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The Fight For "To Be"or "Not To Be"

On March 11, 2011, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Convince people of your value, without altering "the music" you are trying to introduce.

The writer George Sbarcea was relating that in a musical theatre in the country was held the audition, in a restricted circle, of an original work written by a young master. During one break, an older conductor made the author the following observation:

- Just so you know, master, you are a terrible shooter !

- How come? the musician bewildered.

- Well, you see: the music that you wrote should have addressed, in your intention, to the hearts of the listeners, and behold, it hurts their ears !

Leadership: Is the effect of an attitude and mentality oriented towards quality by the opportune identification of new valences of expression in the center of the attention you receive from those around?

As it is vital for any organization to create an environment to attract leaders, so it is vital for any leader to create an ideal environment for human performance, based on trust and collaboration, in which they would work efficiently and truly feel that they want to belong to that organization and be led by him. The "whole" of your leadership can convey a special mood?

In other words, the leadership must coincide to people's preferences and expectations. If leadership doesn't form a whole that would convey a special mood, a strong empathy, a burning desire, an achievable dream, then he will never be able to firmly express his points of view, his will and his own beliefs.

Expressiveness, as an important aspect of the creative process is applicable to the way of conveying ideas and feelings forcefully, adapting them to your traits that you want to highlight. Being a "bad guy" is equivalent to trying to value your originality without assigning the role of the active creator that gives the world the ability to focus on what is important.

Can you give your leadership a pleasant "melodic line"?

Just like a musician touches his audience through his music, thus creating a feeling of tranquility, calm and liveliness, so you, as a leader, must touch people's souls with the virtues lying inside your soul, through your own "composition". Try to get to people, making them understand what your leadership expresses, adapting yourself to their reality. Then, their whole attitude will change, and you will be higher and higher in results.

A melodious line is a combination of the sounds of different instruments and voices which, through their height, length and sequence must form a formidable composition that delights and stimulates hearing. But with small corrections. It is part of the cycle of the "What does this imply?" phenomenon, also allowing for the discovery of small imperfections, gaps and limits, at times misleading the listener.

The harmony you have to offer by combining creation and interpretation with the art of improvisation, in a very interesting way, must be profiled on the delivery of a strong and persuasive call to action, allowing for the discovery of the other facet of your personality: one based on emotions and their manifestation.

Convince people of your value, without altering the reality that you're trying to present. Give you leadership a pleasant "melodic line", which would harmonize perfectly with the thoughts, emotions and personal feelings of those that you lead, without deviating too much from their beliefs.

Be mindful of the focus you place on the music you compose, for not just any rhythm and not just any frequency has the same effect on the mind and emotions of the listeners.

The notion of being an "artist" does not mean to create and control everything on your own, rather, it means to adjust the volume and music you listen to by letting it lead you towards new answers and new results.

The fight "to be" or "not to be" meeting people's expectations is taking place inside you whenever you compose a new "partition" – which, if it doesn't sound good, will remove everybody. Little by little, your work will be removed, scattered and turned into chaos if your "partition" doesn't invade people's souls and close them to you.

The results of an effective leadership depend on both the leader, who also has the role to help develop an organizational culture by choosing the right tone to create "the music" accepted by everyone, and the collective that surrounds the leader, which must be receptive to new things, perceive undistorted that music, and especially be able to adapt.

The fight for « to be » or « not to be » depends on the two components – the leader and the collective. If there is good timing, then collaboration becomes effective, and the battle is won. Otherwise, sooner or later, both the leader and the collective get lost.


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