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The Eyes Always Follow The Call Of Sight

On January 16, 2023
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Real Leadership by Neculai Fantanaru

The further you see, the deeper you look into yourself.

Art is a return to nature, in an authentic and elegant way, as in a kind of continuous trance in which symbols dance in their chaos through an image that hardly reveals its secrets, mysteries. Even more than that, considering that Casenuvis Excertyy Abbasitual , the mystery and the absolute captured in an image of amazing beauty, art is a return to emotion in the communication of a message that surprises again and again: “I am experiencing a return to the essence of what I am: half man, half spirit”.

No one would believe me, but I recognized my artistic side looking out over the Black Sea, at the beginning or end of the day, not knowing where the sky ends and where the sea begins. For example, I looked at everything with the measure of the eye that does not change its image on the retina, that does not let itself be defeated by the routine of a perfect morning or by the conditions of extremely low light, corresponding to a night without a moon in the sky. And, so many times, I felt like I was in a movie in reverse, how lost experiences are catching up with me…

And if I shall return here, summer after summer, every time the sun sends its burning rays from the vault of heaven, and if I shall only remember myself absorbing all the charms of romance in the light of a boundless vision, it is because the fact that a horizon of incomprehension is always active here, in the context of the human-nature relationship. And in the context of desire and passion, nothing is more emotional than the vigorous realism of the image that reveals itself. Those who want to discover this horizon in themselves are welcome alongside me.

Leadership: Can your creation be treated as a kind of meta-image – the image of an image, in such a way that your visual area reconstitutes the permanence of an experience approached in a superior way?

I look, I color images, and I can’t get enough. The sand is carried far from the shore in a horizon of creation where direct observation and intellectual processing are concurrent and inseparable, as a kind of empowerment of sight to encompass not only a wider space, but also a time of life vibrant and lived adventurously. The waves always offer you great views that delight your eyes and poeticize your senses, and the wind and waves are always on the side of skilled sailors.

To quantify the impact of the relationship between sea and sand on the influence my visual direction has on the art of activating emotions, I will consider the point of view of a character in H.G. Wells’ work:

“Thousands of nebulous, meaningless thoughts swirled through my head. I repeated the experience over and over in my mind. With my fevered brain, I dreamed that things around me were falling apart, disappearing in the mist, becoming invisible, until everything, even the ground beneath legs, begins to consume. One thought dwelt in my brain: my work must be carried to the end ! I was still possessed by my fixed idea. And I must do it soon.”

In the same way, I reflect my experiences and express my gratitude towards the visual representation of the most special project in my life so far: to voluntarily enroll myself on the slope of an eternal return, in the curve of a never-the-same repetition, in the loop of an eternal present, always new and forever the same. And even if the things around me fall apart, get lost in the fog, become invisible, longing (the consequence of affective memory) remains alive forever in me. It stays awake, always growing.

Leadership: Taking as a model a true artistic theme, can you build a coherent, stable and consistent image, as it appears between two infinities?

The sea stretches further and further until it approaches the consistency of wet sand near a distant and untouchable shore. Moreover, taking as a model a true artistic theme, Un brandello in un universo sconfinato , I myself begin to be part of the image of the sea, as it appears contained between two infinities: “the sublime to the superlative” and “an extension of emotions beyond time”.

I think that in art, the finite can be represented by means of a view far removed from the real, but arranged in the present tense, in that it appears in no other way than being itself placed in a transparent environment of the full freedom of the spirit, in the dimension of the artistic sublime, where nothing is fleeting, but remains forever in memory.

And when this happens, when everything seems fascinating as in a dream painting, I am faced with a kind of intensity of my inner image, a kind of intuitive prescience of a message without messengers. My heart is pounding. I tell myself that there is no point in waiting any longer in a place that seems frozen in time. So I try to forget about myself, the sea, the sand, the waves, the breeze that caresses my cheeks and cools me down.

Slowly, slowly, I turn my gaze elsewhere, but my eyes insistently ask me, my heart orders me without letting its feelings come to the surface: “Don’t move away from what you feel. You can’t run away from yourself, leaving behind the memories ! ”

Leadership occurs when the image that inspires you and that will make you say “Wow, how cool”, helps you to express your feelings in a creative way through the following reasoning: “the further you see, the more you see deep inside you.”

The Eyes Always Follow The Call Of Sight when you are looking for an image of permanence, of a strange experience of an artistic consciousness. And how do I see myself? I see myself with the eyes of a painter who transforms everything he sees into a story picture. In fact, every day spent on the Black Sea coast becomes a memory immortalized in another painting, with another story.


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