformed into zombies. Only me, no. How could I, fundamentally similar and yet different from other people, even though everything seemed to have passed through the filter of subjectivity or artistic sensitivity that organized the essential and primordial forms of nature’s creation, how could I have dragged myself into such a sin of untangling complex situations?

What a terrible deception from the voice that, by breaking the silence of my heart, screamed in despair at me to be quiet, not to panic, that everything will be all right, the voice that has always remained alive within me, which comforted me, troubled me, ravished me.

The same ordinary and unknown voice, detached from a novel by Mesa Selimovic, which I had not even noticed before. "Perhaps because it was heard in dead silence, perhaps because she was not afraid, or because she feared, or because she addressed me with pity, with courage."

The experiment of adapting to the adversities of life is a test of the perspicacity of the causality between the deed of the one who is obliged to fix the trail of his own questions and the reward of the one destined to endure the answers.

Your position on the appearance of reality can be a reflection of what you have in the course of everything that happens to you, when everything that seems to you more important than you at a certain point, comes at a second level. The appearance that reality gives in the context of a pandemic is closely related to the position you take in the face of the ambiguous course of events, so during a moment attributed to chance, because what happens to you at a given time seems important in terms of recreating past events. You need to start from the first sign of people’s pre-alert, then continue with the first sign of attention, to the minimal reaction generated by visualizing a new behavior.

Appearance, something that is different from what it seems at first glance, helps create that state in which you are degraded from the condition of fighter to a level of "despair". Or, on the contrary, where you are advanced to the hero condition if you turn unfavorable circumstances into an inspiration of the creator seemingly given by divinity.

In leadership, the definition of the value man can be derived from the cartesian product of the relationship between the impetus of his conscience (the voice of the soul) and the often-painful attempt to revise his beliefs that guide his actions towards greater openness to the future.

Leadership is the attempt to give a correct answer to a “pass or fail” test when life gives you the chance to be directly involved in a certain segment of events occasioned by a certain fact.

The Dominating Voice of the Living is the urge to victory and glory under the "Stay Alive" slogan to which is added the "True" value of the background condition of your representation in the full on the sinuous path of developing and defining character.

One of the most important leadership skills is to find those individuals who do not know what they want from life, then teach them to get a revealing picture of their condition of beings who can rise above destiny without you being elected in advance as a guide.

* Note: World War Z

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