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The Guide Of The Wanderers (I)

On June 03, 2010, in Leadership Plus, by Neculai Fantanaru

Ensure the validity conditions of the experience of self-overcoming, by evaluating your role limits, duties and responsibilities in the context of managing the challenges.

Many years ago, namely in the first year of college, I was with some friends on a trip in the Fagaras Mountains. I will never forget the first day we climbed the mountain.

The climbing was held under the leadership of Vlad, one of the locals, which was used to such excursions. He had climbed several times some of the mountain peaks in Romania. It could be seen by his strong arms and vigorous legs that he was an experienced and capable mountain climber. With no doubt, he was that kind of man who is full of vitality, who would not draw back for any obstacle, and we were determined to follow him. We could rely on him.

Leadership: Do you satisfy your pride of belonging to a role of "decisive decision" in the extremity of an area of vulnerability that makes a minor event gain the amplitude of a reflection in something more than yourself?

Unforeseen things overturn big plans. After about three hours of climbing upwards, we were barely at half the distance we had to walk. Suddenly, the girlfriend of one of the boys huffily exclaimed: "I can't do this anymore. My feet hurt. I want to go back". Two other people in the group, the girl's boyfriend and his sister shared the same wish, to go back.

For the rest of us were eager to continue climbing, Vlad agreed for the three to go back, on the condition that they strictly follow the markings on the tree barks, indicating the return route. Said and done. We continued on our road, hoping that the three of them will return safely to the pension.

After a quarter of an hour, being on a side of the mountain, we watched down and saw our three friends on a path, but which clearly does not lead to the pension. We shouted at them, but they could not hear us clearly because the echo distorted our voices. We tried calling them on their cell phones, but we did not have any signal. What was there to be done?

I felt like I was tied up with a body rope and someone was pulling me back, I could no longer neglect the fact that somewhere I had also lost touch of the idea of having contact with someone. I felt guilty of the situation I was in, of the inability to act. Within me reflected the spirit of solidarity that had as a destination that attraction towards the forbidden, the forcing of limits without ever truly experiencing them, the tendency to act on your own without the certainty of a direction.

Leadership: Do you adopt a firm position of updating your version of performance, conditioning the maintenance of the "True" function of your personal value?

Leadership is always the first option given to experience that is in tune with the necessity to relate to actual situations, in the context of "Lose Yourself" or "Losing your access to the privileges of a new functionality", seen as some sort of training and evaluation proof.

As such, among the temper and mood uncertainties that hover over the viability prospects of your performance version, under the aspect of an increased responsibility within a hard-to-accept situation, some approximations of your self-imposed "True" or "False" values sneaks in.

Our plea for the necessity and possibility of maintaining the "True" function of personal value, in order to eliminate these causative chains that have their origin in a momentarily decision, with a deeply moralizing meaning, starts, paradoxically, not from analyzing the "Locked in your own excuse" phenomenon, different from everything preceding it,.

But from the significant quality of your leader performance and its corrections in the validation conditions of the experience of being face-to-face with yourself, encompassed within the norms and constraints of becoming. It’s an experience that does nothing else but to reflect the existent profound affinity between the fundamental manifestation patterns of the spirit, and the fundamental patterns of implementing your personal power.

The performance version you adopt in a "constraint" type of situation, when you are about to give up on a certain initiative due to the confusing state, is under the measure of the finality of a lack of perspective that keeps you demotivated to the changes you need to make in order to become someone else.

The disadvantage of loss in a certain control measure over what you must do in a certain constraint context, shedding a new light over the "either-or" certainty, is a decrease in Self-dynamic that affects the performance of others. An experience beyond the death of the psychological form of personality transposed in an organic fear or distorted perception over the actual situation, consciously, but pessimistically lived, which constantly feeds with itself.

In these conditions, taking over the initiative that leadership assumes is no longer a purpose in itself, but only a necessary and adequate means for those that are torn up between visible weakness and firmly asserting one’s will.

Conditioning the maintenance of the "True" function of personal value through transgressing the role limitations means to process the experiences to interact with the self and the others until you can fully control the pragmatic aspects that grant more support to your authority pattern.

Leadership is the authority with which you allow yourself to remain free and open to any kind of challenges, without thinking that someone else could have done it better than you.

The Guide of Lost Souls isn’t only the companion that shows the right path, but probably, an extension of the spiritual manifestation pattern of the leader that discovers himself in the attempt to positively mobilize both in the case of success and failure. An important condition of a realistic effective cost for ensuring some abilities that, allowing the optimal development of the training-evaluation process, recommend you as the ideal candidate for a position that needs collaboration and compromises.


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