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The Fruit From The Tree Of Knowledge

On August 15, 2013, in Leadership Deluxe, by Neculai Fantanaru

Create new bridges between leadership and science, so as to be the master of a complex mind and free thinking.

"God’s Angel told me in my dream that if I wanted to acquire the perfect science as I had always wanted, I must climb in the world of the Moon, where I would find, in front of Adam’s Paradise, the Tree of Knowledge. And as soon as I will taste its fruit, my soul will be dominated by all the truths that a being is capable of."

Countless of times I had the occasion to search deeper within the meaning of these words, whose interpretation I knew best. Of course, my point of view was supported by well-grounded and well-balanced arguments. This important part of the dream of the great philosopher Cyrano de Bergerac, as a supplement for the immune system of my scientific thinking, completed the matter crystallization process out of which alchemy was born and spread its wings.

It is uncontested that this kind of thinking focused on meanings and sub-meanings that require deciphering, that must be measured before placing it in the total amount of positive development processes, requires a certain superiority in knowledge. That I had frequently tried to access, approach, and promote better than anyone else. And if I wanted to tie the relation with science, I had to keep in mind the essential elements of keeping constant the creation and usage conditions for the Work’s primary matter.

A certain prudence in dividing matter according to the rules of weights and philosophical measures was required. Or, as my master would say, a certain measure in the ratio between philosophical ideas versus practical reality was required. It was hard to understand myself that way. For a long time, this routine of encrypted thinking, with metaphoric and symbolic connotations, remained uncontrolled. It dominated me. Then, I understood everything.

Leadership: Can you capitalize on your experience of knowledge by extracting the logical conclusions from the fundamental truths that you know can always be endowed with a meaning different from the regular one, without betraying an intention to exteriorize spiritual states?

The truths that I refused to believe before, those truths that could have been covered by clarity and understood only by the scientific mind, were somewhat staggered, seeming hard to digest at first glance. Between truths there was always a new coordinative bond, accomplished by interlocking evidence, conclusions and learnings that participated to my training and accomplishment.

That is why, schematically speaking, this coordinative connection, which represented the particular case of a covalent connection could represent itself symbolically through three delicate flowers united by an arrow, a combination of luck and effort. It started from the donor meaning to the acceptor meaning, expanding towards the mature point of interpretation and complexity in a figurative space.

I reaped the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. I poured over it a spoon of pure moon essence and five drops of sunrays. In the newly brewed composition I added 10 grams of stardust. Then, after around 20 minutes of cooling at a constant temperature to ensure the viability of the agent that determined the amplification of the network’s stability, I tasted the magic concoction with an insatiable savory I wasn’t used to.

Suddenly, my soul started to be dominated by all the truths a human being is capable of. I learned to offer some imaginary perspectives that very few could ever transform into reality. But I couldn’t give anyone the chance to read my deep soul, made of the same contorted matter of the whole called "Parallel Universe", because it would mean to reveal the hidden truth behind appearances.

Leadership: Is it worth to be known for the privileged illustration of thinking that strives to reveal everything a priori, to refuse any prejudice, to turn the subject’s consciousness into the measure of its experience?

Do you see yourself in need to find a deeper meaning for new approaches in order to set new fundaments for your science? Do you feel de need for a supplement for the immune system of your thinking? Do you frequently try to access, to approach and to promote better than anyone else certain superiority in knowledge?

The science of leadership I often referred to in my articles and papers has as object, among others, the simultaneous understanding of well-coagulated chains, in all their complexity, between the causes and effects generated before or after introducing new ways of improving performance.

The causes can ensure the premises for representing an advanced control structure of thought and action processes through a thought-warning that helps the leader to clarify his standing towards excellence.

While effects can create prerequisites for a more objective reality, imposing a new direction of development and making visible the opening power of the leader, the same effects are also the exclusive prerogative of the only force that allows the considerable reduction or amplification of a leader’s value: the science.

Leadership: Did you reach the limit science sets for you, or do you continue to be its tenant in the event of approaching a more flexible view of the late status of the discovered work?

A late-discovered work is a sum of your perceptions of the world that you otherwise imagine, a significant testimony of the limits to which "deformation" can lead to for the purpose of rendering an experience, reality, idea or image as expressive as possible, which can have more value than the direct one.

The value of a leader stands not as much in his tangible results, but in imagining new analytic processes in order to develop and consolidate science, supporting his points of view in any circumstance likely to raise justified doubts. He can reach the limit science imposes only when he can’t fulfill his two essential conditions: imposing superiority in his area of influence and approaching a new way to elicit interest towards his activity among his supporters.

Or he can continue to be a "tenant" of science as long as he is stationary in the routine of an uncontrolled, tense thought, in order to create higher rates of deduction and reasoning that can be clearly comprised and understood only by the brightest minds. Consolidating science, new information and knowledge brings with itself a series of contradictions and paradoxes that make him hesitant and indecisive.

At the opposite pole, processing a big quantity of ideas and truths that come from his own knowledge, he will be able to get closer to a certain maturity, which translates through the wisdom to take efficient decisions, consolidating thus his position as expert.

Leadership: Can you ensure a sustainable convergence of the elements useful to knowledge towards maximum professional efficiency, without extracting the essence of a repeating image?

So, when you expand your science and start to get a broader vision of what it represents, it may happen that your mind can only contain, through knowledge resources sharing, your most valuable creations and the necessary information for configuring a new connection with leadership. But at the same time, science is your only ally that can teach you how to offer some imaginary perspectives that few could ever transform into reality.

If you want to remain the master of a complex mind and a clear thinking, perfecting your intellectual capacities as superior knowledge, try to create new bridges between leadership and science so that you ensure a sustainable convergence towards the maximum professional efficiency (the main indicator which evaluates the performance of exposing yourself to the world through a refinement and improvement of information you make available).

The essence of a repeating image can be identified with coded information on the structural, phenomenological and functional characteristics of the knowledge process made from several levels of significance, these being attached to: associations between different points of view, metaphorical substitutions, interpretations that transcend the immediate meaning or conclusions that untangle the "wires" of argumentation.

The Fruit From The Tree of Knowledge symbolizes the fruit of detailed knowledge, of individual and collective research in leadership, harmoniously combined over years of practical experience.


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