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The Expression Of The Quality Of Being A Learned Person

On July 21, 2018
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Try to see teachings as a thing that must always be improved so that you fit into that category of leaders who interweave their existence with all of its resulting values.

Writer Thomas Cleary, says the following in Zen Lessons :

Many monks I know do not regard teachings as something that must always be improved. I’m afraid the monasteries will diminish the importance of this. My late teacher Yangqi used to say that when those above and those below are not concerned with this, the greatest misfortune befalls the assimilation of knowledge.

In the past, while I was living alone in the library of the Guizong Monastery and studying scriptures and history, many of these careless men passed by my eyes. The books were very old, they were worn out, but every time I opened a book I had the feeling of making a new discovery.

If I take these things into account, then deepening my knowledge without moving away from people resembles my account.

Leadership: Are you ready to capitalize on your self-transformation through an unmistakable tendency towards perfection that makes designing a new route to follow an indispensable teaching of life?

An indispensable teaching of life, trying to express your state of being useful to a cause that embraces everything and involves all your fellow men, connected with practicing a meditation that helps you get your mind out of trouble, is an overlapping of philosophical concepts with the beliefs of one’s own conscience. Or this overlap justifies that giving up everything that is not indispensable to good development must be done in terms of a discovery that cancels out the old understandings or rules that you have built your motivation for change.

Your transformation takes place when they "share fists and feet" the science of being someone else, and the science to know how to rise to the claims of your new becoming. Your ability to become a better leader depends on the balance between the two sciences, and on the way you configure your vision on the reality that you have acquired in search of the meaning and the nonsense of life.

The resulting values of life are: the ability to understand its price, the power to withstand its attempts and your ability to interpret its experiences.

The obligations, needs, interests, plans, rules, preferences that ceaselessly renew your striving for perfection, all this clutter of variables that decide your functioning, all this tangle of constants that appear in the equation of your transformation, should be considered only under their positive aspect.

Because they can become as strong as the bars of a cage in which you get to feel trapped, defeated and miserable. And thus, may cause a transformation in your way of being, but a difficult separation, an alienation of which really characterizes you, and which you considered until then the certainty of your life.

Transforming your perception of anything can lead to a change of reality, continuously fed from different experiences of understanding, is only achieved if you withdraw your attention from what you do not want to manifest through prejudice, attitude, conformance, exaggerated morality, taboos, and choose to remain an observer of the smallest inflections around the totality that allows you to explain the necessity of existence.

The teaching that influences leadership is the authority you exercise on what it means to live through the power of the feeling that you have made a discovery capable of changing perceptions of what is happening to you, of what surrounds you, of what is good and what is bad.

The Expression Of The Quality Of Being A Learned Person is based on the modeling effect of meditation and uninterrupted contemplation on ordinary or forgotten things in order to address the relevant aspects of reality based on pluralism and diversity that gives you the opportunity to broaden your perceptions of what a learning event can bring you.

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